I was standing there taking pictures of this very unconcerned mule deer, and then others started showing up.  Ultimately, I found myself (and my very well behaved and tired dogs, who were on down stays behind me) surrounded by eight of them, with several others in the distance, for a long time—probably about 20 minutes.

I got to see a lot of behavior and social interactions, including this one doe who kept snapping and spitting at the others and making what sure sounded like rude noises whenever another deer showed up.  The last pic shows her spitting at another doe.


Hank has been busy…

I met up with my best friend @astralfenrir​ the other weekend and wanted to give him something in person as a late B-day present. He had got a drawing from me on the day, but I wanted to do more. You don’t just take a guy to Chernobyl and give nothing back…

I love his OC’s but felt even though I have drawn them all before, I felt like if I did draw them again, I would just be repeating myself again… So I looked up ref…LOTS AND LOTS OF REF. I decided to try something a bit more realistic yet still being able to maintain a familiar style and I must say, not bad.

The colouring was done by @hydroxidebath (I am obliged to give her credit, but please note her blog is VERY NSFW) as I felt like my colouring would not match this style. Rather mess up my own character than someone else’s.

Finally, Morgz has been playing around with the idea of a pirate theme and had a really neat pirate insignia that I really liked, so I redesigned it in my style and made it into a shirt. This is the fourth time I’ve now made something that has become a shirt. Not a bad number.