✿Phil Lester Inspired Sweatshirts✿ 

Jellyfish Pattern- xx  ||  Galaxy- xx  ||  Owl- xx 

Video Game- xx  ||  Deer Print- xx  ||  Black Cat- xx 

Wolf- xx  ||  Adventure Time- xx  ||  Giraffe- xx


Dream dresses

- Btssb Vampire Requiem Jsk

- Btssb Princess Cornelia Ribbon Jsk

- AP Candy Treat Skirt

- AP Sugar Pansy Skirt

- Btssb Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale Jsk / Skirt

- IW Lotta Jsk

- Emily Temple Cute Deer Print Skirt

- MM Mille Rose Jsk

- MM Valeria Jsk


DIY: Dye pillow covers
DIY: 3-D walll Deer print
DIY: Wrapping paper covered trays
DIY: Frames and wall art

Oh my deer!

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Styling and Photography by THE WHITEPEPPER

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