deer feet


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The scent of blood assaulted Rosalie’s nose, tearing her attention away from the deer carcass at her feet. She took off towards the scent, fueled by both curiosity and the thirst that started to flare up in her throat.

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Heeeeeeey guys here’s another OC of mine. Her name’s Enrii and this dude’s (Anton’s) little sister figure. Just like Anton, she’s a special undead cosmic entity called a Haloe. She’s a Napii, a race of shapeshifting humanoids, so that’s why she has dog feet and deer ears/tail and horns lol.

She’s a huge (actually she’s really tiny, like 4′4′’) baby since she’s technically only 8 years old…. which is 12 in human years. 

lol she and Anton first meet when he accidentally ran over her with his car while on his way to deliver pizza but she was already dead so it didn’t matter

ill post more info of her later

Enrii © Me

Cus D'Amato to Mike Tyson

“Fear is your greatest obstacle to learn but fear is your best friend. Fear is like fire, if you learn to control it you let it work for you. if don’t learn to control it: it will destroy you and everything around you. like a snowball on a hill, you can pick it up and throw it or do anything you want with it before it starts rolling down hill, but once it rolls down: it gets so big,it will crush you to death. So one must never allow fear to develop and build up without having control over it because if you don’t you won’t be able achieve your objective or save your life……Consider a deer crossing an open field; on approaching the forest, instinct tells it there is danger there. Might be  a mountain lion there! Once this happens, nature begins its survival functions with the adrenal glands injecting into the bloodstream causing the heart to beat faster which, in turn, enables the body to perform extraordinary feats of agility and strength. Where normally the Deer can jump 15 feet, the adrenaline enables the first leap to 40 or 50 feet: enough to escape from the present danger. The human being is no different…..”    listen to more of Cus D'Amato’s fighting philosophy

The Third Wheel

The first time Dean went on a date with Cas, Meg tagged along.  And being the impossibly nice guy that he is, Cas wouldn’t tell Meg to buzz off.  But, it was just a trip to the arcade, and Meg was much better at the driving games than Cas, so it wasn’t so bad having some real competition.  They pooled all their tickets together at the end of the night and Meg got a cheap necklace with an angel pendant that turned her skin green, Dean got a rainbow slinky that unkinked after three uses, and Castiel got a small stuffed cartoony bee that still sat on his desk next to his laptop at home.

The second time Meg went on a date with Cas, Dean butted in his stupid, crooked nose.  They’d gone ice skating, and Dean was the one who had gotten them the discount on skates since his hockey team regularly used the rink, so she supposed she couldn’t really complain that he’d hung out with them.  But seriously, couldn’t the guy take a hint?  When she’d held Cas’ hand and asked him to help keep her steady, Dean had reached for Cas’ other hand and said that since he was the better skater, he’d help them all.  She’d had more fun than she thought she would on an ice skating date with a third wheel, but that was beside the point.  Cas kept the novelty mug the three of them had gotten their giant hot chocolate in and set his stuffed bee in it next to his laptop.

The third time Dean went on a date with Cas, Meg was there with her whiny, totally not sexy voice complaining that Dean should go find somewhere else to sit in the movie theater.  Dean pointed out that it was a freaking drive-in theater and they were using his car.  She’d rolled her eyes and told him they were out of popcorn.  They were, but he refused to leave her alone with Cas for even five minutes.  Who knows what she might do.  Cas kept the ticket stub from the movie and propped it up in the bee’s arms where it sat in the mug next to his laptop.

The fourth time Meg went on a date with Cas, Dean Winchester was seriously on her last nerve.  Cas had suggested they take a hike in the woods and Winchester’s stupid peanut M&M’s was why they wound up huddling anxiously in a deer stand twenty feet off the ground while a small black bear snuffled through the ground looking for any candy he had missed.  While they waited, Cas made a small circlet out of moss and dried leaves.  When they were finally able to climb down and run home, Castiel put the circlet like a crown around the bee’s head.

The fifth time Dean and Meg attempted to go on a date with Cas, there was a reckoning on the Novaks’ doorstep.  Castiel eventually got them to shut up and come inside so that they could at least fight in his bedroom rather than on his front porch where everybody could see and most definitely hear them.  Castiel sat them down on his bed, drew up the chair from his desk, and sat in front of them.  He clasped his hands in his lap.

“Now, can you two tell me what the problem is?”

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MARAUDERS ERA : James and Lily at Godric’s Hollow.
She was scared. She was scared all the time. She was scared to lose James, or Harry, or both. She was scared to lose Sirius or Remus or Peter, because she would lose a part of James too. Lily couldn’t sleep without being haunted by the vision of a dying deer at her feet. And James… James was no longer the man she married. He was no longer that joyful, light-minded person. None of them was anymore, and she still loved him anyway. But he was always obsessed, anxious with every noise, with everything. She asked herself once if Harry’s cries weren’t part even of James’ anxiety too. The fear of Him hearing them. “What if we can’t just be James and Lily anymore?” she heard him saying once. “Look, Prongs, you two will always be James and Lily. Always. No matter what happens” Sirius said. She would have been grateful to Sirius for reassuring James, if only their conversations were not deliberately hidden from her. The news from the Order were rarer than before, and she started to suspect them – James and Sirius, they didn’t have much visitors other than him and sometimes Remus, mostly through the fireplace – of hiding some facts from her to not worry her, when she was still pregnant. She was angrier than sad. She was not that precious and tiny little thing, she never was.

Sophie Turner as Lily Evans // Ben Barnes as Sirius Black // Aaron Taylor-Johnson as James Potter. (part 1 and part 2)

Witchy Tip: Use of Bones

I use animal bones a lot in my spells since they can add a strong connection to different parts of the body for your spells
Teeth connect to speech, use herbivore teeth for gentle but firm speech, carnivore teeth for biting curses, or when you need the strength to be loud and verbally brash.
Phalanges (knuckle bones) connect to hands or feet. Deer phalanges can be used for spells to help you go unseen or undetected.
Scapulae (shoulder blades) can help with bearing emotional weight (like carrying the world on your shoulders).
Ribs come from close to your core, and they protect the inner organs. Use them for protection spells, or to cage something in.
Baculum (penis bone) can be used VERY easily for lust spells. VERY EASILY. So be careful.
Skulls house the mind and protect it. They also hold the eyes, ears, nose…use a skull for a self-protection spell, or to watch/guard over a space. Think about what animal skull you are using too. A predator’s skull will guard better than a rodent’s skull, but a rodent’s skull could unnerve intruders as well. A fragile skull (such as from a small or young animal), will not be as effective in a protection spell.
Just think about the parts of the body the bones connect to, and how that could help your spells.

The reason Carl survives being shot in the head

And Beth didn’t, is because the writers say so.

It really is as simple as that.

It’s the same way that Hershel survived a limb amputation but Tyreese did not. And the same reason a single bullet could pass through a healthy deer, travel several feet and then pierce Carl’s body, yet a hail of bullets could not penetrate a rotting, squishy walker body pressed flush against Daryl. 

It’s not about the medical facts or physics. It’s simply that they decided these two scenarios would exist and would have different outcomes. It’s what the writers do, and though it would be NICE if there was some logic in the details and differences that result in the different outcomes, it doesn’t always happen.

That in itself is, oddly, somewhat realistic because for as many stories you can find of someone surviving a gunshoot wound to the head, there’s as many stories of someone dying from a single punch or from tripping over a kerb. People can die from tiny things and survive huge traumas practically unscathed.

And in the case of TWD, that’s what’s happened. It’s not unfair it’s just writing that tells the story they want to tell. They wanted Carl to survive, so he will be shown to be relatively unhurt (apart from his eye) and rushed to a doctor who saves him, whilst they wanted Beth to die so we saw her brains fly out of her head, and her dead body be carried out of a hospital.

Property of Basilton Pitch

Companion to Magic Words by @sweet—and—sour

Thank you bunches for being so supportive, April. I’m glad we bonded over Baz’s poetry

Splendid thoughts
With careless execution

Unjust existence
Monstrous habits
Coiling down
Consuming me from the inside out
Like a flame
Licking up my arms

How unfair
This world is
How cruel
This fate is
I live in an ugly stain
Grease on clean white linen
I live an ugly lie
Politician smile
Hiding fangs and bloodlust
Crisp suits and
Pressed shirts
This isn’t me

Stake to my heart
Gasoline to my skin
Bronze curls and
Eyelashes casting shadows
Against cheekbones carved
From the Moon
Moles spread across his skin
Creating constellations
Against the map of his body

You are beautiful
This will end in flames
You’re an absolute disaster
A tragedy waiting to happen
But your smile is like the sun
And it brightens my
Like Crest Pro-White
Brightens teeth

I want to rip
My skin to shreds
Peel it from my body
Expose my blood
Fingernails and flesh and
My heart doesn’t beat

I will burn the world
End it in a single night
Ruin it the way it ruined me
Start small and
Continue until all that’s left is a
Crispy corpse
No fresh green scent
Only smoke

Dig my eyes from my head
Trying to understand 
How simple my existence is

I drained a mother tonight,
Her deer children were sleeping
300 feet away

Where am I?
How long have I been

Sitting on a throne shaped from the sculpted rays of the sun. Crown a halo of gold around the mop of curls that rests on top of his head. Beautiful rose in a garden of weeds. Darling, have you heard, there’s been a new king named. Darling, it’s you.

Dizzy daydreams
About you
I love you
I hate you
I love you
I hate you
I want to kiss you
On your moles on your lips I want
To kiss you

Colgate blue eyes
Shining in the sun
From the window in the classroom
Glaring at me
Like I’ve murdered his mother
I don’t eat humans
Simon Snow
But I want to eat you up

The stars are
Forgotten but clinging to the
Life they held
So dear
And you are my favorite star
Simon Snow
But you will never be forgotten

You are every
Mentioned and forgotten
Greek hero
You are my hero
Brave and stupid
You are the savior of
My world and
This world
You would give your life
To protect everyone else’s
Simon Snow
The chosen one
My chosen one
I love you

The sky matched your eyes
In a way that only happens in books
And I thought
‘How lovely it must be
To be Simon Snow’
And then you looked up
And caught me staring
And asked
‘What are you staring at , Baz’
You said it in a way that
I felt
Must have meant
That you knew what I was thinking
So I sneered and said
‘You’ve got something on your face,

A dark pit of disgust
Like the pit in an olive
My rotting insides
Turned inside out
Into hateful words and
Cigarette breath
Oh sweet youth
Golden skinned
Pink cheeked
Oh sweet misery
How I want to wrap my fingers in
Your golden locks and
Get lost in your magical kiss
Oh sweet youth
Let me in

How can I be
Drowning in the eyes
Of my sworn enemy
There is no prize
To claim
How can this feeling remain

Simon Snow. His name is like lye on my tongue. Tearing through my flesh like vultures through a corpse. Simon Snow, an actual child of the sun. A ray of sunshine in this gloomy hell I’ve grown so accustomed to.

Fingers and kisses and forehead presses and your voice saying my name
Over and
Over and
Over again
And when you look at me
Your gaze is understanding
And warmth
“You’re not a monster, Baz” and not
“You’re a disgusting demon of
The night, you need to die and
I’d be happy to kill you.”  

I see you carrying the world on your back. 
Knees buckling under the weight of it all. 
But you’re still grinning,
“It’s alright, this is nothing.”

One of us will die before this war ends
And I have a really sick feeling in my gut
That’s telling me
It’s not going to be me

Head over heels and tumbling
Simon Snow you’re a tornado in my heart
Sending everything upside down
And all around.

Banished leader ~ Bellamy Blake

Hey, reckon you could pls do a Bellamy x reader one where Bellamy has to banish the reader from the camp (she was too rebellious or whatever) and about a week (or however long) goes by and Bellamy is worried about the reader, one day he is hunting alone and grounders surround him and their leader steps forward and it is the reader all badass :3 You can decide if they capture him etc etc, or if you want to do more than 1 part :)

Type: Bellamy Blake x reader
Warnings: Bad language


You were called to the dropship because of your behavior off the last days. You started fights whenever you liked it and you didn’t work because you didn’t wanted to. So Clarke and Bellamy decided to have a meeting to talk about what to do with you. You almost knew you would get banished, after what they did to Murphy. But you didn’t really care, there was no one who would keep you here anyway. The only person you cared about was Bellamy, and it didn’t look like he cared about you, so why would you want to stay?

You didn’t even knock, you just walked in and waited. “Y/N” Clarke spoke. “Considered your behavior of the past days, we decided to banish you. You’ll have an hour to pack your things and leave.” She continued. You nodded, looking at Bellamy for a moment who was looking at his feet. You turned, heading to your tent an starting to pack your things.

You made sure you had enough water and clothes. You would have to search for food yourself. You had everything packed when Bellamy entered your tent. “You want something?” you asked him whilst zipping the backpack. He sighed. “I just wanted to let you know it wasn’t my decision to banish you.” You nodded. “Well it won’t keep me here right?” “I can’t let you go there without a gun.” He said, handing you his revolver. “Yeah I won’t be needing that.” You answered, showing the gun you had put in your pants and a knife that set in your boot. He cracked a smile and shook his head. He should’ve know you made sure you could defend you.

Without saying anything else you’d left. Bellamy worried about you for every minute after that moment. He didn’t believe in God, but he prayed you were still alive. He regretted the decision the ‘leader’ group made, the minute you left. If people left the camp for hunting of getting some water, he always made sure he was with them, desperately looking for a sign of you so he would know you were still alive.

But he also went hunting alone. He was about to kill a deer a few feet away when he heard someone step on a twig behind him. He looked behind him immediately and saw 4 grounders. He knew it was a lost cause but he did everything he could to defend himself. One of the grounders knocked his sleeve though, and he passed out right away.

When he woke up, Bellamy was lying in a tent. He saw to guards standing at his side. One of them went to get their leader and Bellamy couldn’t breathe for a second when he saw you entering his tent.  “Y/N!” he screamed “You’re alive.” He smiled. You demanded the guards to go wait outside the tent. Bellamy looked at you, covered in warpaint and grounders clothes. “You have no idea how glad I am to see you. Let’s go back to camp.” You sighed. “I’m with them now Bellamy. They actually appreciate my fighting skills.” You grinned.

“But this isn’t your world Y/N! These aren’t your people, you belong with us.” He spoke. “I’m sorry Bellamy I made my mind, I’m staying. These guys need a leader. I’m not going back.” You shook your head. He looked you deep in the eyes, and you wanted to hug him really tight. But you made your mind. “You can go back, no one will hurt you, but don’t go hunting alone anymore ok?” He nodded, standing up and walking over to you. He was still a little dizzy but he didn’t mind. “Please come back Y/N. The camp need you. I need you.”

So do you guys want a part 2? Just let me know!