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The thing is - millennials are a generation of the disillusioned. Our parents or grandparents lived in a time when you could buy a house on a year or two’s wages, when you could support a family on a working man’s job, where you could get a job in high school and pay for at least a decent chunk of your college tuition.

And then everything went to shit.

And all that became untenable, but the baby boomers didn’t get the message. They look at kids breaking down from stress and overwork and thinking they’re lazy because “when I was your age…”
And the thing is, with the advent of things like the internet, and instant communication, we have access to the truth at an alarmingly young age.

If you don’t know about inflation, or lowered wages, and your parents tell you that “well we got into college just fine, you just aren’t working hard enough,” you don’t have any option but to believe them.
But with data becoming a public resource, that’s all changed.

We’re realizing that adults aren’t always right.

We’re realizing that things aren’t the way we were promised they are.
So we know, now. We know that the reason that girl broke down crying in homeroom isn’t because she’s a pussy - it’s because she’s working six hours every weekday on top of school, and she just got assigned her third essay of the week. We know that the reason we can’t get into college isn’t because we aren’t putting ourselves out there - it’s because the people who promised they’d provide for us have fucked up the job market and the economy.

So, yeah. Millennials are a generation of disillusioned. Age hasn’t taken away our idealism yet - we’re radical, and stubborn, and slowly realizing that that sixty-year-old white guy condescending us atop a pile of money that was half given to him by his parents and half stolen from us - he doesn’t know jack shit about the way the world works now.


Redditor TAKEitTOrCIRCLEJERK comments on millennials…

The comments attached to this are profound and deeply upsetting. Millennials are so screwed by a system that Boomers benefitted from (and have rigged against them). Go read the breakdown of minimum wage, and costs for college, including housing and basic living expenses. America has fucked Millennials, and we keep blaming them for the system we refuse to change.

ps I feel like a lot, a lot of fans have sehun’s personality very wrong and I am so confused by a lot of fanon posts about him lmao

like yeah, he’s a goofball and a bit silly with his friends but like

he’s such a quiet, polite kid. like. he’s v quiet, he’s courteous, he’s soft spoken and sometimes anxious and socially awkward

there’s a reason why he naturally wears that well-known resting b face. shy people have that expression. observant, but quiet people have that expression. people that spend a lot of time inside their own minds. you think about something, you daze out, you don’t pay close attention to how you appear to others, and before you know it, people are seeing your ‘cold’ expression and calling you rude

I think, contrary to playful jokes about his intelligence or whatever the fuck, he does give a lot of thought to things, he does consider things deeply, and these ‘surprisingly’ profound, meaningful things he says are not completely unexpected or startling to the people that actually know him

there’s a reason why his groupmates are always saying he’s the sweetest, he’s the most encouraging, he’s the most supportive guy on the team. because he’s a cinnamon roll that happens to be a little bit shy in front of the cameras, and it’s very rare that we see his entire personality

he gets restless, he gets anxious, he dodges cameras when he’s moody, he occasionally complains that he gets too much attention from people he doesn’t want it from, while at the same time  almost constantly seeking and appreciating attention from the people he treasures

these are characteristics of a shy person, these are characteristics of an introvert, these are characteristics of someone who’s incredibly affectionate but also a somewhat awkward kid that grew up to be beautiful and doesn’t really know how to present himself as the media icon he’s supposed to be

let him learn. let him live a little.

(and stop saying he’s stupid, immature, and whatever the fuck, damn. he doesn’t act as charming and suave as the others, but that doesn’t make him any less valuable or clever or talented or worthy of appreciation and respect.)

I feel like, while this season is lacking in some fields, one thing that has stayed consistent with Sana’s character is her loyalty. Sana could have easily called Vilde or Noora out in this clip, but she didn’t. Sana is that loyal and that committed to her friends that, even when she made a blow at the Russ bus, she never went for her friends directly, and I think that says something deeply profound about Sana and who she is and who she remains. Sana, this seemingly unbreakable character, while facing so much and being in such a state of isolation, is still staying true to her sense of loyalty and obligation to her friends. I think that speaks on so many different levels in terms of not just her social morals, but her religion too. Sana, while questioning Islam, is still committed to her faith no matter what. That’s the one thing Sana is, and I feel, will always be; loyal. 

Get Subconsciously Activated Into Killing A K-Pop Star, And 4 Other Plans For A Perfect Day In Seoul

An exhilarating mashup of ancient and ultra-modern cultures, Seoul is one of the world’s most fascinating and lively metropolises. If you’ve only got 24 hours to spend there, here are the things you absolutely must do.

1. Play video games until you die at one of Seoul’s many internet cafés where they let you do that: Going to 24-hour internet cafés and playing video games for so long that you die is a national pastime in South Korea, and no trip to Seoul is complete until you’ve gone into cardiac arrest while on a sleepless, energy drink-fueled League Of Legends bender in a public space.

2. Check out the Olympic Cemetery where every athlete from the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympic Games is buried: Pay your respects at the graves of Greg Louganis, Valeri Liukin, Florence Griffith Joyner, and all the other Olympic greats who were ceremonially laid to rest in Seoul in accordance with Olympic tradition following their inspiring performances at the ’88 games.

3. Wait in line with thousands of other Westerners for your turn to take a picture of a building with the word “dong” on it: Wake up early and head down to the Mapo district to join the mecca-like procession of Westerners queuing up for their chance to snag a picture of the nondescript building with the word “dong” on it—a deeply profound and nigh religious experience that brings countless travelers from all races and walks of life together in communal solidarity. You will leave changed.

4. Drink some hot Diet Mr. Pibb at an authentic Korean teahouse: This traditional local beverage may take a few sips to get used to, but once you acquire a taste for it, you’ll never want to start another morning without a boiling-hot cup of Diet Mr. Pibb again.

5. Get subconsciously activated into killing a K-Pop star: If you’re looking for a truly authentic Seoul experience, then do as the locals do and become a sleeper agent for a shadowy espionage organization and unwittingly assassinate one of the country’s most beloved pop sensations for sinister reasons that will never be explained to you.

Why I’m So Excited For Ell …

So, as we all know, there are some extremely disgruntled fans within the Creampuff fandom who are absolutely furious that the movie is daring to include Carmilla’s ex. However, more than outrage, I’ve noticed that a lot of these fans seem genuinely confused as to why some of us are so excited for Ell, especially if we’re Hollstein shippers (which I am). So I thought I’d try to express why, at least for me, Ell’s appearance is so exciting and opens up so many possibilities.

Despite what the fandom (and the producers/writers) try to say, Laura was not the first person to have a deep enough impact on Carmilla that she tried to change. Laura was not the first person to make Carmilla want to change her life or escape the Dean. Ell was. Ell was the first person Carmilla ever fell in love with, the first person to have such a huge impact on the vampire that she sought escape and change. Carmilla spent nearly three centuries not bothering to defy her mother, comfortable with her place in the world, enjoying the benefits of being evil, but all that changed when she met Ell. Ell made her want to escape her mother, Ell made her question herself and her place in the grand scheme of things, Ell made enough of an impact on Carmilla that after she escaped her coffin, she rebelled against her mother, the start of her journey towards freedom.

And yes, of course Laura was a big part of Carmilla’s eventual fate and rebellion against her mother. Of course Carmilla loved Laura and wanted to change for her. Of course Laura had a deeply profound impact on Carmilla and her life, and without Laura Carmilla would not have found the strength to defy her mother (this includes the bad in her and Laura’s relationship, as Carm never would have learned to put herself first if Laura hadn’t repeatedly asked her to sacrifice her sense of self time and again). Laura is absolutely one of the biggest (if not the biggest) influences in Carmilla’s life and is the person she ended up choosing to make a life with. However, the fandom seems to forget that Carmilla made the same choice with Ell.

Carmilla loved Ell enough to plan a future with her, loved her enough to want to take her away and escape her mother. But she loved Ell in a different time than when she loved Laura, and so their relationship was doomed from the start. Ell was a 19th Century damsel, living in a world which wasn’t saturated with pop culture and casual attitudes towards the supernatural. Ell was a girl raised in a time and place which shunned the supernatural, was afraid of what was in the dark and placed a greater emphasis on religious superstition. And so, naturally, Carmilla hid what she was from Ell, for fear of rejection, not because she didn’t love her enough not to tell her. When The Dean revealed Carmilla’s true nature, Ell believed Carmilla to be a monster, due to the way in which the revelation came about (Maman went to her in secret and revealed my true nature in the most horrifying light) but also due to the time in which she lived. Despite what parts of the fandom believe, Ell did not reject Carmilla because she didn’t love her, but because Carmilla’s true nature terrified her, and understandably so.

So, Ell betrayed Carmilla. She led Inanna to where Carmilla hid, and Carm was forced to watch her mother send Ell to a certain doom. Carmilla was buried under the ground, where she spent the next eight decades in a coffin of blood. Their love became a thing of regret and tragedy, with both parties longing for a reunion, for the chance to make amends. Ell remained in the Light, desperately trying to contact Carmilla, warning girls with dreams and waiting until the day she could seek forgiveness from her former lover. Carmilla remained with her mother, but exacted her own small revenges and realised that Ell was in the Light, that she was reaching out to the girls, and what’s very interesting (and only underlines that Carm had unresolved feelings for/issues with Ell) is that Carmilla was jealous of the girls who could see Ell and sorrowful that she herself could not. She didn’t understand why Ell wasn’t reaching out to her and it’s not until Laura points out that maybe she can’t that Carmilla even considers that Ell isn’t staying silent because of Carm’s betrayal, but because she literally cannot contact her.

This is why I say there are unresolved feelings and issues here, because there is honestly so much to unpack when it comes to Carm and Ell. While Ell was in the Light she obviously had a change of heart regarding Carm and her belief that Carmilla was a monster. Seeing all the girls devoured by the Light, being trapped inside it for decades and realising that Inanna was the true monster would – I assume – have had a profound effect on Ell, or whatever echo was left of her. Her belief that Carmilla was a monster seems to have shifted, altered, changed once she discovered who the real monster was. For all we know, Ell could have had this change of heart the moment she realised what Inanna had in store for her and spent all those decades regretting betraying Carm, waiting in the Light, reaching out to girls when she could.

In a way, both Ell and Carmilla were seeking redemption and forgiveness, both of them doing what they could to save the girls targeted by Inanna, Carm on the surface and Ell from inside the Light. And this is spurned, at least in part, by their love for one another and the regret both feel in regards to the way their relationship ended. And neither girl was ever given the chance to express this regret to the other. When Carmilla saw the Light during the final battle in Season 1, she was finally, after all these decades, able to see and reach for her lost love. But when she “killed” the Light, the ghosts vanished, Ell along with them, and so she never received closure.

And yes, Carmilla moved on. She fell in love with Laura and built a relationship with Laura and I certainly am not hoping that Ell will come in and steal Carmilla away from or jeopardize her relationship with Laura (not that she could, it’s been five years, a six-year relationship would not be threatened by an old flame). But there is so much still for Carm and Ell to resolve, so much regret and bitterness and sorrow. And I want to see it all.

I want to see Ell apologise for betraying Carm. I want to hear her talk about the fear Inanna planted in her, the way Inanna twisted words and actions and made Carmilla out to be a monster, a creature of darkness Ell believed she should fear. I want to see Carm’s face when she sees Ell, I want to see the softness which appeared on her features when she told Laura her story in Season 1. I want Carm to apologise for lying, to talk about her fear of rejection and how she didn’t know how to tell Ell the truth. I want the girls to acknowledge that they once loved one another deeply, but Carmilla is a different person, a different being now, and Ell needs to move on to whatever is waiting for her in the afterlife. I want their history explored, their feelings laid bare. I want to see Carmilla achieve peace when it comes to this relationship, to have the closure she never got. She spent decades regretting her actions during her relationship with Ell, and from what little we gleaned of Ell, it sounds like she, too, has spent over a century buried in regret, pain and lost love for Carm.

This is why I’m excited for Ell. Not because I’m rooting for relationship drama, or want Carmilla to have to “choose” between Laura and Ell (a ridiculous notion in itself, because it suggests that Carmilla is still in love with Ell, which she isn’t, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have unresolved feelings for her). I’m excited for Ell because her and Carm’s story was unfinished, incomplete. Neither girl got closure and both had decades of regret and sorrow regarding the relationship. I want to see this resolved, I want both girls to get closure. I want the rich details of Carm’s past laid bare and I want to see her face her demons, her past and her former lover. I feel like we barely scratched the surface with Ell and Carmilla’s relationship and my excitement over Ell’s appearance is because of this. Exploring Carmilla’s past can only enrich the current story, and I wish more fans could see that.

In the past 24 hours I have watched 13x01 five times. The first 4 times I was with @tinkdw @amwritingmeta and @margarittet and I was relatively fine other than the single man tear I shed whilst Dean was wrapping Cas for the pyre.

I just watched it again at home on my own and it hit me. Watching this with friends removed me in a way from the emotion. You have the comfort of others around you and it keeps you grounded in reality.

Watching alone is a far more intimate experience. As soon as it gets to Dean’s prayer I felt an ache that was impossible to ignore. I could really feel Dean’s pain. When it got to the scene where he starts wrapping Cas and he pauses and desperately fights back his tears I just broke. Dean may have just about held it together but I didn’t. I cried and cried and couldn’t stop the stream of tears running down my cheeks. By Sam’s goodbye speech I was already a wreck. Dean’s poignant “Goodbye Cas” killed me.

There have been three previous occasions where SPN has made me cry. But never like this. I have never felt so attuned to Dean Winchester as in this moment. I felt Cas’s loss on a deeply profound level that I have never felt before. It has shaken me. Even the knowledge that he is coming back cannot stop how this episode has made me feel.

I think it may become one of my all time favourites just for the sheer magnitude of emotional weight. Jensen Ackles portrayed Dean’s emotional response so beautifully, so poignantly, that once again I am astounded at the talent of this man.

This truly was one of the best sequence of scenes I think SPN has ever given us.

My tears haven’t yet dried. I’m writing my meta review with blurry red eyes and trying to keep it together and all I can think is that even some of the heavier fanfiction hasn’t hit me like this. I am stunned.

That was a superb episode premier and I hope that the rest of the season continues to go in this direction.

during a university class i took on life writing, we were assigned a bunch of contemporary obituaries as our readings one week. most of them were sweeping epics, things like washington post and new york times eulogies for people such as maya angelou and ted kennedy. but this is the one that took my breath away, the one that i’ll never forget - michael brown’s little five-sentence blurb on the website for ferguson’s local funeral home. i read it over and over and c r i e d ugly as all hell the first time i saw it. to this day it’s still one of the most profound and deeply moving pieces i’ve ever read.

Working with Spirits:

I see a fair amount of posts that deal with Spirit Workings and whether or not this is a safe practice for anyone to do. My honest answer is ‘yes’. I say as much because the measures taken to protect yourself, to learn to identify what entities are what, when you’re being lied to, and when your Spiritual Self is in danger, are all very personal experiences.

This is not to say as learning from others more experienced is not necessary, I always find that helpful personally, but what I am saying is that everyone learns these skills in their own time, in their own way. Sometimes it takes some misfortunes and bad experiences to actually learn first-hand what it is you really are dealing with.

I am completely self-taught, save some of the guidance and wisdom I have received from my Master Teacher. Her experience and knowledge has been a great asset, and much of what she taught me has been added to my own tool kit. That being said, the most profound and deeply sunken in lessons I’ve learned were all first-hand experience. Is it potentially dangerous? Are there certain risks that come with working with other realms and beings? Of course! But this does not mean that people should avoid it due to lack of solid experience. It isn’t a game to be taken lightly, but nor is it something that interested beginners should be steered away from, should their Souls call out to this work. After all, I think the majority of us got into this due to personal experiences or desires to learn more about the Unseen world - especially so for those that have been hassled by Spirit Beings before.

Basic things to know when getting into this are:

  • Trust your instincts when dealing with an entity. If it feels untruthful, untrustworthy, uncomfortable, or flat-out negative or dangerous, best to send the spirit away and close that door for a while.

  • Shielding is also a helpful skill, since shields can be programmed to bar the dangerous entities from entering your space. This will not necessarily stop them from showing up and trying to poke at the barrier, but it does afford a fair amount of protection. If when I am working with Spirits, one cannot cross the threshold when I have invited other beings in, that is a pretty good indicator to me that this being has ill intent. The shield would not bar them otherwise.

  • Grounding is equally important. You need to know how to get yourself back into this plane and stabilized if you plan to do this sort of work.

  • Protections: Yes, this is separate from the shields, because protections should be made to stay with you. Something you feel comfortable with such as a charged stone or jewelry piece, for example. This can be very helpful for when you are out and about, should some entities decide to show up on a whim. After all, if you agree to be a channel or work with these beings, they will always find and attract to you. Better safe than sorry.

This is a rewarding, interesting, eye-opening sort of work, and so long as you are aware that there are risks, you may be exposed to things you did not want. If you are completely okay with this reality, I see no reason why you shouldn’t go for it! Just remember to trust yourself and your gut feelings, as often they are going to be your best bet. Remember, a Spirit is not necessarily who or what it claims to be, and may even give you a name or a face to try to get your guard down. Trust your instincts, as they tend to be more reliable than what the being is putting out. Get an odd feeling in the back of your mind? Back off and digest this, but remember to never leave any doors open. Close them before you walk away to make certain nothing follows or gets through without your permission.

My one final warning is this: If you are plagued with self-doubt or fear about working with Spirits, best not to get into it until you feel more secure. Your fears and doubts can seriously play against you in such workings, often clouding your mind and judgement. Keep calm and keep aware, but do not showcase fear and doubt to any entity. Negatives often seek that sort of energy to fuel their own power. The more negative energy you give off, the more they will attach and feed from you.

You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me (Part 1/4)

bPrequel to Richie’s Eulogy

Official Cast 

A/N: Okay so, in this fic, Richie Is of hispanic and latin descent, speaks spanish fluently, and his full name is Ricardo Alonzo “Richie” Tozier. Why? Because I think the cast needs more cultural diversity and because I wrote this shit so I can do whatever the fuck I want. Haha. I hope you guys enjoy!

Oh and his parents names are Margarita “Maggie” Tozier and Rogelio Alonzo Tozier. OMG this is so extra hahaha.

Summary: It’s senior year and Eddie has began to notice Richie exhibiting strange behavior. He is worried he might be hiding something, but doesn’t know how to confront Richie about it without setting him off and making matters worse. 


         To Eddie Kaspbrak, Richie Tozier was like a prism; he would take all his misery and suffering and refract it into a vibrant array of humor and charisma. Even if Richie was incapable of making his pain subside, he was determined to bring joy and laughter to those around him, especially his boyfriend. Eddie saw this as nothing but admirable, if not inspirational; but even so, he knew there was a limit to how much Richie could handle. Maybe if it was behind him, or at least not a constant, unrelenting stream of abuse, he might be able to hold it together better. Longer. Maybe if his parents, at the very least, gave him an opportunity to catch his breath before they launched the next barrage of fists and slurs, Richie wouldn’t emotionally implode and isolate himself as he frequently does.

         To the casual observer, Richie would appear to be genuinely carefree, with an endless well of exuberance only exceeded by his vulgarity, and he preferred it this way. Hardly anyone knew about his home-life, other than Eddie and maybe, to an degree, Beverly Marsh. But, it should be noted, even those relationships have their boundaries. Talking about his emotions was not something Richie enjoyed doing. The raw feeling of exposure that came from being so honest and open was something Richie detested almost as much as the pity people would shower over him if he did decide to vent to them. He would much rather hide behind crass jokes and not-so-subtle innuendos than to let people see just how broken he really was. But Eddie was not just some person or some casual observer. 

        Whether a pleasant summer night, or a numbingly freezing winter midnight, Richie would sneak in through the second story window of Eddie’s bedroom seeking comfort and refuge.  Tears would cascade down his freckle spotted cheeks and bruises would decorate various parts of his body, if not his face, as he stumbled through said window, and Eddie would welcome him with a loving embrace, an attentive ear, and nurturing words, all without the slighting bit of pity. This had become a regular occurrence since their preteen years, way before their relationship had become official and titled. In those night and only those nights, Richie would pour himself over Eddie, flooding him with pent up fears and emotions and Eddie would imbibe him, vowing to protect him. Love him. And love him he did.

      Eddie loved Richie, and Richie loved Eddie. It had been this way since, maybe, the first day they met in sixth grade, at only ten years of age. They shared an unexpected, but deeply profound love that neither of them understood or were willing to accept until recently. Now, at seventeen, they were each other’s constant. These were two people who had never known love, having both come from homes filled with abuse from opposite sides of the spectrum, but found it within one another. Eddie adored Richie’s charismatic bravado and the gentle, endearing fragility that hid behind it; while Richie became enamored with Eddie’s dainty exterior and the fiery strength and unwavering bravery housed within it. A strength that most people didn’t know existed, possibly not even Eddie himself.  

     Even so, with all the love and trust between them, there were times when Richie couldn’t and wouldn’t let Eddie in. Through their fists and degradation, his parents succeeded in what they sought out to do, convincing Richie that he was a pathetic burden that people could only tolerate for for so long before they grew to hate him, just as they had. In those bleak moments, Richie feared letting Eddie in would overwhelm him, or he could possibly grow tired of his incessant dependency, and leave him like everyone else in his life had done before. So, he would push him away. He would push Eddie away right when he needed him the most, believing it would soften the pain that would ensue when Eddie inevitably did leave. He knew this was an illogical belief, but his traumas overpowered any logic or reason within him. Besides, how outside of the realm of possibility could it be, if he had seen it first hand with his parents? 

     Richie didn’t always have a shitty home-life and he didn’t always have fucked up parents. (Or, maybe he did, but were better at hiding it.) At one time, long ago, he was part of a seemingly happy family. His mother would show affection towards him, concern even. She would prepare meals for him, brush his hair, read to him, and adorn him in goodnight kisses. His father would play toy cars with him, take him fishing or to the movies on weekends, and even to a baseball game once. In fact, at one point, his family did all the stereotypical shit families did like picnics and vacations to amusement parks. They were normal. Richie held on to these memories tightly hoping that somewhere deep inside his parents still, in their own way, loved or cared for him. But this was a decade ago, and the days when his mother was sober and his father enjoyed, or even tolerated, his existence were gone, and they were anything but normal.  

     Eventually, Richie came to discover he was an accident (or a mistake, as his father put it); the result of a drunken one night stand. As devout Catholics, he parents saw no other alternative than to attempt to become an actual family and, in the beginning, it seemed they took to their roles rather well. In time, though, their naive optimism aged into resentment, infecting their marriage and then their family as a whole. After the age of seven, they began to direct all their anger onto Richie, both viewing him as the chain that bound them to one another. The raven haired cage that imprisoned them within his existence. 

     Emotional abuse was his mother’s forte, while his father had a particular fondness for a more physical approach, and it only crescendoed with every drink that passed their lips. It only seemed to escalate as time went on, as Richie got older. When his ADHD began to manifest itself in detentions and calls from the principle’s office, after getting caught kissing a 12-year-old Eddie on the cheek, and especially after coming out as bisexual, his father became drastically more brutal and his mother frighteningly more ruthless; and with every new disappointment, they both sank deeper into their bottles.

    Richie tried desperately, at first, to make them happy, make them love him again. His grades never faltered below an A minus. He would put all his effort into reigning in his hyperactivity, especially at home. For a time, he even stopped being affectionate with Eddie, much to the latter’s dismay and confusion, and began to date girls. All his efforts were futile, he soon realized; nothing he did or said could change them. This traumatized and frighted Richie to the deepest depths of his soul. If his parents, the only people who were SUPPOSED to love him could grow to despise him with such conviction, how could he hope for anyone to love him? 

   Eddie suspected Richie felt this way. Richie never told him and never would, but it wasn’t necessary. Eddie could could see it. He caught glimpses of it in the in-between moments, when Richie thought no one was paying attention to him. A dissociative demeanor would wash over him, but as quickly as it appeared it would disappear. No one suspected a thing, or so Richie liked to believe. That is, until eddie tried to confront him.

    Richie would tell Eddie things he would never dare tell anyone one else, but only when he initiated the conversation. He liked to have control over what he shared and how much he disclosed. Richie wasn’t a dick, though. He was always there for Eddie and was sincerely interested in his boyfriend’s thoughts and emotions. It was his own feelings that Richie had a problem with. Whenever Eddie tried to talk about something regarding his parents, Richie would get upset and an argument would ensue, usually ending with Richie storming out aimlessly into the night, leaving Eddie in tears. This left Eddie in difficult position. He wanted to help him, be there for him, but how could he do so if Richie kept him at arm’s length?

Knowing Richie is in pain is like Eddie being in pain himself. He loves Richie with every fiber of his being. Richie has been there for Eddie like no one has ever been, saving his life on numerous occasions. Henry Bowers or Pennywise, Richie would face any opponent head on for his Eddie, knowing full well the odds were against him. It was all irrelevant to Richie in the heat of the moment. All he cared about was keeping his boy safe. Eddie just wanted to do the same for him. He just had to figure out the right way to go about it, before it was too late.

     Recently, Eddie has noticed a change in Richie. Maybe it was the changes that accompanied senior year, or the impending graduation that would scatter the Losers across different part of the country. He isn’t sure, but he knows there is something brewing within Richie and though he can’t decipher what it is, he knows it cannot be anything good. Whatever it is, its only a matter of time before Richie crumbles under it’s pressure and does something reckless or dangerous, as he’s always done in the face of extreme emotional duress. Eddie would walk through fire for Richie without hesitation, and he might very well have to, and (if you asked him) it would be worth it for his Trashmouth. 

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Okaaaay, so, I got up at 430 a.m. to commence with checking out this new Taylor tune. Yeah, yeah. I know, but, some of us have to sleep bc chasing around a wild and crazy boy filled with super charged energy for ten hours straight requires real sleep and is not for the faint of heart. Okay? Okay.

My thoughts on this song upon first listen…Feels like I am floating on a huge wispy cotton candy-like cloud and I’m eating Snickers Almond, my favorite candy bar, and I’m drinking Coke and humming madly and thinking deeply about these profound yet simple lyrics that mean so much. I found the man this song describes many years ago and we’ve been married 21 years. Yes, I said 21 YEARS. Every morning he puts together my lunch bag, starts my car and cleans the windows, makes my coffee and puts it in the car in my cup holder. This is true love, guys, the kind that lasts. It’s the little things that keep you together, like building forts with blankets, and wearing his or her initial around your neck. I’m so happy for you Swift. It gives me pure unadulterated pleasure knowing you have found the Burton to your Taylor, the peanut butter to your jelly, the paint to your easel, the Jack to your Jill, the pumpkin to your chocolate chip cookie, the wave to your ocean, the Derek to your Meredith.

This is a masterpiece, and it feels like I got an old dear friend back. My fave REPUTATION song thus far because the sound and arrangement is all new but the lyrics are vintage SWIFT, through and through. I’m so here for this. 👏🏻👏🏻

OT4 Nonsense pt 4.

YES IT’S BACK! (I am reposting this without the art this is inspired by to make it easier to link to the others later.) This is set about a month or so after where part 3 left off. I might go fill in the gaps later. 

This chapter is based on the following art:


“GAAAHHH!” Nino shrieked, spinning towards his open window to see a distraught looking Chat Noir poking his head in. “Dude! I… Jeez, you cannot just sneak up on me like that!”

The hero hunched his shoulders, his cat ears flattening ashamedly.

“Sorry, I just… I needed to talk and I thought it would be ok…” Chat Noir began in what might have been the most pitiful voice his friend had ever heard from him.

Nino sighed, shaking his head slightly and trying not to laugh at the pathetic picture clinging to his window sill.
“I don’t mind that you are here just, I don’t know, knock or something,” he said, gesturing for him to come into the room.

“Sorry.” Chat said again, his transformation dropping away in a flash of green light to reveal a sheepish and somewhat disheveled looking Adrien. His small black companion immediately darted into the corner of the room where Nino had turned one of his old toys into a kwami den the last time they had stopped by.

Nino got up from his desk chair and sat down on the edge of his bed, patting the mattress next to him in a beckoning gesture.

Adrien wasted no time climbing up onto the bed and curling up into Nino’s lap, his arms wrapped securely around his boyfriend’s waist.

Nino began softly carding his hands through Adrien’s hair, knowing that the easiest way to get the severely repressed boy to open up about anything was to simply say nothing and wait.

It didn’t take long.

“Have you ever thought that something was one way, and then found out that you were completely wrong and that everything you thought was true is a lie?” Adrien said, his voice somewhat muffled as he buried his head into the fabric of Nino’s tee-shirt.

“Huh… I donnow. I mean, two weeks ago I was a normal guy with just a normal- well, somewhat normal- girlfriend. Now I find myself in a complex polyamorous relationship with both said semi-normal girlfriend, and my best friend, who apparently I have been unconsciously dating since November- who, by the way, decided for our one week anniversary to tell me that he has secretly been running around saving Paris for the last two years in a skin tight leather cat-suit. Nah, that is a completely foreign feeling. Your own your own my friend.”

“You’re so mean,” Adrien whined, squeezing his arms tighter and shaking his head in irritation. “I am going through a profound and deeply distressing emotional epiphany and all you can do is make fun of me.”

“I am not mean, you are just melodramatic,” Nino teased, eliciting an irritated huff from his boyfriend. “So do you wanna tell me what happened or are you just going to be vague and depressing?”

Adrien stiffened slightly.

“It’s stupid,” he said softly. “I’m just stupid. I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“If it matters to you than it isn’t stupid. And if it matters enough that you are going to come chasing me down, after midnight, less than three hours after I got home from my trip- which you already knew- then clearly you should say something, regardless of how stupid it is. So talk to me, what’s going on?”

Adrien muttered something incomprehensible, burying his face further into the fabric of the tee-shirt.

“What was that? I didn’t catch a word you just said.”

“I said I don’t want to make you mad at me.”

“Why would I be mad at you?” Nino asked, scratching at Adrien’s scalp with his fingertips in the way he knew never failed to relax the boy.

“Because I am an idiot,” Adrien sighed dejectedly, his muscles going limp.

“Did you kill someone?” Nino asked calmly.

“No…” Adrien replied, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

“Did you suddenly decide to join up with Hawkmoth in his quest to seize the miraculouses in order to achieve… actually what does he want out of all of this?”

“Honestly? No idea. He wasn’t really up front with his motivations. And no.”

“Did you start dating Chloe?”

“God no!”

“Then I can’t think of anything stupid you could have done in the last 48 hours that would make me hate you,” Nino said smiling. “So, what horrible cat-astrophy brought you scampering to my window at one in the morning?”

“Did you just make a cat pun?” Adrien asked, his eyes lighting up and a hint of a smile playing at the corner of his lips.

“Well, I have it on very good authority that you like them.”

For the first time since his arrival Adrien seems to calm down and Nino smiled to himself. Score one for the boyfriend.

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Pennywise x Male Reader | triple dog dare | 1/1
Request: Male reader goes to Niebolt house on a dare and uses humour to combat fear, gaining Pennywise’s attention. Shenanigans ensue.
Warnings: homophobic language, crude language, violence, bullies, slight gore, blood, brief mentions of drug use, underage drinking, sexual content, mildly dubious consent

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For those who think that romance isn’t an important part of Star Wars or it’s future, or that people don’t care for it, just keep in mind - Beauty and the Beast is currently the 10th highest grossing film of all time. So who says romance is dead.

Disney isn’t stupid, and that film’s global box office proved to them all they needed to know about how important love as a theme is to all of us, the audience, on a deeply profound level. 

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aliterarydance  asked:

So I just read Jonathan Hickman's Avgers, Vol. 1: Avengers World which has that scene about how "it started with two men; one was life and one was death" in reference to Steve and Tony. What really confuses me and kind of makes me angry is why Tony is death? I don't really understand what it's referencing or what he's done to be Death. Like merchant of death and all that I get. But he's past his history now right? Even poetically in an avengers comic why is he still death? Wondering if you know?

i mean,,,,,,, i know fandom was briefly up in arms about this (not really but it was a Thing ppl were mildly salty about) but hickman never specifies who he’s referring to here. (the placement of the captions means nothing lmao, it’s literally just positioned in standard left-to-right reading order.) and actually, many ppl in fandom have taken that exact ambiguity and spun it on its head in edits and fics and especially re: mcu after ca: cw to cast steve as death, and tony as life as an interesting subversion of popular understanding of that quote where 616 tony = death, 616 steve = life. 

hickman’s writing style is very much about intense concept ideas and the big picture, he goes HARD on metaphors that make for great quotes and oneliners taken out of context but doesn’t often attempt to explain or further clarify what they mean. as someone who’s read most of his original comic east of west over at image, i can tell you it’s Classic Hickman to throw out that kind of dramatic ass statement and leave it up in the air as to who’s who just because it was memorable, it sounded fucking good, and it’s going to stick in people’s heads long after they’ve finished reading. and it definitely works bc this one ticks all three boxes.

personally, i don’t think hickman specifically intended one of them to be Life personified or Death personified; that’s hyperbolic even for hickman’s level of drama. and with steve and tony, at least, i think he knows full well that he’s dealing with Humans at the end of the day and not metaphorical embodiments of things. 

so what i think about the quote, specifically: 

1. it’s more useful as an axiomatic representation of tony and steve as polarising forces then as a literal statement where both correlate exactly to life or death; this is the unstoppable force meets immovable object facet of their relationship. 

hickman’s vol. 5 was very much about exploring and interrogating this part of steve and tony’s dynamic and driving it to its very limits. while i don’t know that i was totally satisfied with vol. 5 as an avengers comic bc i like seeing my kids get along and not constantly trying to murder each other, hickman definitely Gets steve and tony. he Gets their dynamic and the drama and tragedy that can come from such an important, intense and deeply profound relationship that’s grounded in so much history and personal stakes and emotions. tony and steve being best friends for over a decade and such important figures in each other’s lives will never negate the fact that they have very different ethical alignments and moral philosophies. and for two people who are absolutely compelled by those things in everything they do, going head to head with someone that happens to land at the polar opposite of them on the spectrum is always going to go down like… well… y’know. civil wars. universes dying. just bc that’s literally how much marvel has invested in them lol.

but i respect people / characters who respect themselves too much to bend just bc someone they love, or people they love, wants them to. i respect characters that will stand their ground and stick to their convictions even though it’d be easier not to, esp. when they’re risking someone they love. and conversely, just because steve and tony can’t agree on everything doesn’t mean their relationship suddenly becomes null and void. they’re too vastly similar but also different people who’d sooner die then stop fighting for the thing(s) they believe need to be fought for; this is something they know in their bones about each other, they know each other too well to expect anything less from the other person.

2. they can both be both. and this is Literal given that steve’s last act in the final moments of the 616 universe ‘as we knew it’ (bc there’s some debate – spoiler alert? – that the all-new all-different universe that marvel is currently set in is not 616 but a completely different universe and the 616 that existed before is legitimately just dead) was to take one of tony’s suits and try to murder him. granted, the ‘tony’ that was tony in the final moments of the 616 universe ‘as we knew it’ was also Not Really Tony, and i fully believe that the influences of Superior Tony were still lingering and tainting his overall Tonyness. in that instance, if you were going to be very simplistic and reductionist abt your interpretation of the quote, steve was definitely death. but Again, they are Both Both. tony spent (spends lbr) pretty much all his time in vol. 5 prophesizing death and destruction like 616′s very own cassandra; as Not Really Tony / still sorta superior iron man he pilots the godkiller to massacre an entire alien race from invading and destroying earth; building bombs, and being fully behind the plan to kill other planets to save earth-616.

you’re right that 616 doesn’t bring up his past as often as mcu does anymore because it’s considered literal ancient history (as in bronze age 60′s history that’s been written to death, although i’m of the opinion any good tony stark writer Can and Will find a way to write his past into modern relevance). tony’s narrative and the nature of his character, however, (sb driven by guilt and accountability and the knowledge that he’s alive bc of the sacrifice of a man who died to save him – i.e. yinsen) will always inevitably feature death, his history, and his subsequent transformation. talking about 616 and specfiically tony’s actions and choices in hickmanvengers doesn’t really help my point but to talk about tony + death in general, regardless of the universe, ‘death’ also doesn’t have to be the BadTM concept it’s usually thought of as. mcu tony canonically refers to himself as a phoenix, and the Afghanistan / Vietnamistan incident is metaphorically a ‘death’ for tony stark the charcter and his rebirth as Iron Man, the Golden Avenger. in any universe, tony’s hero narrative hinges on that rebirth and transformation as a symbol of his capacity for heroism and Goodness, of taking his ugly past and former ignorance and mistakes and transforming it into something wholly and purely driven by bravery and sacrifice. 

i mean, yes, sure, if ppl are going to sit there and only take the label at face-value: death = bad / awful / terrible / only referring to his past as a weapons manufacturer and merchant of death, then yes, that would be a shitty interpretation to swallow as a tony fan. but seeing as how comics is a medium that’s built on constantly evolving and changing characters / worlds / entire universes, death as ‘rebirth’ is a very justifiable and canonically valid reading of tony. 616 tony has died multiple times, literally and figuratively, and every time he’s rebuilt himself bigger and better and stronger. the connotations of death within hickman’s own narrative and world-building is heavily linked to metamorphosis and resurrection. the final act of his avengers run and the centrepiece of the secret war event ended with the revival of the 616 universe. not to get too philosophical and existential here but death isn’t even really an End in the comics medium bc nobody and nothing ever permanently ‘dies’; it’s not possible to associate the concept with a definitive ‘end’, which makes most of the negative imagery surrounding ‘one was death’ redundant. i’m all for intrepretations of ‘death’ that are closely interlinked, if not entirely hand-in-hand, with ideas of rebirth, rebuilding, evolution, etc.

anyway, avengers world is great and i fucking love it so even if i haven’t swayed your opinion, i wouldn’t let the quote override your enjoyment of the overall comic. which, i hope you do enjoy, bc the happiness doesn’t last in hickmanvengers. buckle in for the long haul my guy.

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It would be interesting to read your analysis on Dan's involvement in this video. I haven't seen him be this involved in posting about a video in a long time- he's sent multiple tweets, this morning posted on Facebook, put pictures up on instagram and used Tumblr. I am curious why he is going all out- especially because he has at least posted about this as much as Phil (if not more)

i wanted to talk about this in conjunction with my thoughts on dan’s live show but you summarized everything so well in this ask so,,, yES. i’m so glad you picked up on it! i can’t remember a time that dan has sponned a video this hard, and that too an AP vid, not even one of his own. he’s definitely posted about it more than phil (tWO insta pics vs. zero from phil? reblogging the video from phil on tumblr w an actual caption? a totally unnecessary and clickbait-y/sexual promo tweet?) two explanations for this, in  my opinion. first, while it’s been somewhat obvious for a long time, they barely seem to have any distinctions anymore between ownership of their channels. all three main channels seem like a collaborative effort on some level and they’ve talked about assessing their upload schedule with all 3 channels in mind (dan will say something like “two weeks ago you got a phil vid, last week a dapg vid, so this week a dan vid” or they’ll be like “we’ve uploaded like 3 times in the last two weeks across all of our channels” etc.)  with this video specifically it’s clear that dan must have helped phil prepare for it, even if phil did all the shopping. and then he talked about his eyes hurting in the live show yesterday bc of spending hours glued to a computer editing the day before. that combined with his anecdotes the week prior about having phil help him with all of the filming and production of the piano teacher vid demonstrates a new level of openness with us about how deeply involved they both are with each others’ content. so i see this impassioned promotional campaign on dan’s part for phil’s vid as an extension of that–he’s not trying to hide that it’s basically his video too.  

the second reason for all the posting, in my opinion, is simply that he wanted to make sure that as much of his audience/following as possible would know about the video and watch it. simple as that. he promoted it so hard bc he wanted to make sure that everyone who follows him, even the scant few who follow him and don’t follow phil, knew about the existence of this video. which is amazing, because to me it means that despite all of his obvious discomfort and self-consciousness regarding all the edgy straight guys who subscribe to him and follow him exclusively “for the memes” and the deeply artistic, profound meditations on life/existence (thoughts on that whole pile of shit are coming, i promise, i have so much to say!!!) he also wants all of them to know that there is this completely different side to him that he is (somewhat) proud of. even if he can’t put it on dinof for whatever reason, it’s there and it’s real and he can let it shine on amazingphil and he made damn sure to yell about it on every social media platform available to him across two whole daYS so that basically every facet of his audience couldn’t miss it. i mean, i fervently await the day that dan destroys the concept of this so-called “quality threshold” he perceives for himself on dinof as thoroughly as he destroyed the notion of subscribing to traditional gender roles in yesterday’s live show. but until that day comes, i’m happy that he at least feels he can show more of these softer sides of himself on AP and that he wants to tell as many people as he can about it via this onslaught of promo posts/pics. he’s clearly so pleased with how the video turned out and clearly feels that it’s important for as much of his audience to see it as possible, without actually posting it on his own channel. the fact that he went to such lengths despite still feeling somewhat scared and flustered by the edgy straight dudes makes my heart sing. he loves the video so much. he loves embracing his own inner softness so much. he loves phil and phil’s channel so much. he was basically screaming it for everyone to hear. 

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What are your top ten fave fics (or fic authors, since maybe all your fave fics are already on that poker pair list 😂)

oooooooo thats hard lmfao yeah ur right all my fav dgm fics are on that list lololol damn ten is a big number let’s see if i can do this esdrfg i’m gonna kinda chop and mix between the authors of my favourite fics and the best fics from my favourite authors, but i cant keep it to one fandom sorry lololol anD also i cant really ???? put them in a specific order???? lmao i love all the authors for their various styles and stories, but let’s see how i go ahahaha

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(sending this cuz honestly I'm bored. I'm even typing unnaturally) How would Sebastian deal with his s/o who has major depression?

- Sebastian might not be the best being to comfort and support someone, even an s/o. He’s naturally cruel and toys with it often, so don’t expect a comforting demon. Anything you tell him will likely be used against you at one point or another, solely for his own amusement.

- He’d likely to visit Undertaker, who committed suicide. He’d be the best point of research before hitting the books.

- He would likely confront his s/o out of curiosity, saying something like, “Goodness gracious, your soul is tormented. What happened?”

- He half expects an answer but if you don’t answer him right away, he’ll grow quiet, coming up with a plan.

- So, Sebastian would crawl into your bed at night because he knows that humans are more candid in the darkness and would ask you again, listening intently to all you tell him.

- Come morning, he’s gone for a butler’s day starts early but he’d pay extra attention to you. He’d study you and come to know the moments when you need him to be comforting and he’d learn how to be what you need in the space of a day or two.

- He’s not one for emotional talks but if you ranted to him, he’d listen and then say something deeply profound that clicks with the soul within you.

- He may come across as overbearing but he’s just lost. A part of him wants to leave you to your depression so when the time comes, he can cultivate a blackened soul. But a bigger part of him wants to help you.

- So he does, in any way he can tink of. If you have trouble sleeping, he’ll come to you at night and will sing you a lullaby sung in long dead languages, the lyrics weaving through the air until they meet your ears like a spell. In a way, it is magic.

- Sebastian wouldn’t be a cure for your depression or even a distraction, but he’d love you in his own way through the good, the bad and the ugly.

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For anyone who has spent any length of time with me, you probably know how much I not only love the ocean, but especially, love sharks. You’ve probably heard me try to convince you that sharks aren’t dangerous, and that if anything, they need to be loved, they need to be protected, and we as a human collective need to demystify the terror that people associate with sharks (and the ocean as a whole).

While I’ve always had an interest in the ocean, it wasn’t until I picked up a documentary at the library called Sharkwater that my focus in that regard found real purpose. Sharkwater (of which you can watch on YouTube) opened my eyes to the true nature of sharks, their great importance as keystone species in marine waters, and their catastrophic exploitation for their fins. This documentary, and the man behind it, propelled me into an eternal love for these great marine creatures and pushed me to do whatever I could to learn about them and help others learn about them as they truly are, not what Jaws told the world they are.

And now I come with an incredibly heavy heart to announce that one of my greatest mentors and role models, Rob Stewart, has passed away. He was only 37. His heart and his passion for making the world a better place shone brighter than the sun. He body was found by the Coast Guard at a depth of about 220 ft. He was diving with friends on the 31st of January in the Florida Keys, but as they came back to the boat, he went under again. He was filming the sequel to Sharkwater at the time of his death.

It warms my heart that everyone who could help was helping look to find him. The US Coast Guard, US Navy, Sea Shepherd, Florida wildlife conservations, Florida police, and volunteers all deployed as many search and rescue boats and people as they could to find him. The search efforts garnered attention from thousands of people, which is a testament to the great character and heart of this man. Unfortunately, his spirit passed before they could find him.

It’s hard to write about how deeply profound of an effect this man and his work had and has on my life. I don’t think I can adequately express the influence he’s had on me, so instead of trying to tell you, I will continue to do all that I can to share his love and dedication to the oceans and especially to sharks with the world throughout my life. I will not let his life’s work pass silently. I will do my part to continue educating others about oceanic conservation and shark conservation.

Rest In Peace, my mentor and role model. May your spirt pass peacefully and your legacy resound always.