deer camo



Finding Out

Set in @marypsue‘s Vamp!Stan universe. Also this is for Mary because she absolutely wonderful and deserves it.


The bus came rolling to a stop, and Stan mentally checked over everything one more time. There was a reason for the blood in the fridge, for his slowness during the day, for any potential reactions to the Star of David…. everything was taken care of. 

Lazy Susan had expressed doubts about him having a pair of kids for the summer, but he had waved off her concerns. He had fooled his customers, fooled this town (well, most of this town) for going on thirty years. It was going to be a piece of cake to keep two snot nosed brats from finding out any of his secrets.

Later, Stan would recognize how wrong he was.

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Dean Drabble #14

Submitted By: @sgarrett49
Would you be able to write something using this gif?

Dean looked you up and down trying to form the words to tell you how breathtaking you were. He couldn’t the words were lodged in his throat. It didn’t matter that tonight you were dressed to the nines, or most other nights in your jeans and t-shirts some days even sweats and an overly large john deer camo sweater you bought him only to steal all the time. No it really didn’t matter to him you were the most gorgeous woman he’d ever met and he had the pleasure of calling you his.
“Dean whenever you’re done gawking.” You teased him lightly as you blushed.
“You just wow.” He breathed.
You blushed more, “Thanks.”
He kissed you softly, “I don’t think we should go out. I want you in my arms in our room in our bed all night.”
You chuckled softly, “mm that sounds better.”
You squeal as he picks you up bridal style and carries you back to your bedroom.

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