♪ Lady Deer Dark-morigirl set for MSD BJDs ♪

Price: 64$ + shipping SOLD

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Order made! ONLY ONE SET!
Please be advised that the sets fit best on slim MSDs such as fairyland minifee/dollchateau kid/ etc.

Set includes:
~ knit gray cardigan
~ layered-ruffled tulle skirt
~ long tunic shirt
~ long black socks
~ black panties
~ accessories: scarf, dreamcatcher necklace and flower crown

Available sizes:
~MSD: Dollchateu/minifee/Luts/ etc


Isi Dawndancer ooak by Firexia


With Halloween and… well, October in general approaching, I decided to take some thought and care to what I was going to do. Depending on if my work allows sugar skull makeup, I have sketched some designs so I won’t be working on-the-fly like I did last year.

I decided not to go with any purple, despite it being a fitting memorial color for Rebecca, and chose to stick to red, black, and white.

As far as the deer makeup goes, I’ve been a tad obsessed with deergirl designs of late and think that would be a suitable costume idea. I plan on making a little antler headband too.

Any thoughts or comments?

Was quite more complicated than expected to transform the base of a male torso into a female’s :I ohwell I like the outcome, I’ll hopefully be able to finish this one :> will experiment with the one-layer technique a bit