New, uh… video.. from Spike, ft. Kodaka.


My next Sanrio villager is a precious little fawn named Hummingmint (though I had to shorten her name due to the game’s character limitation), a relatively new addition to the Sanrio family from what I understand. I came across her by happy accident, and I’m so glad that I did. She took quite awhile to complete (getting the little flowers on her forehead to come out properly without weird stretching and distorting was particularly challenging) but it was an effort worth making. I adore her!

“Freedom will be possible when people understand and desire it — for man can only rule where others subserviently obey. Where none obey, none has power to rule.”
- George Nicholson, in “The Simplicity of Anarchism” in Selections from Freedom: Volume 4 (1954); also in What Is Anarchism? : An Introduction edited by Donald Rooum (1992, 1995) p. 40