a little video from the Aquastar Deepstar crazyness in Geneva two weeks ago. Or in other words a GTG on Mr. Cousteau’s Calypso must have looked like.. #deepstar #aquastar #aquastardeepstar #rarechronographs #rarebirds #jaquescousteau #calypso

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ensalada-de-lengua-de-pajaritos  asked:

Sir or madam: do you happen to know a B-class-'the blob'-type -film that takes place in the interior of a submarine. By the way, they kill de monster by electrocution, kind of 'The thing from another world', only that this time one of the tripulation members acts like an electrified bait. Thanks!

After consulting my dedicated staff of experts (well, my uncle Bill) I believe you may be referring to:

Virus (1999)

or could be -

DeepStar Six (1989)

or possibly -

Leviathan (1989)

or maybe even this episode of

The X-Files -


@mightybongo said:

“There was an episode of Voyage to the bottom of the sea  that had exactly that story. .. but it was a glob of plankton rather than a blob.”

here is the episode:

The Price of Doom  sea 01 ep 05


@ensalada-de-lengua-de-pajaritos said:

“Thanks to your help I finnaly found that blob-submarine-electrocution thing. It was Voyage to the bottom of the sea, “The Monster from Outer Space”. I had to read the 110 VTTBOTS episode  synopsis from IMBD. Half of them were possible matches. But eventually I found it.“

*note from RH - credit goes to @mightybongo