MBTI types as Florence + the Machine songs

First MBTI x music post! Hope you like it :) (types as: Lana Del Rey songs, Of Monsters and Men songsABBA songs)

ISTJ - Breath of Life
I was looking for a breath of life
a little touch of heavenly light
but all the choirs in my head sang no, oh oh oh

ISTP - No Light, No Light
would you leave me
if I told you what I’ve done
and would you leave me
if I told you what I’ve become?

ISFJ - Shake It Out
and I’ve been a fool and I’ve been blind
I cannot leave the past behind

ISFP - All This and Heaven Too
all this heaven never could describe
such a feeling as I’m hearing
words were never so useful
so I was screaming out a language
that I never knew existed before

INTJ - Leave My Body
I’m going to be released from behind these lines
and I don’t care whether I live or die
and I’m losing blood, I’m gonna leave my bones
and I don’t want your heart, it leaves me cold

INTP - Strangeness and Charm
the static on your arms, it was a catalyst
oh the chemical it burns, there is nothing like this
it’s the purest element, but it’s so volatile
an equation heaven sent, a drug for angels

INFJ - What the Water Gave Me
and oh, poor Atlas
the world’s a beast of a burden
you’ve been holding on a long time

INFP - Never Let Me Go
and the arms of the ocean are carrying me
and all this devotion came rushing out of me
and the crushes of heaven for a sinner like me
but the arms of the ocean delivered me

ESTJ - What Kind of Man
and with one kiss
you inspired a fire of devotion
that lasts for twenty years
what kind of man loves like this?

ESTP - Ship to Wreck
and oh, my love, remind me
what was it that I did
did I drink too much
am I losing touch
did I build a ship to wreck?

ESFJ - Cosmic Love
I took the stars from my eyes, and then I made a map
and knew that somehow I could find my way back
then I heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness too
so I stayed in the darkness with you

ESFP - Dog Days Are Over
happiness hit her, like a train on a track
coming towards her, stuck still no turning back
she hid around corners, she hid under beds
she killed it with kisses, and from it she fled

ENTJ - Seven Devils
holy water cannot help you now
a thousand armies couldn’t keep me out
I don’t want your money, I don’t want your crowd
see, I’ve come to burn your kingdom down

ENTP - Only If For A Night
and the only solution was to stand and fight
and my body was loose and I was set alight

ENFJ - Queen of Peace
and my love is no good
against the fortress that it made of you
blood is running deep
sorrow that you keep

ENFP - Heartlines
odyssey and odyssey and land over land
creeping and crawling like the sea over sand
still I follow heartlines on your hand


Now you have me on the run
The damage is already done
Come on, is this what you want?
Cause you’re driving me away

And my love is no good
Against the fortress that it made of you
Blood is running deep
Sorrow that you keep