An update on how I’m doing, for anyone that’s wondering; I’m doing good. Worked two jobs over Christmas, back to my one, am working on getting my car, should be no more than like two more months and as soon as that’s done I have to begin looking for a new place to live and I really want to live alone but I know that’s a long shot haha

All the ferrets are gone but I’ve used fish as a coping mechanism. I have five betta fish, and some other freshwater fish that actually ended up having babies….twice. So I have 63 baby fish as well so…if anyone in the Southern California area wants baby fish, message me and we can work out a date for you to get them cos I need to get rid of them hahaha

I’m still sad and I can’t look at pictures of Coco but I’m getting better. I’ve decided to continue on with this blog with Toki, Max, and Haru as stars. I plan on doing the whole ferret thing myself again. But I have to take the opportunity I have now with no real pets, it helps me save up money and it will make moving way less stressful. Once I’m settled, you can bet I’ll be diving out of state for two new babies. :)

Thank you for your patience and very kind words during this horrible time in my life. (And also for still reblogging my old stuff, like the PSA picture lmfao)

Dear, other ferret blogs:

If you’re wondering why I’m not following you back, well don’t worry, I am! This blog is a secondary blog on my tumblr account. I actually have 8 different blogs here on tumblr. The one I can follow people with is @deepfriedzucchini I’m telling you now, there’s a big chance I’m actually following you already! :)

deepfriedzucchini  asked:

How would you feel about me getting your lapis art from inktober tattooed on me? I really wanna do it, and when it comes to me getting tattoos, I typically like to ask the artist if its possible. Let me know what you think! :)

I would feel incredibly honored if you got my art as a tattoo, as long as you keep my signature on it and gave me proper credit! I would like to see pictures of it when you got it completed as well!