deer stalker hat

That Hat

Based on “Imagine Sherlock putting his deer stalker hat on you because reporters keep talking your picture" 

Words: 624
Author: Bee
no warnings

"Are we… are we really going out there?”, you asked a little nervous when Sherlock grabbed your hand and pulls you towards the exit. You, him, John and Lestrade had been in the theatre you were currently walking through to investigate for your current case, and the material you found hadn’t made any sense, just like anything with this case.

“The other exit is blocked. It’s either the back or stay the night”, Sherlock said as he turned half around to you, making sure John and Lestrade were still following. “And I’m not keen on staying the night”, he added.

“Yeah sure, just… There are reporters out there.” You heard Lestrade laugh behind you. “They won’t bite, ___. They only want some pictures!”

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Has No One Noticed!?


No one has noticed the seemingly random red letters in the Sherlock premier’s credits?!

Well I did and decided to go all detective and write them down.

Turns out to say “Weng Chiang”

So I decided to go a little bit more detective and looked up Weng Chiang.

Turns out it’s from the end of season 14 of Doctor Who: The Talons of Weng Chiang.

And you know what? That doctor was played by, in 1977, Tom Baker.

So you may or may not know that the 4th doctor was BASED off of Sherlock Holmes!

He dresses in the coat and the scarf and even has the deer stalker hat. And a housekeeper named Mrs. Hudson. And says “Elementary my dear Litefoot”

Oh. My. God.

So either the Doctor is a big fan of Sherlock or Sherlock is a time lord….

Hmm Moffat why?!? You’re a genius, but I’m going a little crazy!

But really am I the only one who noticed this??