Emergency Plush Commissions! Help me afford rent!

Hey everyone! I’m coming up shot on money this month, so I’m making plush commissions available to make up the difference! 

Any of my basic pre-drafted patterns are available for commission at $70 plus shipping, just send me a message about what colors you would like. These include my dragon hatchlings, vintage deer, vintage foxes, and Solbeasts. I’ll also have vintage rabbits availabe soon, so feel free to ask about those!

I’ll also have custom commissions available starting at $100. I can make OCs, Fursonas, and video game/media characters, just supply me with some references and an idea of size and I can give a quote. 

I also have a couple original embroidered patch designs available, $10 each plus shipping!

If anyone just wants to help a little, my paypal is jmick@pnca.edu

Please reblog and share, even if you can’t afford to buy anything, just getting the word out there helps. Thanks everyone!