Kai is busy and Heather is sick, so this week we’re trying something a little different around the Deep Rogue Ranch. Open-source graphics, y'all!

Our first is a zeitgeist-exploiting tribute to our Prime Minister and his stable of unsustainable energy sources. Please click save and start sharing, remixing, reusing and recreating as you see fit. Our only request: let us know what you make from it.

Go boldly forth and remake the Intertubes in HIS image! Harper-style!


A new feature celebrating some of the political wildlife populating backbench country of the Federal Conservative Party. Up first: Calgary-West’s sometimes fierce, but mostly nocturnal, Rob Anders. 

Radio News Report: #IdleNoMore VS ‘Canadians, Idle’

With the Idle No More movement at a crossroads, the Conservative government launches a counterattack. Coordinated with the return of the NHL, the “Canadians, Idle” campaign threatens to derail the round-dances and rallies that have riveted the nation for the past two months. Janet McKenzie reports from Ottawa.

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Did you know that unextracted tar sands, just like unmarried single women, have an expiry date? According to noted gender studies expert Chen Weidong of CNOOC, the China National Offshore Oil Corporation, that’s exactly the fate we can expect for Alberta’s crude if we leave it undrilled and in the ground. An empty purposeless existence.

If you love the Tar Sands and don’t want to see them left behind, watch this video.