deeply loving another


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Being deeply loved by another gives you strength, while deeply loving another gives you courage.

((aka i can draw valentines fanart whenever i want. trivia: they’re both wearing wedding rings + theres 6 hearts in this picture.))


Almost everyone that knows Niklaus wonder how a vengeful monster like him can deeply love and care for another, like you. In these 1000+ years of living, he’s never met someone like you. Aside from Rebekah and Elijah, you were the only person who can look past his flaws and accept him for who he is. Because of you, he feels that his existence now has a purpose. He is now dedicated only to you and his child. 

Klaus was elsewhere taking care of ‘business’ while you stayed at the Mikaelson compound and watched TV in the bedroom that you and Klaus share, laying on the comfy California king bed. 

Of course, Klaus always felt the need to have some sort of bodyguard with you at all times, so Elijah offered to stay and keep watch. Whenever you got hungry, you didn’t mind making yourself food, but you know how the Mikaelson brothers are with you, they treat you as if you’re a delicate little flower carrying Klaus’ child. So, Elijah had food delivered to the compound.

You were enjoying your food in bed until your phone rang, it was your boyfriend, Klaus.

“Hello sweetheart.” Klaus greeted through the phone.

“Hi. Checking up on me again?” You said to Klaus. Although you appreciate his concern, he literally has been calling every 30 minutes since he left.

“Of course, love. What kind of man would I be if I didn’t?”

“I know I know. But Elijah’s here.” Elijah, sitting on the bed next to you, looked at you after hearing his name, then you looked at him and smiled. ”I’m perfectly safe and so is our baby.” Now being 4 months pregnant, you looked down at your small belly, rubbing it. Your cheeks blushed red at the thought of how utterly happy you are carrying the hybrid’s baby.

“Perfect. I’ll see you soon, love.” Klaus hangs up the phone with a smile on his face. Oh, how he cannot wait to come home to you.


“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you” - Elbert Hubbard

You are dating Tom Holland but you have a crush on Tom Hiddleston | headcanon

requested: nope, but recently I have been falling deeply in love with Tom Hiddleston because this man is just too attractive for me.


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I dedicate this to @muffinfangirl28 because I love her and she Always supports my weird ideas

You are dating Tom Holland but you have a crush on Tom Hiddleston:

- You have been dating Tom for a while now are your relationship was really strong;

- You knew everything about each other and you visited him every time you could;

- Never missing important events;

- Paparazzi loved taking pictures of you;

- Everything is super great, but there is just one thing that Tom doesn’t like very much: your crush on his colleague Tom Hiddleston;

- And we all know Tom is jealous and can be really whiny in these situations;

- It all started a few months ago when Tom asked you to watch Thor since you had never seen it.

- Oh boy, how much he regretted that day;

- “That actor who plays Loki is really attractive” you stated after fives minutes;

- Tom tried to snuggle a little but you complained because “Shhhh, Loki is in this scene”;

- “Come on, Baby. We can watch it later”;

- “But I want to see him”;

- At first, he made fun of it, but then everything got worse;

- You googled him and found out that is name is Tom and he is English just like your Tom;

- “I have very specific tastes in men” you joked;

- Since then, you wanted to watch every movie starring Tom Hiddleston;

- “Babe, why are we watching this movie? It’s not your genre”;

- “Because Tom is playing a role”;


- “I don’t care”;

- Watching the whole movie just for five-seconds-cameo of Tom Hiddleston;

- “Damn, he is so attractive” you whispered;

- “Uhm… hello? Your boyfriend is here and he needs affection! You staring at the wrong Tom”;

- For Christmas he gave you a necklace with his name and you were really emotional because Tom can be really cheesy sometimes;

- “I’ll think of the both of you every time I wear it”;

- “T-the both of you?” he stuttered;

- “Yeah, my two Toms” you joked;

- When he told you he was going to act in “Infinite War” you got so excited;

- Then you realized that Tom Hiddleston is also playing in the same movie so you begged him to take you with him;

- Also begging him to introduce you to Tom;

- I bet it went like this “Tom, MY beautiful and very taken girlfriend Y/N,. Y/N, this is Tom but you already knew this. Sorry Tom, we have to go now, right, Love?”

- “Omg Tom can I take a picture with you?” You fangirled a little;

- Tom would be very bothered when you handled him your phone;

- Talking non-stop about how charming, attractive, clever and friendly Tom Hiddleston is;

- “And oh my God, Tom. Have you heard his accent? It’s just so beautiful”;

- “Yeah, I’ve heard his accent. It’s just like mine”;

- I bet Robert and Jeremy would make fun of him all the time;

- Tom Hiddleston is fluent in five languages so if you are bilingual or know other languages he will speak in that language and this would make Tom even angrier than before;

- One day during a break Tom (Hiddleston) came to you while Tom was doing some flips with the stunt and when he saw laughing he became super jealous and he didn’t say anything all day long;

- “Babe, can you tell me what’s wrong?” You asked him once in your hotel room;

- “I just… don’t like the way you look at him”;

- “What?”

- “You are always talking about how good looking Tom is, how charming is accent his, How he is fluent in your mother language and fuck, I’m jealous. All right? Sorry if I don’t speak your language, if I didn’t go to Eaton or if I don’t have a degree in classics”;

- “Awww Baby. You don’t have to be jealous” you cooed as you hugged him close “it’s just a crush, he can’t replace you. I’m so truly, madly, deeply in love with another Tom”;

- “Please don’t say it’s Tom Felton, now”;

- You giggled and kissed his cheek “No, it’s Tom Holland. Have you heard of him?”;

- Tom turned around and cupped your cheeks with his hands “Uhmmm, maybe” he kissed you softly “Would you like to show me how truly, madly, deeply in love you are with him”;

- You can imagine what happens next ;);

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Hey there ok I know concept names are usually not valid but... When I was like 14 or so I had this cat named Moonpaw, and she was deeply in love with another she-cat but same sex-couples weren't allowed in the clans, and in the end the leader found out and tried to kill her gf, but basically her love or so gave Moonpaw the power to defeat and kill him, the clan saw that it was true love and how strong it was and so they made it legal. Moonpaw was given the name Moonlove in honor of her victory.

That’s super valid but you’re telling me this lesbian child’s pure, radiant love was used to murder a political official

can we get this irl

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Who on game of thrones do you currently suspect jon&Sansa's feelings? And who do I think will be the new ones to pick up on them in season 8 and how?

Thank you for the post Anon! Well let’s see the candidates shall we?

And tagging my Jonsa fam for them to chime in:

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1. Tyrion. 

It’s obvious to him that he’s going to be picking up some incesty vibes coming from Jon (Since he screwed his Auntie *Unknowingly of course*) when they all finally head into Winterfell when Jon and Sans finally reunite. 

It doesn’t help that their first reunion together was filmed and shot like a romantic couple finally reunited after years of being apart.  

Unlike Jame and Cersei’s relationship, Jon and Sansa might try to keep their feelings under wraps for now since they have more important things to deal with, but something’s gotta give and Tyrion is a smart man to figure things out from the get go. 

He’s pretty much the expert in finding out that some siblings (or cousins for that matter) might be harboring forbidden feelings for one another. As with Jamie and Cersei’s relationship, Tyrion never really got in the way of their relationship. He knew about it, and understood that both twins deeply loved one another. 

Tyrion might understand from experience about being with someone you can’t be with in public. If we go with the Undercover! Jon Theory, then he might be in the know that Jon is only using Dany for his own hidden schemes and thus will quietly observe in the background Jon and Sansa pining for each other without the other knowing. 

2. Davos. 

It’s obvious this guy is suspicious on how Jon is handling Dany. I mean the suspicious look he gives Jon every time someone says Sansa’s name in some shape or form is very telling. 

He’s the man who’s in the background trying to calculate what’s coming up next as he is the King’s Right Hand Man. Knowing about Sansa and Jon’s budding relationship can put a slight kink in plans if they are both in the know about Jon being undercover. 

He might be Jon’s conscious when he figures out that Jon might want to pursue a relationship with Sansa on the side (if we go along with the Dany being Nissa Nissa meta spreading around in the fandom). He’ll warn Jon about the ramifications of trying to be with Sansa while at the same time, worrying about what might happen if Jon finally “bends” the knee with Dany, fearing the worst for the North. 

3. Arya and Bran

It might be obvious from the get go. Arya might be the first one to deny Jon and Sansa’s growing feelings for each other  since she sees both of them as siblings and seeing them together can bring about natural feelings of disgust and horror within her. 

Eventually, she’ll finally see that them being together might be better in the long run. All of them crave a family and it doesn’t help that Jon and Sansa are almost identical copies (in looks and values/beliefs)  of their deceased parents. Arya will finally realize that her siblings happiness are priority number 1 before her own personal feelings. She deeply cares for her family and if Jon and Sansa want to be together, who’s to stop them from creating a family they wanted from the beginning? 

Bran, he’s different. Since he’s the Three-Eyed Raven, he might have already known about their “supposed” relationship a while back. He’ll be accepting of the relationship, but he’s going to tell Jon and Sansa straight up about their relationship and the future consequences of pursuing it.  

4. Dany 

Oh where to be begin? She’s going to know instantly about Jon’s feelings towards Sansa and vice versa. Since she’s the lover of Jon, King of the North, she’s going to be very protective of her lover and anyone being more intimate with him than her is going to pay. 

We haven’t seen the Jealous Dany and how she reacts to her lovers finding love elsewhere, but I can suspect it’s not going to be good if Jon and Sansa’s relationship is out in the open. 

She’ll take note on how Jon acts around Sansa. The intimate eye locking between them to the way they talk around each other, she’s going to suspect something’s going on. 

Since she was a child, she automatically assumed that she was going to marry her brother, so incest isn’t much of a problem with her. It’ll be entirely different when she finds out that Sansa and Jon have feelings for each other. Dany will feel conflicted and hurt at Jon’s schemes against her.

She might blame Sansa for stealing him away from her, Dany has a very impulsive and almost unpredictable temper. Once she finds out that Sansa and Jon are together in secret, who knows what she’s capable of? 

She’ll also feel very betrayed at the fact that others KNEW about it before she did. (Tyrion, Davos, ect.) 

It’s not going to be a pretty Season 8 if Jonsa is canon in the end. Someone eventually WILL get hurt and it’ll be one of the most dangerous people in the world. 

I hope this answers your question Anon! 

Pray for Jonsa. Seriously, they are going to need it. 


Title: Summertime ( La Belle Saison)
Year: 2015
Language: France (Subtitles)

Plot: Set in the 70s, Carole, a Parisian Spanish teacher and feminist militant, meets Delphine, the daughter of farmers and they fall passionately in love. Unfortunately, Delphine’s father has a stroke, and she is called back home to help her mother run the family farm. Carole, unable to stand the estrangement joins her lover there. They soon discover feminism and lesbianism cannot be easily transferred to the countryside and Delphine’s mother’s disapproval is vocalized.

Basic Review:

  • This film isn’t necessarily a happy lesbian ending where the two women live happily ever after, it certainly isn’t a bad conclusions.
  • It begins with the classic heterosexual relationship, where the woman falls deeply in love with another making her question her sexuality.
  • There are wonderful themes of feminism including women’s fertility choices, like contraception and abortion in Paris during the 1970s.
  • The cinematography is beautiful with soft, summer lighting and the romance in this environment is intoxicating.
How To Seduce A Writer

TITLE: How To Seduce A Writer


AUTHOR: winterheart17


GENRE: Romance, Drama

FIC SUMMARY: Loki and an OC writer are stuck together and neither one of them is too happy about it.  He attempts to seduce her using wise advice from Neil Gaiman.  Will he succeed?  And most importantly, does she want him to succeed?

Rating: T

Author’s Note: This isn’t quite the same as my usual, fluffy one shots.  I would love to get feedback regarding this piece.  Thank you for reading :)

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おそチョロ夫婦家族パロ by ひがし

Sourced from Pixiv. Limited Use Given. Please do not copy and repost in any way. Also do not remove this caption. Reblogs are allowed.

Alternate continuity, where Oso and Choro are a married couple with their children, the Matsuno quadruplets: Chounan Karamatsu, Jinan Ichimatsu, Sannan Juushimatsu and Mattei Todomatsu (At least this is what can be read in their own pics)

Oso and Choro still have their own quirks and problems, but at least they had managed to stick together and despite their faults and arguments they still love deeply one another, but will they be able to raise their four sons properly or are they all fated to failure?


once upon a time a prince with the kingdom weighing heavily on his shoulders decided to take a stroll in the woods for some fresh air. little did he know that that stroll triggers the beginning of his love for the most beautiful mysterious nekomata he has ever seen.

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What are your thoughts on the musical episode? Are you excited? Don't really care? Think will be a huge mess?

I am so stoked! I am adamantly calling it Once Upon a Time with Feeling until the title is released. I don’t care if it’s potentially blasphemous - even if in all my optimism, I know them reaching Buffy levels is probably unlikely.

So here’s what happened. I thought a musical wouldn’t really work for Once Upon a Time and I was very skeptical about the idea… then the announcement came and well. I was giddy and unexpectedly over-the-top ridiculously happy about it? I should have known. I’m a total dork. I love musical. I saw Wicked three times in two days once. My favorite movie - I claim it’s Dogville, but it’s really Sister Act. I read the book that turned into Pitch Perfect. I keep hoping to just one day in my life wake up and find we’re doing everything in song. So okay, maybe I’m… unique.

Since it’s happening and not everyone’s happy about it, let’s look at potential bright sides? At the very least, we’re going to get to hear the actors sing. Cast has some really nice voices! It might be beautiful or cute or unexpected. At the very least it’ll be silly and funny to have this weirdo Disney fairy tale world with costumes and dancing and bursting into song. If you go into it just expecting to get some laughs out of it, I doubt you’ll be disappointed. We may have to loosen up a little. Sometimes you go into an episode and you’re just left… not feeling much of anything. This time. Love it, hate it. Cringing, laughing, feeling. Everybody’s at least gonna have some very strong feelings about it!

Where it gets more interesting is that it’s potentially - of course what else would I say - good news for Emma and Regina. Rule number one for musicals - as in, first chapter in Musicals for Dummies 101 - is that you have to give your characters a reason to burst into song. Musicals give insight into how characters are feeling, they voice emotions in a way that normally doesn’t happen and your story has to fit that concept. Part of the success of Buffy’s “Once More With Feeling” was that apart from the catchy songs and great delivery, lyrics, direction and very good balance of humor and drama, it was an explosive episode that really drove the plot forward. They built the episode around this concept. If you haven’t seen it, basically a dancing demon forces all of the characters to randomly burst into song. One by one they reveal secrets as they are singing. Either to each other, or to the audience.

We’re currently in the land of Untold stories. It’s been heavily suggested all of our main characters are keeping secrets. If there was an episode to get into their heads and reveal some of those stories they don’t want told, this would be the one.

Now the reason I am maybe most stoked about it, is that it fits completely with @colyssa ‘s Women Who Run With the Wolves meta, and more specifically this part of it and this submission she received recently. As she says, there is no way they did not use this book. I’ve started reading recently and I completely agree. Without even getting into the content too much, there’s the title, which… actually happens on the show in the episode when Ruby finds her mother.

The first chapter is literally a scene in the pilot.

The sixth chapter is a recurring theme.

The fifth chapter shares its title almost to the letter with the 7th episode of Once Upon a Time. Incidentally it’s also the chapter that completely matches Emma and Regina’s story. The author uses a tale called the Skeleton woman as a guideline to explain what it requires to enter in a relationship with someone. You’ll have to read Colyssa’s meta for the details, but the part we are interested in is this one.

“Then, while lying beside him, she reached inside the sleeping man and took out his heart, the mighty drum. She sat up and banged on both sides of it: Bom, BommI… Bom, Bomm!

As she drummed, she began to sing out “Flesh, flesh, flesh! Flesh, flesh, flesh!” And the more she sang, the more her body filled out With flesh. She sang for hair and good eyes and nice fat hands. She sang the divide between her legs, and breasts long enough to wrap for warmth, and all the things a woman needs.

And when she was done, she also sang the sleeping man’s clothes off and crept into his bed with him, skin against skin. She returned the great drum, his heart, to his body, and that is how they awakened, wrapped one around the other, tangled from their night together, in another way now, a good and lasting way.”

Might sound a little weird out of context, but once you read the explanation, it makes sense. Hearts being taken of chests is already standard practice on Once and the references to music here are obvious. It’s also in sync with this myth, because the part before this one focuses on a tear, which we saw represented last season.

So when looking at it this way, suddenly the musical episode - while undoubtedly frivolous in its execution, is crucial and may have been planned for a long time. Or at the very least, they knew that if there was going to be a musical episode, this would be the time for it and that’s why they couldn’t confirm before reaching season 6. It seemed sudden and unplanned, but it probably isn’t.

To end, a summary of the seven steps - fitting a show going for seven seasons - from the book so it’s more clear where we are at and how the musical fits in the development of Emma and Regina’s relationship..

While the Skeleton Woman could be interpreted as representing the movements within a single psyche, I find this tale most valuable when understood as a series of seven tasks that teach one soul to love another deeply and well. These are: discovering another person as a kind of spiritual treasure, even though one may not at first realize what one has found. Next in most love relationships comes the chase and the hiding, a time of hopes and fears for both. Then comes the untangling and understanding of the Life/Death/Life aspects of the relationship and the development of compassion for the task. Next come the relaxing into trust, the ability to rest in the presence and goodwill of the other, and after that, a time of sharing both future dreams and past sadness, these being the beginning of healing archaic wounds with regard to love. Then, the use of the heart to sing up new life, and finally, the intermingling of body and soul.

If you’re not into musicals, but you wouldn’t exactly mind Emma and Regina going beyond the platonic, I’d say take a look at what comes after singing up new life and you may want to just hang in there…


words: 1.3k
genre: fluff
pairing: jimin / reader
summary: i really like mornings with you, even though it’s two in the afternoon

There can only be one word to describe this feeling of your arms wrapped around his waist: home.

Waking up at noon with the sunlight filtering through the curtains, the both of you placing sloppy kisses on the other’s cheeks before indulging in one that would easily become frisky and lustful. The both of you would pull away to gasp for air, and he would rest his forehead against yours as you giggle when his hands accidentally — the asshole claims it’s an accident all the time— squeeze your ticklish spot.

The corners of his eyes crinkle and a series of giggles escapes his lips when you squeal, pulling away from his touch. You’d slap his arm playfully as he whines and clings onto your legs tightly, occasionally peppering your thighs and knees with kisses, bringing about a fit of giggles.

Sauntering into the kitchen with your arms linked, Jimin pecks your forehead, cheeks and nose before pecking your lips. As he turns to make your morning coffee — well, more like afternoon coffee — you wrap your arms around his waist, resting your head against his back and hum a soft tune.

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anonymous asked:

What i want for Nina is that she wont love/like Charioce physically,I know her blushing mode activates when she sees handsome men,But Most characters in this series are handsome,But what i hope is Charioce to be different!,Not like he is the handsome or whatever!What Nina feel for has to be more like from her heart not from her physical body that gets excited when she sees guys!So that her love life can forward!What i mean is Nina has to love handsome man not bcuz he is handsome but bcuz shelove

part2,bcuz she loves him,It mean she can love ugly side of that man!Otherwise it is not love,It is about her physical body all over again!People said Nina will hate Chris after she knew his identity!So it means she doesnt love him!If she loves him,It will be complicated and hard for her!If she suddenly hates Chris,It is not love,It is just her body!So i hope Nina can love someone with her heart other than her family!That is the relationship i want for Our ChiliPepper!

I can fully understand your feeling, but remember, there’s still a long story waiting for us. In order to develop Nina as a character and a subsequent romance with Charioce, things have to happen at the right time, and sometimes get a little chaotic.

It’s impossible for anyone to deeply fall in love with another person with whom just meeting, that doesn’t work at all. Romance as such has its stages, we’re still in the first, how they’re falling in love and “the idealization” (to put it somehow), from here onwards is where “the disappointment” comes to finally reach “the real love”, what we’re waiting for.

Nina herself has shown on more than one that she has no interest in any other guy, more than just “Chris”, even doing things she would never do in a normal situation, facing her own lust to open her way to know him.

Just compare this:

To this:

Exactly, she feels good around him. Unlike the other guys who have appeared so far, his actions regarding “Chris” have always been different. It’s not a mere attraction like the other ones, especially because it was revealed to us in a very simple and even painful way for those who still don’t want to accept it, that:

Yeah, she belongs just to one guy. #Chili Pepper is sailing.

what type of relationship you and Shawn would have based off of your favorite Illuminate song

non-requested// so i was in the shower and i came up with this preference type of thing, and it’s like what you and Shawn would be like in a relationship based off of your personal favorite Illuminate song!

author’s note// this is unique and this is finna get LIT i’m so hype for this i’m so creative. some are based off the songs, some aren’t because almost all of the songs are break up songs and idk its a relationship imagine? so yeah, they are somewhat connected to the song!!

WARNING: I know i said i will never write trigger warning imagines, and this is NOT a trigger warning imagine, but there are a couple of tiny vague things that may be slightly triggering, like in one a bad boyfriend is mentioned and in another one previous mental issues are mentioned. nothing serious, but please if that stuff triggers you don’t read!!!!!!! I DONT WANT TO TRIGGER YOU AND IF ITS TOO TRIGGERING ILL TAKE IT DOWN

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Daddy Issues - Tig Fanfic

tw: mentions of drugs, death, violence.


2 - Family Dinner

Later that day after finishing her shift at the bar, Jamie went back home to where she helped Gemma make mountains of food for their big hungry family.
There was tonnes of meat, veggies and mash potato, everyone’s favourite. Gemma’s cooking skills were incredible, everything she made was delicious. She could easily be a professional chef if she wanted.
Tonight was Gemma’s annual monthly family dinner that the members of Samcro and their family would attend.
There would be drinks, food galore and heaps out laughs. And not to mention some little bits of drama. It wouldn’t be a family dinner without at least one fight.
“Smells good, baby.” A tall, muscly, white haired man said, entering the kitchen that was full of trays of food. He walked up behind Gemma and wrapped his arms around her waist, burying his face in the crook of her neck.
Gemma smiled as he kissed her softly. “Go away Clay, can’t you see we’re workin’.” She let out a chuckle.
Clay growled and blew a raspberry against her cheek which made her squeal. Jamie watched the couple and smiled. They looked so happy together.
After Gemma’s first husband, John Teller, died her and Clay got together and soon married. Jamie had been the flower girl at their wedding and Jax was the ring bearer.
Gemma and Clay’s relationship was bittersweet. One minute they were in love, the next they were at each others throats. But at the end of the day, they really were madly, truly and deeply in love with one another.
“I’m gonna throw up.” Jamie said, watching as the couple kissed and listening to the squelching noises their lips made. Gemma chuckled and Clay glared.
“Whatever.” Clay said playfully. He sounded like a total dad. Then he pinched a piece of meat and walked out of the room leaving them to get back to work.

An hour or so later, people had just arrived and were greeting each other before taking their seats at the enormous dining table.
The group of SAMCRO members were laughing and joking whilst their old ladies were gossiping and their kids were playing.
“So i hear you’ve been staying over here a lot this week..” A tall bearded man wearing a beanie said to the blond haired man as he drank his beer. “You and Jamie…?” He wiggled his eyebrows.
The men teased Jax who was smirking and blushing ever-so-slightly. “Shut up Ope.” Jax said, smiling a little when thinking about the woman.
Both him and Opie, Piney’s son, had known Jamie since she was born. Their parents were all best friends which meant that the three of them grew up together. Jax and Opie were a few years older than Jamie so they’d been like her big brothers, protecting her from everyone.
But at one point when they were younger, they both dated her, at the same time.. Behind each other’s backs. However Opie then met his wife Donna leaving Jax and Jamie together officially. Donna was sadly murdered around a year ago so now Opie is a widower.
Jax and Jamie used to be inseparable when they were teenagers. They were infatuated for years until they grew apart. That was when Jax met Wendy, he married her and then divorced her, not long after she became pregnant and their son Abel was born.
But Wendy was a junkie. She wasn’t good enough for him. She treated him like shit and broke his heart. And not to mention she was using when she was pregnant which meant that Abel’s birth was very complicated. He’s okay now though thankfully.
“So? Are you gonna tell us what’s going on with you and blondie or…?” Opie asked his bestfriend who was lost in his thoughts.
Jax shrugged but smiled. “I don’t know man. We’re not serious, or official. We’re just… Y'know.” The men around him laughed.
“You’re one lucky son of a bitch. Blondie is a hottie. I bet she rides you like a cowboy.” Tig added, making Jax glare at him. Tig didn’t have a filter, he just said whatever came into his head even if it was pretty damn gross.
“That’s disgusting Tig.” A man next to him piped up. He had a thick Scottish accent and scars from his lips to his cheeks, almost like the Joker from Batman. “But.. You gotta point.” He laughed taking a few gulps of his beer. Pretty much all of the Samcro crew thought Jamie was super attractive and would loved to have fucked her if she wasn’t kind of with Jax.
Jax rolled his eyes at his friends. He hated how they saw women as nothing but pieces of pussy. He opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by his mom Gemma speaking.
“Dinner is served!” Gemma announced as her and Jamie walked into the room bringing in copious amounts of food. It looked incredible. Everyone was speechless.
Jax caught eye contact with Jamie who smiled at him. He smiled back and took a seat at the table. He thought she looked fine as hell. Her hair was wavy and resting over her shoulders and she wore a floral dress that complimented her figure perfectly.
“Damn. Look at her.” One of his friends mumbled, making him a little jealous.
“Okay everyone, shut up and sit down. Let’s eat!” Clay said as he took his seat at the top of the table. “But first, lets raise our glasses and thank these two beautiful women for the meal they’ve made for us.”
Gemma put her arm around Jamie and the two of them smiled as their family raised their glasses and cheered for them. They had no idea how loved they were.
Jax winked at Jamie, making her blush. She bit down on her lip and smiled. Then her and Gemma sat down at the table and the feast began.

Not long later, all the food had been eaten and everyone was mingling. Gemma cleared the table along with a few other Old Ladies. Jamie tried to help out but Gemma told her not to as she’d helped a lot already. So Jamie joined her friends and family as they enjoyed themselves.
Some of the Reaper Crew were outside having a smoking break. Opie and Jax were stood a few feet away from them as they discussed the Club.
“Your dad gave me a manuscript that my dad wrote..” Jax spoke in a quiet voice so the others wouldn’t overhear. “He wrote about how running guns was the moment that he realised SAMCRO went to shit.”
Opie’s brows furrowed as he puffed on his smoke. “What does that mean? I thought he agreed to run guns?”
“I don’t know man.. He says that he tried to get them out, ‘cus it weren’t safe, but he didn’t have the power.” Jax explained.
“But he was Prez?” Opie said with confusion. “He called all the shots.”
Jax shrugged and let out a sigh. “He also said that he didn’t think some members were loyal to him..” Jax raised a brow and looked over to the group of men opposite them. Amongst them was Clay and Tig. They were laughing about something.
Opie saw who Jax looked at and nodded in agreement. “Makes sense.. There’s somethin’ weird about them two.”
“Grant, Jamie’s dad, once said to me that Clay’s not the person everyone thinks he is.” Jax told Opie in a hushed voice as he stared at his step-father. “Not long later, Grant was found dead.”
Opie cleared his throat and threw the cigarette butt on the ground. “My dad has always been suspicious of Clay.. Ever since JT and Grant’s death. He doesn’t think that it was suicide. And to be honest.. Neither do i.”
“Me either.” Jax whispered. He clenched his jaw when thinking about his dad’s death. He knew that JT wasn’t himself after a while of being Prez but his dad wasn’t suicidal.
The sound of the front door opening interrupted Opie and Jax’s conversation. Out walked Gemma with a concerned expression on her face.
“There you are!” She said quickly walking over to Jax and handing him her phone. “It’s Neeta, she needs to talk to you about Abel.”
Jax quickly answered the phone. Anxiety washed over him at the mention of his son. What had happened?! “Hello?” Jax said, worry clear in his voice. “What’s going on?” He let out a worried sigh when hearing Abel crying in the background.
“I think he’s ill. He’s got a fever and won’t stop screaming.” Neeta said down the phone.
“I’m on my way.” Jax said hanging up and handing the phone back to Gemma. “Abel’s ill. I think he needs a doctor.” He said with furrowed brows and sad eyes.
Gemma put her hand over her mouth and gulped. “Take my car and call me!” She said nipping inside to grab her car keys before throwing them to Jax. He nodded and got into the car quickly, not bothering to say goodbye to his friends and family. His main priority was Abel.
“I’m sure he’s fine Gem.” Opie said putting an arm around the woman’s shoulders. “He probably just misses his dad.”
Gemma nodded sadly. “I hope so..” She mumbled, watching as Jax drove away.
“What’s going on? Where’s Jax goin’?” Clay said walking over to his wife who looked upset.
“Neeta called, she thinks Abel is ill.” Gemma said with tears in her eyes. “Jax is gonna call me when he knows what’s wrong..”
Clay sighed and kissed Gemma’s head. “Come here baby.” He said bringing her into an embrace. “Ope can you go make sure everyone’s alright inside?” Opie nodded and went inside along with Tig and a few others, leaving Clay and Gemma alone.
“You’re thinking about Thomas aren’t you?” Clay spoke in a calm voice as he held Gemma. She nodded. “Oh baby..”

That night, after everyone had gone and all the plates and cutlery were cleared, Gemma and Jamie sat at the dining table having a cigarette together.
“I don’t know about you but i’m exhausted.” Gemma said, stifling a yawn. She puffed on her cigarette and looked over at Jamie who was silent. “What’s on your mind honey?”
Jamie shrugged. “I don’t know, i’m just.. I’m just thinking about my mom.” She said quietly. “And how if she was at this dinner, she would’ve gotten way too drunk and tried to make a move on Chibs, again.” She laughed a little.
Gemma smiled. “That she would’ve.” She replied, relighting her cigarette as it had gone out when they were speaking. “She would’ve also probably started a fight too.” The woman chuckled.
“Yeah…” Jamie sighed. “I miss her so much.” She mumbled, feeling a lump in her throat grow. She could feel tears filling her eyes but she blinked them away. “I wish she was here.”
Gemma took hold of Jamie’s hand and nodded. “Me too baby.”
“I’m gonna go to bed. I’m shattered.” Jamie said clearing her throat and getting up from the table. She could feel her emotions taking over her and didn’t want to end up crying in front of Gemma. “Thank you for a good night Gem.”
The woman smiled at her. “Night night baby.”
Jamie made her way up the stairs to her room where she got into bed fully clothed. She was too tired to change or wipe off her makeup. She just wanted to sleep so she could escape reality for a while.
It didn’t take long until Jamie fell asleep and thankfully she didn’t have any nightmares.

Destroy Me

A Devin Sola Imagine

Word Count: 1,701

Warnings: smut, language, bondage, kinky

You and your boyfriend Devin were watching episodes of American Horror Story on Netflix. Devin had gotten home from the studio earlier, so you two were relaxing together. You were snuggled up together on your couch, holding hands. You turn to look at Devin, who was smirking at you. You knew what exactly what was coming. You eyes widened, then  Devin pinned you down on the couch. He tickled your sides relentlessly and you laughed like a mad woman.

You were extremely ticklish and Devin knew exactly where your weak spots were. His strong arms kept you pinned down and you weren’t strong enough to push him off. Devin continued to tickle you while you laid there helplessly. Devin started laughing too after a while, you loved his laugh so much. You two laughed together for a few minutes, you being continuously tickled by Devin. Soon you were able to get one of your hands out of his grasp.

You quickly pushed Devin off of you and onto the floor. Knowing how quick Devin was, you hurried and made a mad dash up the stairs. You ran and quickly hid in a room upstairs, listening carefully for Devin’s footsteps. You didn’t hear his footsteps yet, so you ran to a different hiding place. You were now inside of your closet, in the corner. You listened again for Devin’s footsteps.

After a few seconds of silence, you heard him walking up the stairs. Devin was walking at a regular pace, which puzzled you. Usually whenever you two did this, you chased each other around the house as fast as you could until one of you caught the other. Maybe Devin had something else in mind, something more scandalous than you might’ve thought. Devin’s footsteps stopped. You listened again for any other sounds indicating his whereabouts, but you heard nothing.

You held your breath and listened again. You began to think, Maybe Devin has something more…sensual…in mind. You smiled deviously, knowing that Devin was going to find you quickly and then things would escalate. You had hid in this closet many times before, so it was one of the very first places that he looked for you. You soon saw the shadows of Devin’s feet under the door and you bit your lip. Just a second later the door was opened and you let out a fake scream of terror. 

You looked and Devin had his Michael Myers mask on. You pretended to struggle as Devin picked you up, carrying you over his shoulder. You clawed at his back and pulled his hair, which you knew turned him on. Devin carried you into your bedroom, where he threw you onto the bed. He commanded you to strip and you obeyed. Within seconds you were sitting naked on the bed, watching Devin and listening for his next command. He grabbed you by your ankles and pulled you closer to him.

You were now sitting at the edge of the bed. Devin took off his mask and threw it across the room. He kissed you and bit down on your lip, making you gasp into his mouth. You wrapped your arms around Devin’s neck and he quickly pulled away from you, ripping your hands off him.

“Did I say you could touch me?” Devin asks you, his voice dark and threatening.

“No.” you say, swallowing nervously.

“No, I fucking didn’t. I make the rules tonight, you listen to me. No touching or making any sounds unless I say you can.” Devin says.

You nod your head and Devin kisses you again, slipping his tongue into your mouth. Your hands were on the bed on either side of you. You wanted to touch Devin so badly…you wanted to tug his hair and claw at his skin. A few moments later, Devin pushed you down onto the bed. You moved back and watched as Devin took his shirt off. You bit your lip as you watched his clothes continue to disappear from his body.

Devin crawled over you and your hands went up to touch his chest. Your hands were quickly slapped away by Devin. He pinned your arms down and stared into deeply your eyes. Your heart skipped a beat and you knew that Devin wasn’t going to let this slide.

“I didn’t…say…you could touch me.” He says.

You tried to wriggle out of Devin’s grasp. You knew that you would fail, but you also knew that it would make things much more interesting. You struggled under Devin’s grasp, which only got stronger and tighter. Devin smirked at you, a wicked look in his eyes. You arched your back and your bare chest rubbed against him. Devin suddenly released you, moving over and opening one of the bedside table’s drawers. You watched him as he took out restraints and a blindfold.

“I don’t want to wear the blindfold, I want to watch you.” You say.

“You really think that after all that you’re going to get what you want? I already told you Y/N, I make the rules tonight.” Devin says.

“Devin! I want to see you!” You whine.

“Maybe you should of thought about that before you disobeyed me.” Devin says, his face inches away from yours.

Devin quickly restrained you. You were now completely open and vulnerable to him. He gave you a wicked smile before putting the black, silk blindfold over your eyes. Your breathing was unsteady. Devin began by moving his hands down your sides. Your whole body shivered, sensitive to Devin’s chilled touch.

Devin kissed your inner thighs, slowly moving closer to the place you needed him most. His tongue plunged into you suddenly, catching you off guard. You opened your mouth to moan, but quickly closed it, biting your lip hard. You knew that if you obeyed him now you would get a harsh punishment. You had pushed him as much as you would dare. 

Devin’s mouth continued to work wonders, giving you intense pleasure. You tried to keep your moans in, but it was getting much more difficult as you came closer to your orgasm. You were trying to lay still too, which was also becoming near impossible. You felt the knot in your stomach grow as Devin continued to pleasure you. You could hear how wet you were and how aggressively Devin was eating you out.

A whimper escaped your mouth and you tugged at the restraints; you had instinctively went to cover your mouth. Devin stopped his movements, making you even more agitated. You bit your lip and held your breath, knowing that if you were quiet and still for long enough, Devin would continue. Sure enough, moments later Devin’s mouth went back to work and your orgasm continued to build up. You soon came close to your climax, just seconds away from cumming.

You cried out as you came, Devin’s tongue licking up your juices. Your back arched and you tugged strongly on the restraints. You knew that you would most likely be punished, but you just couldn’t hold it in. You moaned as Devin continued. Eventually he stopped and your back dropped back down onto the bed. Your breathing was shaky and heavy. You eventually caught your breath and you wondered what Devin was doing.

“You’re so fucking sexy when you moan, Y/N. All rules are off.” Devin whispers into your ear seductively.

You sighed in relief and moaned quietly, smiling. Devin crawled over you again, kissing and sucking on your neck. He left love bites, making you moan. Slowly, Devin pushed into you. Your arms tugged again, your wrists burning from the intense rubbing of the restraints. You were so desperate for action, so desperate to touch Devin.

“Please Devin, let me touch you.” You say, your voice inhuman.

“Not yet Y/N.” Devin says.

Devin kissed your chest, continuing to thrust in and out of you. His pace was agonizingly slow. Devin knew exactly how to work you, to make you completely helpless and desperate. Your euphoria was taking over, your movements were uncontrollable. You tugged relentlessly on the restraints.

“Tell me what you want me to do to you baby.” Devin says, his voice carnal.

“I want you to destroy me.” You say in a low, seductive tone.

You opened your eyes as Devin took off your blindfold, staring at you. A sinister smile appeared on your face. You saw that Devin was just as desperate and needy as you, he had just hidden it better. It was clear on his face now, Devin needed you just as much as you needed him. Devin suddenly continued at a much faster pace, the pleasure escalating.

“Devin!” You half moaned, half screamed.

Devin had no response as he continued to thrust into you.

“Restraints off, now Devin!” You cried out, your voice venomous.

Devin slowed his thrusts and moved his face above yours. He smirked at you, obviously very turned on by the tone of your voice. He reached over to one of you restraints, undoing it. Devin took off your other restraint as well and you immediately grasped his hair, pulling it mercilessly. Devin sped up again, both of your orgasms coming closer and closer. You screamed out in complete ecstasy and Devin moaned continuously.

Devin’s moans turned you on so much, it was pushing you closer and closer to your orgasm. Profanities left both your mouth and Devin’s as you both came. You rode out on your highs, then Devin collapsed next to you. Sweat coated your skin and your hair was damp. Devin’s body was also glistening, a bead of sweat rolling down the side of his face.

Devin turned to face you, smiling sweetly. You smiled back at him, taking his hand in yours. The two of you faced each other, warm and snug under the blankets. You talked and laughed late into the night, falling even more deeply in love with one another. You swore you fell in love with Devin more every day. Every morning his smile lit up your world, giving your morning the best start possible. You were happy to be his and he was happy to be yours.

“Crooked” (G-Dragon x Reader)

Hi! I was wondering if I could get a scenario with G-Dragon where he cheats on you? I’m in the mood for angst XD You can end it either way I don’t mind :) thank you so much!”

(Cheeky reference ik, ik)

Name: “Crooked”

Character: G-Dragon // Kwon Jiyong (BigBang)

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 954

Originally posted by yuijiyong

(gif credit to the original owner)

Your Friday evening consisted of a night out. The thumping of music and the burning sensation of alcohol as it trickled down your throat was a bad combination. A night out with the girls was what you needed to unwind from the stresses of working life and home life. You couldn’t admit it, not even to yourself but you had felt increasingly more distant from your long term boyfriend. Jiyong was undoubtedly the love of your life, always will be. However, after each drink was downed the questioning thought of whether he loved you anymore became stronger. The main excuse was his work. He was always out in other countries, in the studios or on stage. You always accepted his excuses politely, a slightly forced smile tugging the corners of your lips. How could you argue with the man you had fallen so deeply in love with? Another shot set fire to your entire throat like you were swallowing the flames from the belly of a dragon. Half tasted of your underlying bitterness and the other half tasted like the regrets you’d feel later. The room started to run circles around you. You felt like you were drowning, the loud music muffling as if you were underwater. The last shot had made your brain rattle in your skull. “I’ll take you home,” a voice half yelled to you. You recognized it as your friend as you felt her arms latch onto your shoulders, escorting you out of the bar.

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