deer headband


So I’ve made these headbands for me, my sis and a friend to wear at elfia fantasy fair in a few weeks. I’ve just got the antlers today so I finished them now, I love how they turned out! I tried to add as much little details I could with little berries, small pink flowers to fill up some empty spaces and even butterflies! I must say I’m a bit proud of how they turned out and I can’t wait to wear them!!
Also the two last pictures is a makeup tryout, we will be wearing makeup like that and cute dresses and I just can’t wait to be walking around as a cute little fawn / deer / Forrest princess! ;D


Check It out guys! I’ve finally made my first pair of deer headbands! I’m pretty proud of my first time making. I’m free to do commissions of them in any color or order you’d like, including a unicorn horn instead of antlers, specific arrangements of the flowers in different colors etc.. Their price range will usually be about 15-25$ depending on what they are. I’m also free to make troll horns (doesn’t matter how big) within the same price range. Just drop me an ask with the item details and I’ll gladly look into it!