Photo of the Day: Take Me, Deer

Photographer caption: Since ancient times, the Nenets have led a nomadic life, engaged in deer farming and traveling the vast tundra. Reindeer harnessed to a sled is the most reliable form of transport on the tundra. The Nenets wander in harsh weather conditions for eight months of the year. The deer give them food, clothing, housing and money.

Photo by Kamil Nureev (Noviy Urengoy, Russia); Russia

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i’m all about knowing whether or not the people I admire are good ppl, but if bob ross was problematic i literally do not want to know. pls world do not taint bob ross for me

Urban culture. Very grey and a lot of concrete. Do you live in the city center and if so which are the advantages and disadvantages?

Grey, city noise, hoodlumism, beauty, painting, cars, metro, me, you, the building… this is it! Yes, I live near the city center, I am in the center non-stop (I love it!) and the only disadvantage that I find is the ceaseless infliction that devours everything, the monstrous garbage-infliction of the known stranger gangs, that do their dirty work in the name of putting up posters.

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I made a quote posted about and wondering if you could make it a thing. If it isn't too much trouble, Jakob saying "When I die I want Dwyer to bury me so he can let me down one last time."

omg this is so good i can’t stop laughing

If you want credit for the quote, you can message me off anon and I will give you credit :)