deer jawbone

Friend: …you’re going to wash that jacket afterwards, right?

me, shoveling deer teeth straight off the ground and into my pocket, with no intentions on washing said jacket: yeeeeeesssss?

Sea-Green Adorned Muntjac Deer Jawbone Necklace

The centrepiece is a big 2 cm chunk of raw, unpolished amazonite, there is also a labradorite drop and a hand-carved soapstone bead. Other adorments include a coyote tooth, small Finnish coin, sea-shells, and there are plenty of Czech glass beads, hematite beads and a squirrel vertebra.

I can only make a limited number of these muntjac jawbone necklaces, this is a rare piece made with a lot of time, devotion, love and care. An excellent statement piece, it is timeless and unique, Bohemian and tribal.

Crystal Deer Jawbone Necklace.
This necklace is VERY unique! It’s a exact clay reproduction of a partial deer jawbone I found in the forest. I mounted quartz crystal points in the top, along with Labradorite chips. The jawbone has been painted, and has a clear finish on top.

Frolic in the Forest on Etsy.

Okay, so this is my white tail lower jaw! We figure this one was 3 or 4 years old. My dad and I picked up this and the ribcage from the side of the road yesterday. It was evidently thrown on the side of the road with the fur, in a plastic bag. Which is kind of ridiculous, but something managed to get into it and drag some stuff away.
Right now this and the cage are hanging in my backyard for a bit of an experiment. We’re letting animals clean them, and I’ve been told that birds will go for the ribcage due to the fat. So! I’ve tasked my parents to take pictures for me over the weeks to see what happens, and tell me what feeds on them! So I’ll keep you informed, too!