deer babe

I am a sinner my dear friends :v

A few days ago I visited a myCastle… and I swear to Madonna that I saw a Witch Foleo/Forrest. And I was like “but wait… that unit is a guy…… isn’t? ” till know I am sure of what I saw and the perv part of me wanted to have a Wicth Deere/Dwer… such a shame that that will be impossible….

At least I was able to draw him in that way… so yes
I am a sinner :v
*rolling im the deeps of Hell*

First I love you - Malia Tate AU imagine

A/N: thought of this cute fluffy imagine early this morning hope you enjoy & NO HATE LOVE IS LOVE NO MATTER THE GENDER!!! Xxx

Warnings: some smut didn’t go into so much detail & SUPER CUTE FLUFF

Pairing: Malia x Fem Reader


Today was our 6 month anniversary I was preparing a little dinner since I had the place to myself due to my parents going on a mini vacation to Florida. I was making Malia’s favourite deer and potatoes she’s gonna freak when she sees this, I bought a little number from the boutique near town it was this cute peach mini dress I placed my hair in a half up half down bun to top it all of with white lace lingerie for later.

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