deer and pie

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I know who you remind me of, like a dude Snow White, Think about it- the forest, pie, deer, interactions with magical malevolent forces, and watching after a group of little guys.

Like Snow White, I too employ wild animals to wash my dishes.

They won’t let me in the camp kitchen anymore. Something about “public health concerns”. 

Gilmore Girls
ep.1.4 The Deer Hunters

Rory is having a hard time adjusting to her new prestigious school, and spends a lot of time studying in the episode. This exchange takes place in the diner after Rory throws a pencil. I think it is a good introduction to Luke’s paternal attitude toward Rory. There are some really good moments in this episode like “The Magic Risotto?!?!” and “Il Duce” but I chose to draw a scene that made me laugh.

This exercise in drawing episodes was to improve my speed and caricature skills but I’m going to have too loosen up if that’s going to happen and get over my obsession with details.

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I feel like it’s almost a well-known fact that the mythical Greek dog Κέρβερος (Cerberus) guarding Hades means Spot (if it’s true that its etymology is indeed PIE *k̂érberos “spotted”, cognate with Sanskrit śarvara “darkness”, śabala/śavala “of a variegated colour, spotted”, the latter also applied to mythical guardian dogs of Yama).

But! did you know that in Slavic languages, the words for dog (more or less current and with some minor semantic differences depending on the language) are: Czech, Slovak and Slovene pes (Sln with [ə]), Bulgarian, Macedonian and Ukrainian пес, BCS pas/пас, Polish pies, Low. Sorbian pjas, Up. Sorbian pos, Russian пёс, all from Proto-Slavic *pьsъ̏ “dog” < PIE *pik̂ó-  “spotted animal”, cognate with Sanskrit piśá “a spotted animal, a sort of deer”, from the PIE root *pei̯k̂- “to cut out, to stitch” (> “to mark”). So, tl;dr: early Slavs (or their near ancestors) basically named the whole species Spot.