Homemade Hair Magic!

Well, here’s my first post! I started this account to share my natural hair recipes, tips, and soon, hair products. I want to make it easy to care for our natural hair and share my love of good hair products. Hey, sharing is caring! I want my natural hair ladies to find what works for them. I’ve been a natural hair girl for ten years. The first time I grew out my natural hair for three years and then broke down and relaxed it. Which ended with me doing the “Big Chop” because I love natural hair and missed my mine. So after being natural for 7 years now, I’ve fallen head over heels in love with natural hair and I could never go back. I have a passion for natural hair and want to share the recipes and products I’ve used and love—because they work!

Number one on my list of things to share is this homemade clarifying rinse. So I’m pushing vinegar, yes stinky, bitter vinegar! You’ll be amazed at what this foul smelling liquid can do for you. The benefits of this acid are great for your hair. If your hair is colored or chemically altered, please DO NOT use this rinse.

Did you know that our hair has an acid mantle in it that gives it its strength? So a little natural acid won’t hurt it. Vinegar strengthens the hair, and cleans the strands and scalp while removing all product build-up. It also kills bacteria on the skin which is great for people with dandruff. For those of you who can’t stand the odor, you won’t smell a thing once you complete the last step of rising your hair with cool water.

Clarifying Rinse

4 cups boiled water (let water cool before using) or you can buy distilled water,
2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.

Mix the water and vinegar together.

Now you’re ready to use your homemade rise. For the best results, rinse your hair in the shower. After wetting your hair with warm water, using your favorite conditioner to make detangling easier (some call this step a co-wash), detangle your hair section by section using your finger as your comb. Then complete the next steps.

Step 1. Section your hair.

Step 2. One section at a time, pour rinse over your scalp as you message it.

Step 3. Detangle hair with your fingers section by section messaging the scalp for three minutes.

Step 4. After you have used all of your homemade goodness, rinse with cool water and style.

I hope this recipe works for you and everyone discovers the magic of apple cider vinegar!

Naturally yours,

Deep Roots

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