they’re on a date and also dating (click on the top image to see it bigger)

trust me the filename is literally “firstdate.png”. please refer to this 100% canon ship as Mofia. yes because it sounds like Mafia.

I read somewhere that “if they have to kiss for you to know they’re in love, you’re not doing love right” so instead I did something else where Moria totally no-scopes Sofia right in the fuckin snoot w/ her ice cream because that’s some really cute & gay shit

does Moria pretend to miss licking the ice cream off her snoot and go in for the smooch? or does Sofia do a self-blep to make Moria laugh and damn near give herself a heart-attack? you decide.

this took 1,000 years to make because of the legs. it’s a long story. it was a bitch drawing the legs. ok story over.

I had to make up some ice cream flavors because all I know is that dogs can’t have chocolate but they can have ice cream to an extent. Sofia is a fictional dog so she can eat however much ice cream she wants. Sofia has peaches and cream swirl while Moria has cotton candy and raspberry because she’s fucking crazy

this looks really great to me but I have also stayed up all night to finish it so I hope i’m not delusional and this looks like shit when i wake up later.

this is also the first time I’ve drawn them together in their official/default outfits at the same time! isn’t that neato.

they’re so fucking cute you guys i love them. i love my girls <3333333


Shy and I have made some collaborative pins! **NOW ON PREORDER**
Hard enamel pins based off  our Ocs Aba and Emri in their witch forms.
Each comes with decorative backing card, including the witch’s symbolism/themes. 
Wachholda : A wandering witch who hunts for her lost head. Though clever, her impatience robs her of her goals. She often wears her lantern where her head should be, in desperation to feel whole.
Eikthyrn : A mourning witch born out of loss and loneliness. Seated in a labyrinth of his own making, the maze lures in what he longs for and deters what he doesn’t. Surrounding flowers drink from his tears, expanding the maze. << MORE INFO HERE!
Characters created by Shy (Wachholda) and Coey (Eikthyrn).