ok, so i saw all these really amazing drawings of castiel’s true form and i had to give it a shot myself. the designs i saw were just so damn cool, and it was a part of the show i hadn’t really thought about before so yeah uwu 
((also i just bought some new grey copics and was dying to work in grey-scale a bit)) 
inspired by  fellowadventurers’ purely awesome design :)

this….was seriously supposed to be a quick doodle…then my hand slipped and this monstrosity was born

also at one point i accidentally deleted all of the shading and started over D: 

but yeah, genderbent iron man (woman? lass? chick?) inspired by possible halloween costumes XP

(also, i lost the pic i was using as a reference for the background, but i didnt come up with that….so….disclaimer?)


*whispers into the night* he’s a phantom

i used to adore this show so, just showing it some love

i also had the biggest crush on him as a kid omfg 

ugh, i dont know why my files keep getting messed up when i upload, but if you look at this in a diff tab it looks way better i swear kajdghlkagskhg