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Mercer’s Magnificent Mane™ appreciation post

Requested by ~Anon~

I was going to draw something cute/happy/romantic after finishing Season 2 but… (╥﹏╥)

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Friendly Reminder

Diana Farley is my new feminist icon. I can’t even list everything she does to earn my utmost admiration.

  • She’s plotting and planning throughout the whole book.
  • She wants to save Mare at the slightest possible chance.
  • She becomes friends with snarky and sometimes insufferable Cameron and isn’t insulted by her jibes.
  • She never leans back.
  • She seriously doesn’t take any patronizing shit.
  • “Diana, you can’t -?”

    “Because I’m pregnant? I assure you, I can handle two tasks at once. And it’s General now. Act accordingly.”

  • She finally becomes friends with Mare.
  • “I didn’t ask about your family. I asked about you. For once, I’m giving you permission to whine about yourself, Lightning Girl.”

  • She gives Mare birth control while actually giving birth.
  • She brings her newborn baby with her to war councils. Because why not, she can handle two tasks at once.
  • She goes back into battle just weeks after having a child.
  • she still misses her deceased lover and knows his kid can’t replace him

Becoming a mother doesn’t mean your dreams and ambitions are over.

List of stupid shit Gackt has done
  • Went to a prince’s royal party in a bowl cut 
  • Painted a gigantic tacky golden dragon on his lambo 
  • “Accidentally” told all of Japan his (supposed) dick size on national television
  • Can’t wink, just blinks, but does it all the time anyway. 
  • Visited a building with beautiful architecture and spent the whole time videotaping himself following & talking to pigeons 
  • Wears Keebler elf shoes constantly 
  • Ends every sentence with “anyway”
  •  Released a strippable body pillow of himself
  •  "Taste it deeply okay? stay delicious.“
  •  Got the word "poop” trending on Twitter for his own amusement and then got mad when people wouldn’t stop sending him poop messages 
  •  Screams when scared by video games
  •  Will not eat fruit because he doesn’t want to peel it
  •  Showed off his “swearing beat boxing” on national TV
  • Dresses his dogs up in seasonal outfits 
  • Took apart multiple play stations in an attempt to build a “super playstation”
  • Went wayyyy overboard trying to compliment his giant crush aka Jessica alba when he finally got to meet her and it was embarrassing 
  •  "cream puff pastries are kind of sexy"
  •  Took a picture of a sign with the word “FUCK” on it in bold and commented “this concerns me”
  • Literally was selling empty bottles of cologne that he used up
  •  Almost exclusively sits like a frog while at home 
  • Carries his tiny dogs inside his hoodies
  • Hardly follows any accounts on Twitter that aren’t related to himself, & those are “Funny or Die”, “OMG sex facts”, and “OMG celeb facts”.
  • Has screamed “I’M CUMMING!!!” while on stage
  • Started playing his own dating sim starring HIMSELF and as soon as it booted up he went “erotic…”
  • Went out in a parking lot wearing a giant cat mascot suit in an attempt to disguise his identity, but put on so much cologne everyone knew it was him anyway 
  •  Tweeted that he “ejaculates soy milk”
  •  "No, these aren’t my nipples, they’re the keyholes to my heart.“
  • Wears tiny colorful socks constantly 
  • Put a cigarette in between some guy’s ass cheeks 
  • Wore slightly see-through white pants on the set of the movie he was directing and everyone could see his fucking thong 
  • Bought an entire mountain as an "impulse buy" 
  • Ate several dog treats before realizing what they were

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Girll it's been about a month we need another one of your "otaku updates"!!

Over that past month or so I’ve been reading more manga.. and by manga.. I mean YAOI MANGA!! 

I finished up this season of Killing Stalking and I can say.. I am deeply.. aroused.. disturbed?? 

OKAY but 19 DAYS THO!!! This Manga is so fucking cute and funny! Tianshan trash FO LIFE!!..

10 Count is so fucking hot like??? It deals with mental health as well and it has me so fucked up!! Protect Shirotani at all fucking costs.. FUCK KUROSE TILL YOU DIE!! LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL GAY SPECIMEN!! 

I also rewatched Kiss Him Not Me because… fujoshi.. STILL 15/10 RECOMMEND! MY HUSBAND EVEN LOVED IT!

I watched Kill la Kill with my hubby.. it was pretty good! Music was fantastic.. and so was Gamagoori.. FUCKING FAV MASOCHIST LMAO!


So basically… a lot of gay and fluff.. mostly gay smut.. oops.


Welp, I was supposed to post this like… DAYS ago but eyyy I forgot? C":

Anyway, here’s Goth and Palette! This is the first time I drew them, and in my opinion, it’s not so good just yet? XD

Hopefully neither of the pictures turn the wrong orientation BECAUSE I SWEAR TO GOD IF THEY DO I’M GONNA– (inhales deeply)

Okay. I’m fine now.

Goth : @nekophy
Palette : @angexci

EHEHEHEHEHHEHE now @digeridoodler and my charisk together is just… dangerous OvO
so many smol goats ; w;
@hatsuki-chii94 called them brownies family or family brownies? i don’t remember xD
they looks tasty tho  ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)  jk
because of colors ; w; lol


finding the monster like: ♥

Dear people who think they might be aromantic: it’s okay to care. If you love deeply it’s okay. If you experience sexual attraction it’s okay. If you adore your friends and care for them a ton it’s okay.
You can be all of those things and aromantic. If you don’t think you are in love, then chances are you’re not. Don’t try to force feelings. You can love very deeply and still not love romantically. It’s okay. You’re okay.

Best Friend Bucky

Summary: You’re best friends with Bucky but you struggle with being around him due to the fact that you have feelings for him and boy does he love to flirt. You talk to Steve all the time about your liking towards Bucky and how you think he may like you back but then you start to notice how close he’s gotten with Natasha and that thread of hope flies out the window.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: angst (a smol bit), flufffff, swearing

A/N: This is my first time ever attempting to write an imagine or ‘drabble’ if you will on here so if it sucks or comes out weird or anything along those lines I am deeply sorry and okay I’ll let you guys read now. p.s. I’m still trying to get used to Tumblr so bear with me. also Y/N means your name :)

When Bucky Barnes first came to the Avengers Tower, everyone was a bit hesitant about him. They didn’t know whether to trust him or not but due to all the stories Steve had told you about him you couldn’t wait to meet him.

You were apart of the Avengers, having the ability to control metal as well as teleportation.

“Does he really have a metal arm?” you would always ask and Steve would always reply with, “yes Y/N, you always ask me this.” to which you smile.

It almost seems like yesterday when Steve walked into the tower with Bucky by his side. You remember how excited you were, sitting on the bar stool as you talked with Tony and Sam. Tony was in mid sentence when Steve spoke up.

“Hey guys, I’m back.” he shouts and your head turns to the hallway where he’d be coming from. “and I brought someone.”

The two super soldiers turn the corner and everyone stops what their doing to stare at them. Bucky specifically. Not caring what the others may think, you shot out of your seat and made your way to Bucky and Steve.

“Y/N Y/L/N.” you stick your hand out for him to shake. He hesitates before shaking your outstretched hand.

“James Barnes but you can call me Bucky.” he says, a small smile forming on his lips at your kindness.

“I know. Steve has told me all about you.” you grin up at him before your eyes trail down to his exposed metal arm. He noticed your sudden interest in his arm and tensed up, being insecure about his killer arm. Literally. But, you being you didn’t care what he has done with it and stepped forward, lifting it up as you examined it. “Woah. Steve wasn’t lying. You do have a metal arm.”

Your eyes meet his and you smile big.

“That’s so fucking awesome.” you beam, causing Bucky to smile. He was happy there was someone other than Steve who looked past what he did with that arm and that person just so happened to be a pretty girl who thought it was ‘fucking awesome’.

Since that day you two became inseparable, doing almost everything with each other. You loved his company and over the three years you got to know him, you grew feelings for him. Bad.

You watched Bucky and Natasha from your spot on the couch, laughing and talking, making it obvious that there was something going on between them. You glare at Natasha. How dare she. You didn’t hate her, god no. She was your second best friend, Bucky being first of course (don’t tell Steve). You hated the fact that he liked her and she liked him back while you’ve been here hoping he’d come clean and tell you he likes you back.

“Stop staring Y/N.” Steve speaks, startling you. You look over at him and glare.

“I’m not staring just simply observing.” you mumble

“Observing what, exactly?” you could practically hear the smirk in his voice and it made you frown.

“Observing what Nat has that I don’t.” you respond softly, not wanting Bucky or Nat to hear you. You see them lean closer to each other - too close for your liking and you shift on the couch. “What if I just..” you trail off as you focused on Bucky.

“Y/N no.” Steve scolds, knowing exactly what you’re about to do but honestly, when did you ever listen to Steve?

Your eyes focus on his metal arm which was holding his head up from slamming against the counter as he talked to Natasha. In one swift move you make his metal arm move right, causing his head to fall. Before it could slam against the counter he picks his head back up, making eye contact with you. You immediately look at Steve, pretending you didn’t do anything but Bucky knows it was you and with a smirk he excuses himself from Natasha, making his was over to the couch you were on. He leans over it, mouth close to your ear as he spoke.

“I know that was you, Doll.” he says with a grin and you look up at him.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” you respond, causing Steve to chuckle.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about Y/N.” Bucky answered. Your eyes meet his blue ones and you nearly forgot how to breathe. He was so breathtaking.

“Oh, wait, you mean this?” you say, making his metal arm slap himself. He stands there shocked as to what just happened but you continued, feeling sad and angry at the fact that he didn’t like you back. “Or this?” you force his metal arm to the side, making Bucky collide with the wall and he groans. You can hear Steve and Nat laugh and your eyes widen when he makes complete eye contact with you.

“Y/N.” Bucky says but instead of staying in the room with them you teleport back to your room quickly, making sure to lock your door.

A/N: I think I’ll do a part 2 to this but yaaayyy this is my first writing on here! I hope this is good.

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night next to Nick:
You stir and open your eyes. The heat of someone next to you makes you turn on your other side in bed. You smile as you look into his sleeping face. He’s the best thing to ever happen to you. You move closer to him and put your leg over his.
He breathes deeply. “Are you okay?” His voice is raspy with sleep and he’s even more attractive.
“Yeah.” You sigh.
His eyes flutter open and focus on yours. You could get lost in his dark eyes forever.
He runs a hand through your hair. “You sure?” He smiles sleepily.
“Yeah.” You place your hand on his cheek and run your finger over the shape of his lips. “I’m just so happy to be with you.”
He smiles against your finger. Then he takes your hand and kisses it gently. “I am, too. You’re the best thing to happen to me, y/n.”
You smile. And he leans over and his lips are on yours. You explore each other’s mouths passionately and waves of electricity run through your whole body. You feel like you’re flying.
He pulls back, breathing hard. Then he lays back and puts an arm under you as you put your head on his chest and listen to the calming sound of his heartbeat. His breath tickles your hair. And he wraps his arm protectively around you and hold your hand. He absently rubs his thumb in circles on the back of your hand and you sigh, feeling sleep start to take you away again.
You smile against his chest. “And you’re the best thing to ever happen to me. Nicholas John Robinson.” And then you fall into a sweet, blissful sleep next to the man you love.