You are wild and you are free. You are a beast of the wild woods. Roam the mystical forest and live out your life as a wild animal in their natural setting. Find the totem poles to transform into other animals. Hunt, graze, or forage in the undergrowth for food, drink from the lakes, you can even swim! Fight and kill, or make friends and forge families!“

Here are a couple screenshots from a game that I found called Lif.

You start out as a rabbit. You can either stay a rabbit, or move around to find the other animal totems; Deer, Fox, Wolf, and Bear. 

Rabbits and Deer eat the grasses. Foxes, Wolves, and Bear eat meat from any animals killed, not the typical prey animals (rabbits and deer) only.

To start a family, you have to find the opposite gender of your animal, and ‘nuzzle’ them. While playing as a female, the only way to become pregnant is to have the male 'nuzzle’ you.

This game is both single-player and multi-player. You are almost always being chased by something while you’re in single-player. You can technically be killed by any animal, but they mostly leave you alone if you’re a bear or a wolf.

Multi-player seems to be more about the wolf and fox groups, and having babies. There are packs of each near choice areas; ample water from a stream or lake, that particular totem, and a starting point for prey animals.

This is a great game for my otherkin friends. Controls are super easy! (if you’re confused, don’t be afraid to ask me what button does what ^-^)


Another coloured batch of Inktober 2016 pieces.

1. Barred Owl as Totem - Strix varia (Unavailable)
2. Great Skua as Totem - Stercorarius skua (Available at Etsy)
3. Roe Deer as Totem - Capreolus capreolus (Available at Etsy)

All done on illustration board in watercolour pencil, pencil and ink, with some metallic/iridiscent paint for highlights (that never turns up in the scans, hence the photos, lol).

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This is why I scoff any time someone stereotypes the totem Whitetail Deer (or any cervine totem for that matter) as universally “gentle and peaceful”. Honey, just ‘cause it’s an herbivore doesn’t mean it’s harmless or helpless. And this is why I don’t do totem dictionaries–they’re too limiting and they discourage people from actually learning about the animals the totems watch over.

Incidentally, it’s why I also scoff at painfully naive anti-hunters who think people should only hunt deer with a knife because it’s supposedly more sporting. Even our ancestors, prior to the invention of the bow, used spears, not knives, at close range.