deerish art

Sup guys i’m still working on post-con commissions but just to keep you tumblr people with me here is a pen doodle of an eely mer in my travel sketchbook!
Some quick colours on it that I may revisit later and make her a companion to the chubfish.


Since I received an ask about it-

A step by step look at how I tend to colour lately! I honestly don’t have any rules for myself but I do follow this process in reasonably similar ways when I do digital art.

I am honestly a very rough painter, too- I rarely spend a lot of time smoothing things out to perfection and that final overlay layer tends to add a lot more working lines to this method.
That being said, since this is just a mini-tutorial I implore the use of a little leniency on me and a little more care in using this method hahah.

EDIT: Resized because they were huuuuge hopefully this is better


This design is a work in progress, what made easy sense in my head turned into struggling to justify muscle and skeletal anatomy of these brothers!
Essentially cerberus brothers- Strobos, Seneca and Statias in order from left to right. Strobos is a jerk, Statias is nicer but always on Strobos’ side and Seneca is to his everlasting agony, translator for both his awful brothers.

They have a longer reach than him and thus can move them around without Seneca’s will, keep things out of his reach etc- but they can’t interact with the world around them on a social level without his help.
They play nice at a bare minimum level with each other.

I have some other scribbled messy doodles in train sketchbooks around but it’s more reference for myself than anything quality to show hah.

More art for DAMMED, more of my partner’s character Vesper ahaha
She is so cute and I just adore her design endlessly, i’m still getting used to drawing her!

She belongs to araigneeartistique <3

You guys have no idea how much fun I am having with her feathers, painting the iridescence is a delight.

[[wuughh I edited this because I realised the transparency went to shit on most blogs/full views wow ]]