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Reaching for the light // I’ve learned early on in my life that no matter how hard we try, we will always have times in our lives where we find ourselves in dark places. I’m currently in the darkest place I’ve ever been in, and it’s a constant battle for me to remind myself that it doesn’t end here. It’s in these darkest places and in these darkest moments that we are challenged the most; Causing us to learn the most, grow the most, and change the most…and by God’s grace, these dark places can transform into beautiful things. This is currently my deepest prayer and heart’s desire. Let the ruins come to life, in the beauty of Your name.


Queen Elizabeth II received audiences at Buckingham Palace March 23, 2017

Her message about the terror attack near Westminster:

 'Following the shocking events in Westminster, Prince Philip and I are sorry that we will not be able to open the New Scotland Yard building as planned today, for very understandable reasons. I look forward to visiting at a later date.

‘My thoughts, prayers, and deepest sympathy are with all those who have been affected by yesterday’s awful violence.

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Alice franca an wonderful person, a dakota and jamie's fan from brazil passed away today. She had complications giving birth to her twins babies. (The babies are well and with health)Please pray for her husband, her littles babies and family. Amen!!!

We are so sorry about this. Our deepest condolences and prayers go to her family & those who love her!

I found this on Twitter thought it was best to share it here. My deepest condolences and prayers to the Snyder family, I can’t even begin to think what you guys are going through. I hope you guys get peace of some sort.

My heart, prayers and deepest condolences are with the victims of the Manchester Attack and their loved ones. There is nothing I or anyone can do to take away the pain you are feeling or to make this better. However, I extend my hand and heart and everything I possibly can give to you and yours, should you want or need my help in any way. The only thing we can do now is choose how we let this affect us and how we live our lives from here on out. I have been thinking of my fans, and of you all, non stop over the past week. The way you have handled all of this has been more inspiring and made me more proud than you’ll ever know. The compassion, kindness, love, strength and oneness that you’ve shown one another this past week is the exact opposite of the heinous intentions it must take to pull off something as evil as what happened Monday. YOU are the opposite. I am sorry for the pain and fear that you must be feeling and for the trauma that you, too, must be experiencing. We will never be able to understand why events like this take place because it is not in our nature, which is why we shouldn’t recoil. We will not quit or operate in fear. We won’t let this divide us. We won’t let hate win. I don’t want to go the rest of this year without being able to see and hold and uplift my fans, the same way they continue to uplift me. Our response to this violence must be to come closer together, to help each other, to love more, to sing louder and to live more kindly and generously than we did before. I’ll be returning to the incredibly brave city of Manchester to spend time with my fans and to have a benefit concert in honor of and to raise money for the victims and their families. I want to thank my fellow musicians and friends for reaching out to be a part of our expression of love for Manchester. I will have details to share with you as soon as everything is confirmed. From the day we started putting the Dangerous Woman Tour together, I said that this show, more than anything else, was intended to be a safe space for my fans. A place for them to escape, to celebrate, to heal, to feel safe and be themselves. To meet their friends they’ve made online. To express themselves. This will not change that. When you look into the audience at my shows, you see a beautiful, diverse, pure, happy crowd. Thousands of people, incredibly different, all there for the same reason, music. Music is something that everyone on Earth can share. Music is meant to heal us, to bring us together, to make us happy. So that is what it will continue to do for us. We will continue in honor of the ones we lost, their loved ones, my fans and all affected by this tragedy. They will be on my mind and in my heart everyday and I will think of them with everything I do for the rest of my life.
—  Ariana Grande, following the bombing at her concert in Manchester
Come Back To Me (Reader x Bucky Barnes)

Summary: After years away from the Avengers, Bucky finds himself yearning to be back in the field. However he has much more to lose than he did years ago.

A/N: This is my first time writing anything angsty(?) and I’m not too sure about my ability to convey such emotions. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy!

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He sat out at the driveway with his head in his hands. His fingers gripped his hair angrily before releasing and gripping the steering wheel. He didn’t know whether he should stay hidden in the car or risk going into the house and have another fight.

He was exhausted; from work, from his failing marriage.

He had perfect view into the kitchen. You were doing dishes; he had come home too late to enjoy a family dinner. He didn’t know whether to feel guilty or relieved. It must had been a mixture of both.

Everyday seems like an intricate dance of avoiding the inevitable talk, desperately holding on the crumbling foundation of your love. But even the most solid foundations crumble and it was becoming more and more difficult to put on a happy face in the morning.

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a extending list of ULTIMATE DO and DON’TS for Frozen 2 (yes Disney we’re *wink wink*-ing at you super hard)

(consider this as an opened list. add your deepest prayers in reblogs.)


  • more songs for Kristoff. or at least a duet.
  • Arendelle’s paperwork


  • fire powers for Anna. 
  • love interest for Elsa. 


On the third day of Ramadan, my sincere duas go to single mothers. Mothers, who have fought their way for their children to be happy. Mothers, who are both fathers and mothers to their children.

I pray my deepest prayers for mothers who beautify the shortcoming of fathers. Those who, despite whatever happened between her and your father, will tell you that your father loves you even though he isn’t here with you. Mothers, who will go to extreme lengths for their children to feel equal to other children. I respect mothers, who have the courage of a lion.

By Allah, having a mother is a blessing. Having a strong, independent one, who is determined to provide her children the best life she can, I can’t even begin to describe.

May Allah ease your struggle. May Allah make these very children you fought for worth it. May Allah dry your tears and put comfort in your hearts.


I’m utterly speechless about the tragedy that happened in Manchester yesterday. It’s my home town. I’ve been to countless concerts at the Manchester Arena, and I have so many happy memories of being there with my family and friends. That a concert which should have been such a wonderful occasion for so many young girls has been turned into this horrific event is heartbreaking. That so many young people haven’t returned home after a harmless night of fun is just unbelievable. 

But I am so moved to see the outpouring of love and support and generosity from people in Manchester and around the world as they banded together to get through this difficult time. The human spirit can be amazing. My thoughts, prayers, and deepest condolences go out to all of those affected, and my thanks go out to all of those who have responded in a positive way. I <3 Manchester. 

My deepest thoughts and prayers to everyone in Manchester……. I know it isn’t much that I have to offer but it truly hurts my heart to know that people died, people were injured, people are missing……


👑 RIP Sara Mutschlechner • ZTA • Gamma Phi • University of North Texas. 👑

Our prayers and deepest sympathies go out to the family, friends and ZTA sisters of Sara Mutschlechner who was tragically shot after a New Year’s Eve party. She passed away yesterday. May all who knew her be comforted during this time of mourning. We are so sorry for your loss. 

“What we have once enjoyed we can never lose…All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” ~ Helen Keller

I keep hearing more news about this, and turns out 15 children of the 20 kids killed were in one whole class. There is only one child left alive in that class. I can’t even think of how this child is feeling, having all of their friends dead, and had to watch them die. Like I said before, Adam Lanza (the killer) was a coward. Just because he couldn’t deal with his own shit doesn’t mean he had to walk into an elementary school and kill 20 innocent children, and the 6 teachers who sacrificed their lives to protect the other children. I don’t usually pray, but I send out my prayers and deepest remorse to these families, the school and everyone affected by the shooting. ~RIP~

The Lindt Cafe manager, Tory Johnson has been hailed as a hero after details emerged of how he reportedly lunged at the gunman who’d taken more than a dozen people hostage in the café he’d run for two years, enabling many of them to escape unharmed.

Barrister Katrina Dawson was the other hostage who died protecting the pregnant woman. Both of them couldn’t make it to the hospital because of gunshot wounds

Mr Johnson’s parents released a statement via journalist Ben Fordham, saying:

“We are so proud of our beautiful boy Tori, gone from this earth but forever in our memories as the most amazing life partner, son and brother we could ever wish for.

“We feel heartfelt sorrow for the family of Katrina Dawson.

“We’d like to thank not only our friends and loved ones for their support, but the people of Sydney; Australia and those around the world for reaching out with their thoughts and prayers.

“Our deepest gratitude to the NSW police, armed forces and paramedics for their tireless efforts.

“We ask that the media respects our privacy in this difficult time.

“Let us all pray for peace on earth.”

Mr Johnson was in a long-term relationship with his partner of 14 years, Thomas Zinn, who it’s understood is being comforted with the deceased’s family at the couple’s home in Redfern.

My heart and thoughts go out to all family of the victims. Hope this incident will never ever happen again in the future.

I don’t know who Amy is, but I do know that her death is a completely indescribable tragedy to which I find it hard to react. It is simply unspeakable that something like this would happen to a person who had such a young and seemingly beautiful soul. I cannot imagine the pain her friends and family are experiencing right now, and my deepest prayers and condolences are with them. Rest in peace, Amy✊🏽😢