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Deerkin fashion for mitsukunihellanosuka

Dear head with flower antlers shirt -$16.00

Deer face tights -$18.40

Leather satchel -$53.00

Deer tights -$23.20

Small horns flower crown -$25.00

Deer head sweater -$36.76

Deer tail -$30.00

Clip on ears -$10.00

Antler necklace -$15.00

‘Emo’ deerkin fashion link here!

Ciri of Cintra

When I was 10 years old i liked to pretend that i am Ciri in training to become a witcher…I was running through the woods with a machete on my back..or standing completely still.. waiting for the deers to arrive so i could sneak up on them to give them a little scare…

once i came back to the cottage… angry at the squirrels and mom thought i am pretending that there are scoia´tael in the woods…but i was just angry at real squirrels.. they can be incredibly aggressive and rude creatures.. yeah