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Hello! I was wondering how Sidon might react to finding out his S/O has a wonderful singing voice, but they never sing in front of others. Not because they're shy, but because they're actually a type of Siren which makes the melodies they sing affect others based on the mood (say, a sad song will make others suddenly start crying even if they're not feeling sad), so they're worried about what could happen if someone else ever hears them, so they only do it when they think they're alone.

(Ooh~ This was a really neat idea especially because I’ve always loved the Siren style, music and singing being a superpower, and other things like that~ Hope this turned out well also shout out to Song of the Sea for providing me with the inspiration for this piece~ Enjoy!~)

A Tone of Enchantment

Word Count: 2428
Warnings: Songfic, Fluff, Slight angst, Moonlit romance (the best kind)

Night settled upon Hylia, cloaking the vast land in a shade of dark violet that only evening was capable of, however, while the darkness did drape over the land hiding away most of the land’s natural beauty it only made the Zora’s Domain shine brighter. Blue light from the glowing stones that lined the pathways of slick metal and all of the pools of water inside of the kingdom gave the Kingdom a rather ethereal glow that stood out when everything that surrounded it was now dark.

It was not an overwhelming brightness, especially not to  the residence that had come accustomed to the light, but it was enough to give all of the domain a chill glow. You had come to take great delight in the blue that lit up the entire palace and the sound of the waters brushing up against the great architecture; such a sight reminded you a lot of your home. Though you did miss your home you did not want to leave here, especially not now that you had found your dearest one.

Besides this domain did not feel much different from your old one. It was surrounded by large bodies of water and they ate everything that you had ate before though perhaps a little fresher than you were used to. Regardless, you preferred this home much more as in your old home you had basically been alone with just your parents for company thought that was for a good reason.

Either way it was just busy enough her that you never felt lonely while still being quiet enough that you had plenty of privacy whenever you needed it. Lately it had become something you needed a lot more often, probably because you had gained your muse.

Most of the Zoras had already retired for the evening including your dear lover now asleep in your shared bed. However, you were restless and full of a longing desire that had pulled you of the bed and to the balcony. Now here you stood looking around for something to take your mind off of things but the serene brightness of the brilliant moon and the gentle whisper of the wind was calling to you even more.

Everything was tranquil, everything was well lit like a wondrous stage, everything was perfect for singing.

“Everyone is asleep,” you murmured considerately, casting a quick look over your shoulder at the Prince still laid undisturbed in bed. The moon’s soothing light was passing through the now open glass panes doors and illuminating the Prince’s face. You smiled sweetly seeing how peaceful Sidon looked resting his head against the pillow. His arm lay outstretched against the empty spot where the covers had been tussled when you left the bed. Your heart did a small flutter seeing him and before you knew it a song began filling your heart quickly spreading everywhere.

Turning back to face the night sky you smiled and let your eyes close taking a deep breath to relax your body and let that song swell up throughout your entire body. Right now, the Siren in you did not need to worry about other people. The Siren in you was alone now.

The Siren in you was free.

That thought only made you more excited until you finally couldn’t contain it and before you even realized it your lips were parting so that you could free the voice that you had been restraining for quite a while. No words in particular came out at first, your heart favoring instead to test out this song that was bubbling inside of you. So you held different random notes trying to figure out the melody for this song; everything starting out soft and wary but gradually got louder and more confident as you found the right sounds.

It was not a new song, it was actually one you had been pondering and testing out for a while even before you had met Sidon. One of sweet grace that held a true compassion that you had never felt properly until Sidon so you supposed that it had never taken form because you had never had the write inspiration. Now it felt more like second nature to you as you opened your mouth again and began to let the words flow.

“Hush now - my story - close your eyes and sleep
Waltzing the waves, diving the deep
Stars are shining bright, the wind is on the rise
Whispering words of long lost lullabies”

The wind stirred up around you, rustling your pajamas and your hair as it sent a shiver down your spine. Your whole body felt almost weightless as you sang as if the wind could give one strong gust and you would be swept away into the night. This was the feeling you had been missing. A wide smile crept onto your lips and you pushed yourself away from the balcony to bow your head to the moon holding your hand out as if to ask the charming onlooker of your performance to dance.

“Oh, won’t you come with me?
Where the Moon is made of gold
And in the morning sun
We’ll be sailing.”

Your eyes closed again and you pictured that a figure had accepted your request and now held you in their hands, one on your hip and the other grasping your hand gently. The weightless feeling persists as the figure in your head takes a step and you follow their lead dancing slowly around the balcony while you continue your song.

“Oh, won’t you come with me?
Where the ocean meets the sky
And as the clouds roll by
We’ll sing the song of the sea.”

You wish you could feel this free with Sidon, not having to hide your ability from him, and just sing whenever you felt like it possibly even serenade him with your voice. However you know that you could never do that, especially not with other people around, still you could dream. Your dancing partner shifts to a familiar face and your heart pounds harder in your chest as Sidon is now leading you in your dance.

He is made from the light of the moon, glimmering like a freshly polished pearl but you would recognize that sharp-toothed smiled anywhere. The image is burned into your mind and every time you see it it fills you with joy and you can’t help but sing a little louder as you move on to the next verse.

“I had a dream last night
And I heard the sweetest sound
I saw a great white light
And dancers in the round
Castles in the sand
Cradles in the trees
Don’t cry, I’ll see you by and by.”

The Sidon constructed from moonlight and your imagination twirls you and you happily follow his guidance as strange as it is to be dancing by yourself. It feels so real though. So real that you could reach out and he would take your hand in his own supporting you every step. You can’t help but open your eyes as you twirl to watch everything spin; a flash of red in your peripheral stops you dead in your tracks. The chorus gets trapped in your throat as you are too busy staring wide-eyed at Sidon - the real Sidon - staring right back, smiling sweetly even though he has been caught staring.

“S-Sidon!” You stammer quick to clean yourself up in an attempt to act bacterial as if you had not been singing your heart out just a moment ago. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up. I know you’re probably tired.”

Sidon only chuckles at this but you don’t dare meet his eyes as you turn around to hide the embarrassment on your face and lean on the banister. “Quite the contrary, I feel rather refreshed after watching you,” he says and your body tenses up instantly.

You hesitate to speak for a moment but eventually you manage to respond, “How much did you see…?”

There is movement behind you and soon Sidon has crossed the distance between you and is also leaning against the sleek metal banister. “Well I heard you singing if that is what you are worried about, my love.”

You knew it. A round of scolds run through your head for being so careless as you lower your head into your hands. Why couldn’t you just suppress your urges? Why couldn’t you just wait until he was farther away? Why couldn’t you stop singing? You sighed softly and shook your head knowing fully well that it was ingrained into you. What was a Siren if they could not sing after all?

Sidon sighs as well and you can hear him move but you keep your face buried in your hands. “My pearl, do not feel bad. Truth be told this is not the first time that I have heard you sing-”

“I know… when we first met. You caught me sitting by the river.”

Sidon chuckles, “That is true, my love, one of my fondest memories of you. However, I meant more recently.” You lower your hands hesitantly, just enough to meet Sidon’s eyes and make sure that he is telling the truth though you know he would never lie. The certainty in those piercing golden orbs only confirm your suspicions and you instantly grow more nervous. “Yes, I’ve heard you on rare occasions whenever you sneak off to a quiet place or when you are in the tub and think that you are alone. I confess that sometimes I follow you… intentionally so that I can listen to you.”

At this point your hands have dropped down to just your finger tips touching your chin, looking up at your partner shocked by his sudden confession. All this time you had been trying not to sing around him yet he had been listening to you anyways. He looked down at you smiling sheepishly before reaching out to wrap an arm around you and rest it on your shoulder pulling you a little closer to him. “My love, you know that you don’t have to hide it. I love your voice, your singing is absolutely enchanting. From the moment I heard you sing that night I knew you were special.”

You break away from the Zora Prince abruptly when he says this, wrapping your arms tight around yourself. Was this all just because of your singing? Tears brim in your eyes and you quickly turn away again so that Sidon cannot see you; your fists cling to the bed as if it is your life line as your legs will surely give out if you do not hold onto something.

“My love?”

“Sidon, did you fall in love with me because of my voice?”


“Do you love me because of my voice?” You shout this more insistently unable to bear the thought that these long months together with Sidon were just the result of your bewitching voice. Turning hesitantly to face the Prince you are swept from your place at the balcony and pulled out to the center of the balcony - which was a rather easy feat considering Sidon’s strength and the rather small space between the two of you.

Eyes wide and slightly blurry from the tears now falling down your cheeks, you watch as Sidon takes hold of you much like your imaginary Sidon had when the moon had you in its trance. This time however you are completely captivated by Sidon’t golden gaze, sniffling softly as he twirls you and gently guides your spin to his other hand before pulling you close to him again. With your back pressed to his chest you are encompassed by his strong arms filled with that familiar warmth you felt whenever you were so close to the male. Something that felt this real certainly couldn’t just be the product of your singing, could it?

“My love,” Sidon speaks and your attention is quickly drawn to him, “I fell in love with you not because of your singing but because of the true passion in that voice. I saw you sitting their on the bank of the river drenched in moonlight and you were absolutely breathtaking I was enraptured. I remember that shocked look you gave me when you caught me staring at you and how you stumbled to stand up.”

You pout up at him the memory rather embarrassing to you. However, Sidon just smiles and continues speaking as he sways back and forth with you in his arms,

“You looked like you would take off running if I moved any closer but I had to anyways, I had to meet the mystery person whose voice was so soothing. Now I do and to be frank I could not be happier.”

Heart fluttering at the sound of such sweet words you could only smile and blush in response gently gripping Sidon’s hands and holding them tight. That weightless feeling returned and you let Sidon take control of your body spinning you lightly again before dipping you with his special kind of clumsy grace that makes the both of you laugh a little. The Zora looks at you and then leans close to peck your lips before pulling you back to stand feet again. “Won’t you please sing for me now? If you want to that is.”

The Zora’s nervousness and the end of his sentence makes you smile and that fear that had once held you back vanished - not completely because there is always a lingering doubt - and you nod your head letting not the moon fill your heart but Sidon’s sweet words making you sing. No longer did you want to hide your voice from the Zora knowing that he loved you so dearly.

You parted your lips and began singing your song again with more volume and conviction for once proud to be able to sing and show off your voice.

“Oh won’t you come with me?
Where the moon is made of gold
And in the morning sun
We’ll be sailing.
Oh, won’t you come with me?
Where the ocean meets the sky
And as the clouds roll by.”

You lean up, pulling Sidon down closing the distance between your lips for another kiss, this one just as quick but that brief moment of contact was full of a new depth of passion. A smirk crosses your lips seeing the dazed and loving look in his eyes.

“We’ll sing the song of the sea.”

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Sir or madam: do you happen to know a B-class-'the blob'-type -film that takes place in the interior of a submarine. By the way, they kill de monster by electrocution, kind of 'The thing from another world', only that this time one of the tripulation members acts like an electrified bait. Thanks!

After consulting my dedicated staff of experts (well, my uncle Bill) I believe you may be referring to:

Virus (1999)

or could be -

DeepStar Six (1989)

or possibly -

Leviathan (1989)

or maybe even this episode of

The X-Files -


@mightybongo said:

“There was an episode of Voyage to the bottom of the sea  that had exactly that story. .. but it was a glob of plankton rather than a blob.”

here is the episode:

The Price of Doom  sea 01 ep 05


@ensalada-de-lengua-de-pajaritos said:

“Thanks to your help I finnaly found that blob-submarine-electrocution thing. It was Voyage to the bottom of the sea, “The Monster from Outer Space”. I had to read the 110 VTTBOTS episode  synopsis from IMBD. Half of them were possible matches. But eventually I found it.“

*note from RH - credit goes to @mightybongo