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Hello all! The update you’ve all been waiting for! 

Thank you for your patience as we slowly bring in the items we’ve been promoting for a while. 

Because we are a very small store, we are limited to what we can stock at one time such as space and budget.

We really appreciate those that stay with us until we have the new collection in stock. Your continued support means the world to us <3

These should all arrive by March, so hopefully be available for Toronto Comic Con on March 17-19


The Daisy Romper ❀ Two Ways

I still didn’t manage to repair any of the ripped vintage clothing I got for Kaya, but one red jacket already came in a great condition and adds such a cute casual look to this really chic romper. Of course, it also goes very well paired up with a light cardigan and a glamorous clutch bag. Now, for something completely out of topic, but - I love Kaya’s face mold! She’s got an amazing jaw line, that reminds me of the actress Chyler Leigh, and super adorable dimples.
Plus: I’m into LPS again and felt the urge to purchase at least one deer (there are approximately 20 of them!), as I display them together with my Monster High collection and Isi had some space left on her lap. (ㅇㅅㅇ`)

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Beauty and the Beast

During a high school production of Beauty and the Beast, where I was assistant costumer and assistant prop master, our director decided that we needed to spice up Gaston’s introduction. You know: in the movie, when Lefou runs in trying to catch the duck/goose that Gaston has just shot out of the sky?

Originally, the actors were going to stroll on stage with our Lefou hauling in the really neat (and real!) taxidermied deer head that we had found in a local thrift store. Now, two days before opening night, our director wants Lefou to run in from off stage and catch a stuffed duck that Gaston has just shot. This, of course, requires two things to work properly as a scene: a gunshot noise, and a stuffed duck.

The gunshot noise, we had covered. Blue-collar, redneck school? Guns a plenty to record. The stuffed duck? Harder than you might have thought to obtain.

Three hunting stores, two taxidermists, and one Pet Supply Store ™, I’d finally found a semi-realistic pheasant squeaky toy. What follows is an account of the ways this dog toy managed to be the nightmare prop of the six show run.

Opening Night: The stagehand, who was supposed to drop the bird from the ceiling catwalk, missed his cue and didn’t drop it. Lefou’s actor rolls with it and does an excellent job of looking around foolishly before getting cuffed upside the head by Gaston. The stagehand then drops the bird squarely on Gaston’s head. Cue laughter.

Saturday Matinee: Different stagehand throws the bird instead of dropping it and beans Lefou directly in the face with the prop. Lefou falls over. Cue laughter.

Saturday Night: Bird is missing during curtain call. Director hauls the deer head down from it’s place on the tavern wall and tells Gaston and Lefou to revert to the old blocking i.e. no gunshot, no bird, just walk in with trophy. During Gaston and Lefou’s conversation, gun shot sound goes off and a stagehand throws the bird onto the stage…from the wrong side of the stage. Lefou and Gaston stare at it in awkward silence for a solid thirty seconds before Lefou makes off-script, subtle joke about Gaston’s gun going off late instead of early. Cue adults in the audience laughing.

Sunday Matinee: Director begs the stagehands to get the cue right at least once. Gunshot and bird prop go off without a hitch. Lefou accidentally catches the prop when it falls from the catwalk. He’s so startled that he caught it that Gaston runs right in to him. They drop both the gun and the bird props, and grab the wrong prop in their scramble. Gaston spends the rest of the scene gesturing dramatically with a stuffed pheasant, instead of a gun.

Sunday Night:  Director is fed up with bird prop, decides that Lefou should just carry bird prop in after gunshot happens off stage. Lefou accidentally squeezes the prop during the intro conversation, startling both actors into silence with the squeaky toy noise - apparently, neither of them realized it was a dog toy.

Monday Elementary School Show: Lefou walks on stage with the bird. Accidentally drops the prop during conversation with Gaston. Gaston doesn’t notice the dropped prop and steps on it. Cue depressingly sad squeaky toy noise. Cue ten years olds laughing.

(X) via cinder-ember


Fae deer are elusive creatures. They usually have little to do with our world, but may be seen on occasion amongst the blossoms of spring and summer. It is a great honour to see one, let alone to invite one into your home!

This fae deer is a fully handmade art doll, made with no molds or patterns, so you can be sure he is an entirely unique piece. He feature a hand sculpted face and hooves, finished off with shimmering wings and a wire skeleton so he can be posed as you like.

When the cedar trees get covered in lights, I like to imagine Isabelle awkwardly sneaking around at night trying to get all the lights on by morning (and the villagers hear bells outside so they look out their windows thinking santa came early but it’s really just Isabelle tripping over cords)


Here it is, lovelies! You can download the final pdf [HERE] so you can print it out and build your own at home! :) If you make one, please send me pictures! I’d love to see them. Make sure to love them, give them names, and don’t feed them after midnight :D (also let me know if there are any errors with printing/ downloading the file so I can fix them asap). Happy cutting and pasting!