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“Enjoy this next test. I’m going to go to the surface. It’s a beautiful day out. Yesterday I saw a deer. If you solve this next test, maybe I’ll let you ride an elevator all the way up to the break room, and I’ll tell you about the time I saw a deer again.”

-GLaDOS, “Portal 2″

He was going to die. He was going to die.

The loud gunshots were nearly in sync with his frantic heartbeats, and he can hear the blood pounding in his ears. The grass was too slick. He was going to slip. Every worst possible thing can happen in this kind of scenario.

In his terrifying moments of running that felt like eternity, he could see his life flashing before his eyes. The last few hours, mostly.

Mabel giggling at him, poking his sensitive stomach and helping him brush his fur where his arms can’t reach, splashing some water onto him in the process. His Grunkle sitting the sofa, counting his money and glancing at them every so often.

How he wished he was back home. He was so tired of running. The noises had stopped. Maybe if he just slowed down, just a bit-

“Ack!” He chocked, and he’s almost certain a gun shot wound had now graced his flank. The blood pouring out of it was enough to make someone faint. He can’t run anymore.

After trotting a few more steps, he collapsed, and the sickly sweet smell of the ground he was now on made him want to vomit.

“Well, well. Look what we have here.” Dipper watched with horror as a sharply dressed man emerged from the shadows, a large gun in his hands and a menacing smile on his face.

The man knelt down, one eye covered by an eye patch and one eye staring into his soul, and smiled even wider. Dipper was screwed for sure.

“What a beauty.” He murmured, running a gloved hand down his back, all the way to the tip of his tail. The touch made him cringe. “Such a lovely coat. I reckon your fur would be so nice and warm during winter.”

This made him squeak in fright. The hunter seemed amused by the noise, and his hand proceeded to reach up and scratch Dipper behind the ears. Like some sort of pet. The thought made him want to puke.

“Or maybe something else. I sure would appreciate a fine course of deer meat. I’m pretty sure your’s is soft, juicy and tender.” He drawled, pinching Dipper’s neck. “I’ll find out.”

At this point, the cervitaur felt so much terror that he started shaking. He can feel his ears folding back harshly in a sign of uneasiness. The blood gushing out from his wound has not stopped yet.

The man grabbed Dipper’s fore leg, grinning at signs of a good deer, and everything was fine and dandy before he attempted to kick the hunter in the face.

A hand grabbed the leg, and before he could blink, twisted it sharply. Dipper cried out, tears flowing steadily at the pain. 

“Don’t test with my patience, Pine Tree, or I will break you.” He leaned into him, and Dipper can feel his hot breaths on his chest. “I will skin you alive, I will break every bone in your frail, little body, I will torture you, burn you alive, pull the hooves off of your leg, rip the hair of your head.”

Dipper whimpered.

Now with both his flank and his leg in pain, he curled up, crying bitterly and dreading what’s to come. He’s going to die.

“But you’re so pretty, Pine Tree. So exquisite. I feel like eating you up right now.” He whispered in the boy’s ear, chuckling darkly. “You’re my best catch. Maybe I shouldn’t waste you.”

The hunter’s eyelashes covered his bright yellow eye, and Dipper was thankful for that. The man’s eye sent him shivers.

“Maybe I should just keep you.”

His breath caught in his throat.

“I’ve always wondered what it’d be like keeping a pet.  The other Bill’s in the other universes are having fun with their Pine Trees.” His eye shined though. “Maybe I’ll have you.”

Samurai Jack has gotten very stressful.
Like wow I still enjoy it and all but damn I kind of want a bit more idealism from this show, I guesS?
I mean I guess when Jack succeeds it’s gonna be ok for whoever he kills in this timeline BUT STILL it’s upsetting to watch him straight up kill all these girls after being so used to the original episodes. 
Like they’re brainwashed Jack this is all they know… ;-; 


BillDip Thursday! Hunter AU!

Week 1 | Week 2  | Week 3 


Cosplayer of Deer!Dipper: hell-0-its-me

Cosplayer of Human/Hunter!Bill: My friend, Lost ( He doesn’t have a tumblr that I know of sorry !!! )

Maybe I’m just too sensitive, but shit like this has always bothered me. I have a soft spot for all living creatures… I just never understood why we treat animals (especially the ones for food products) the way we do in society… Yes I understand people enjoy eating meat, but we don’t have to go about it the way we do. Humans are the ONLY fucking creatures who do this, intentionally breed and mistreat animals just for fucking FOOD! If you want a chicken, go out in the wild and kill it. Same with a cow, or a deer, or whatever the hell you want to eat. (If you’re into that), that’s how every other animal gets its food (yes it’s sad when things die but everyone has to eat and I agree with that, hunting for food is how every other carnivorous animal gets by) But keeping them in dirty small cages and confining them to fucking factories when they have every right to be just as free as us humans… The earth belongs to them as well, just because they can’t speak the human language does not mean we have the right to control their destiny…would you be okay if your cat/dog/furry lil pet was treated like this? ITS THE SAME THING. we all have feelings and souls… Just because they can’t speak back to us doesn’t mean they can’t feel pain because they DO!!! And then we fucking eat that negativity and pain and it’s just a never ending cycle so please, please, just be mindful… It doesn’t have to be this way✌️