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In the Waiting Dark (The Red Moon Rises)

Written by: @katnissdoesnotfollowback

Prompt: #5 Everlark fairytale au of Little Red Riding Hood, preferably similar in tone to the film “The Company of Wolves.”  [submitted by Anonymous]

Rating: T for this chapter

Warnings: Mentions of blood, fantasy and horror thematic elements

A/N: This is the first chapter of what will be a multi-chapter story. Overall rating will be M for the following reasons - Blood, fantasy and horror thematic elements, violence, mentions of non-consensual, mentions of child abuse, disturbing imagery, and sexual content. There may be more as I am still working out a few details. Inspiration for this story was pulled from several different versions of the Red Riding Hood tale, to include the film mentioned in the prompt. I’ve been wanting to write this AU for a long time, so I truly hope you all enjoy what I’ve come up with, especially you, Anonymous! Feel free to stop by and tell me your thoughts, I have Anon turned on in case you wish to remain so. <3 KDNFB

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This is my 4yo, but it could be me from the 80’s or my mom from the 60’s. America doesn’t seem to have a word for the feeling you get when you walk the spring fields of your youth with children of your own. “Nostalgia” doesn’t quite cover it since you’re not just looking back, you’re also enjoying the present and feeling hopeful for the future as well. Maybe we don’t have a word for it because we move around too much, grow too fast, and hold on to too little. I’m not sure if four generations is quite long enough to call something your “ancestral lands” but it sure as hell feels like it in moments like this.

My son also found a deer print that had both poop and spiderwebs in it - so let’s just say it was a special moment for both of us.


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mugimaki  asked:

the marauders get tattoos during the winter of their 7th year. they're sober. at least one of them is.

  • they take their beer like toddlers
  • so when you leave them alone at hogsmeade during winter break the marauders will totally get piss drunk and make stupid choices
  • like go down to Iapeto’s Ink and request muggle type tattoos to “cement our friendship”
  • “Prongs doesn’t our memories do that?”
  • “Shut up Remus, you gaunt motherfucker. Your grammar is horrendous”
  • when the employees ask what they’re all planning to get, the four of them stare back dumbfounded
  • like, you’re supposed to know this?
  • but then sirius shoots off an idea
  • “let’s get the print of another marauder on our left ass cheeks”
  • “does it have to be our asses, pads?”
  • “fine…  shoulder”
  • james gets a rat print, peter a deer print, remus a dog, and sirius a wolf print
  • the idea may or may not have been sirius’s way of finally getting a tattoo about moony without being questioned eternally for it
  • but at that moment, the three bumbling boys forgot how well sirius holds his drinks
  • and the next morning, back in the dorms, all but one rubbed at their shoulders confusedly–wondering why such a deep ache resided there
  • but sirius woke with a smile
  • the hot pain felt satisfying against his skin
  • peter itches his shoulder the morning of november first, 1981 until the skin is redder than the blood he has spilled

I feel so beautiful in my veils but I’m so scared to wear them outside of my home..

Left is a deer/forest circular print for Artemis, middle a paisley pattern for the Theoi in general (seems to be a favourite of Persephone and Demeter), the right a vintage clock print originally bought for Kore, but ended up being dedicated to Hestia.

(They/Them + He/Him please)


DIY: Dye pillow covers
DIY: 3-D walll Deer print
DIY: Wrapping paper covered trays
DIY: Frames and wall art