Hi There! I’m Kaliona, QUEEN of the deerfox!
No worries~ I am harmless~~ my emerald pendant keeps me that way ^^
Sorry if I seem a bit “Sketchy” x3
Oh.. Back to my script~

Hi!~ I’m Kaliona! Queen of the deerfox! I’m here to give you guys a new ask blog! So please send your Deerfox Queen lots of Questions!~ :3

(deerfox is a closed species, only way of getting a deerfox is by asking me, ! Very few people actually have a deerfox already~ they are Queen kalionas subjects |3 ENJOY!)

There's another deerfox:
  • Nury:[on the TC application form] Yes, because I am a deerfox :3 and none of you guys know it but another person in TC is a deerfox sometimes, too! <3 I think that's wonderful
  • Fallii:[later, in the TC] Nury, who else is sometimes a deerfox?
  • Fallii:It's Bastian, isn't it?
  • Nury:Maybe
  • Fallii:Bastian, are you a deerfox?
  • Fallii:Sometimes?
  • Wasabi:[was previousily talking about a maths function {so who wants to do logarithmic functions? Solve for x in the equation 7Log(3x)=15} and just continues] assume the base is 10 for that function
  • Fallii:Sebastian, no.
  • Fallii:Go away.
  • Nury:'sabii I'm doing synthetic division for-- hey D:!
  • Nury:--division for the remainder theorem right now OTL
  • Wasabi:You know you want to
  • Nury:3; Maybe in a bit
  • Fallii:Stabastian, I am gonna stab you til I hit metal and expose you as a clockwork. {Stabastian was foreshadowing/a Freudian slip there I think}
  • Nury note:I think proficiency in maths is really attractive, by the by <3
25 ‘Mahou Shojo’, A Two-Player Card Game About Magical Girls Battling Each Other

Mahou Shojo is a two-player card game by DeerFox Games about magical girls battling each other. The goal of the game is to transform Alter Egos into Magical Girls in order to defeat opponents while also trying to prevent others from transforming. The folks behind the game are currently raising funds to produce it via a Kickstarter campaign.

Two players face off against each other in sparkling combat in order to defeat the other and capture their gems so that their rival cannot transform. Decks span from a number of themes including Nightmares, Daydreams, Sweets, Flowers, the Constellations, and even the Internet. Playtime is under 20 minutes, which is more than enough time to show your rivals what true (sparkling) pain is.

images via Mahou Shojo

via Laughing Squid