Today I remembered I have a Tarnma fairy au and I decided to add a lot to that

Shockwave’s a huge deer fairy thing that grows dangerous and rare plants out in the middle of a HUGE forest. He researches and tries to cross breed them 

Blurr’s a tiny speedy flower fairy that ends up getting caught up in Shockwave’s gardening experiments (and Shockwave too lmfao)((he decorates Shockwave’s antlers with flowers when he’s bored))

Bumblebee’s an easy going flower fairy that lives in a big sunflower field by himself that he planted with a bunch of friends/family a long while back, but since then they’ve all moved on (or died) and he’s the only one left tending to the field

Starscream is a bird shifter that got kicked out of Megatron’s clan for being an Ass so he tries to form his own out of spite and p much gets stuck with Bumblebee due to his reputation scaring away most fairies and Starscream’s own stubbornness and pettiness (not that he minds in the end)

Not shown but still important:

- Megatron falling for Optimus, a human that’s excessively kind to plants

- Soundwave’s a fairy that rides on the back of a large cat always followed by 2 birds that sings to lure humans into the forest (Rumble and Frenzy are 2 lil shits that just break into houses to steal tiny things tho, no class compared to their dad)


Delicate Nature and Animal Embroidery by Emillie Ferris 

UK artist Emillie Ferris composes stunning embroidery illustrations of wildlife and nature into pendants and oval frames. Depicting delicate animals, such as butterflies, deers and rabbits, Ferris’ choice of wildlife subjects exist in the realms of an ethereal forest.

Her embroidery technique displays meticulous talent and detail to color, shape, as well as the texture of fur, which stands out against a clean off-white background. You can find more of her dainty designs at her Etsy shop!


This 5 point deer skull has been stained with a various mixture of teas. It is beautifully gilded with pyrite and adorned with a flashy labradorite cabochon. The antlers have been painted black and accented with metallic gold paint.

This perfectly preserved real deer skull a lovely addition to any home or office if you need a bit of magic in your life.

As with all of my real skull art, no fairies, deer, or cicadas were harmed in the process of creation, and all animals and creatures are honored with only the greatest respect.

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They have, of food peculiar to themselves and not acquired from men, the root of silverweed (brisgain), the stalks of heather (cuiseagan an fhraoich), the milk of the red deer hinds and of goats, weeds gathered in the fields, and barleymeal.

… The banshi Fairy, or Elle woman, has been seen by hunters milking the hinds, just as women milk cows.
—  The Gaelic Otherworld, pp 11-12