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Hi there! I have a genuine q. Why do you most kuro fans believe Seb and Ciel are in an intimate relationship (that's not shown explicitly to readers)? I get all the fanservice (fangirl over it tbh), but the kid -freaks- when others touch him. It's even happened with Sebastian. Yana sensei hints the cult assaulted him so all the 'don't touch me!' moments stem from that. With Ciel's visible trauma, I'm kinda scratching my head why so many people legitimately think Ciel wants to do his butler?

Hello, Anon ~

Wow, that’s a very interesting question! However, I’m afraid I cannot speak for the whole fandom, so I can only give you my personal opinion.

Definitely, one of the things that encourage the shipping is the fanservice. Yaoi fans are naturally attracted to series with two male leads, and shippers of any kind will always start shipping characters that spend a lot of time together, have a close relationship and make a lot of physical contact, as those are the things that lead to a strong bond (romantic or otherwise) in real life. So if you add some nearly sexual situations, suggestive comments and a certain amount of possessiveness, what you got is (something resembling) a relationship. It’s only natural that the fans ship it. Yet, I can see you’re hinting something deeper than a platonic relationship and, while I’m not one of those who believe that they fuck behind closed doors, there are several in-canon reasons why such a thing wouldn’t be so unlikely.

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Oh, Aight.

Literally, my favorite way to dismiss a muthafukka. Or to compliment without hyping you to much. Or a non-committal way to say Okay. And H&M put it on a t-shirt. But they put it on the MEN’S t-shirt. So I bought it and cut it. Made it more fit for a Queen. Feedback so far? The ladies love it! And the fellas feel like I’m now their unspoken sidekick.

But if we dig deeper than fashion, isn’t that what life’s about? Turning lemons to lemonade? Making something out of nothing? Doing your own thing and paving your own way… If you can’t work with something, make it work for you. Alter it. Adjust it. Edit it. Recreate it. Show it a different kind of love. ❤️

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Why do you think Audrey made such an impact in so many people? <3

At a very young age Audrey endured many difficulties in her life.  She learned what it meant to be abandoned by a parent, to survive a war, to lose friends, and to watch people starve.  In turn, instead of being negatively impacted by these difficult situations she learned the importance of life and love.  This resonated in everything she did, from films to motherhood to her time as a UNICEF ambassador.  She was a hard worker and very disciplined, she never took her success for granted.  She was kind and honest and always put other’s needs before her own.  Her authenticity is what captivated audiences.  In Roman Holiday, although she may have been playing the role of Princess Ann, what we saw was 100% Audrey.  She had her own signature style and a presence only mirrored by that of royalty.  As she matured, she didn’t fret about aging.  She embraced it:

“She was always a little bit surprised by the efforts women made to look young,” Dotti recalls. “She was actually very happy about growing older because it meant more time for herself, more time for her family, and separation from the frenzy of youth and beauty that is Hollywood. She was very strict about everybody’s time in life.”  

What was most meaningful in her life were her children, her family, and her friends.  She devoted the last decade of her life to UNICEF to help those that were less fortunate than her.  She could connect with the children’s stories from her own experiences growing up in Arnhem during WWII.  Her empathy is what guided her throughout her life.  As fans we are able to connect with her on a deeper level than just her fashions and films.  We can apply her graciousness to our own lives and positively influence others in hopes that they will do the same.

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it’s all that matters.” - Audrey Hepburn

Fuller declined to provide too many specifics about the direction of a possible fourth season, except to say, “It would have explored the Hannibal-Will Graham relationship in a much deeper fashion than the series ever has before.”
The GUERREISMS List of 36 Things Every Man Should Do Before Dying.

You have become accustomed to seeing the images on the site, but should also expect to read some gems from time to time. I make it a point to re-post this list at least once a year and check it myself, I’d like to believe it’s about more than just photos.

I present to you 36 things every gentleman should do before dying. Of course this is not etched in stone (or in any particular order) and you may decide some don’t apply… the point is to create your list at some point and do your best to live it.

1. Travel to Paris, and New York.
These cities have a certain mystique about them… it’s well deserved. Plan to visit one (preferably both) and be sure to experience what makes those cities unique. Side note - Real gentlemen don’t do tour buses.

2. Master the omelet.
This is one of those things every man should learn. know how to create an omelet and know how to find those hidden and forgotten items in your refrigerator. Nothing goes better with that good morning kiss than that good morning breakfast.

3. Travel to a third world country.
Nothing will ground and humble you more than this experience. walk down a third world street and take a moment to reflect on what’s important in your life. 

4. Get a manicure.
A real manicure and afterwards, might as well cater to your shoes - get an old fashioned shoe shine outside while people watching.

5. Throw a real party.
I mean prepare every detail. from rolling the sliced turkey, to mixing the olives, to slicing the french bread, to lighting the candles. Select the right music, chill the white, and let breathe the red wine. Throw a white table cloth on the table and invite the big boys.

6. Write a love letter.
A high school note doesn’t count. Take time to write a real love letter to someone deservant. No e-mail, no text, a hand written love letter that speaks from the soul. (keep a copy for yourself, you’ll be glad that you did in the future)

7. Establish a reputation
A gentleman, a scoundrel, a dandy, a lazy bum. People will perceive you a certain way and there is power in perception. Hopefully you’ll choose to present yourself in a favorable way.

8. Give something away just because.
One day when someone tells you they like something you have, just give it to them as a gift. it may be a book you’re reading, your watch, your pen, the point is to simply give away something simply because the person complimented you on it or because they noticed it.

9. Fast for 3 days.
Not a juice fast where you fill your belly with sweet stuff, go 3 days only consuming water. Take time to reflect on yourself, your life, and literally let the inner you relax.

10. Give up something you enjoy.
Practice self control and decide to simply give up something you enjoy. be it soda, a certain type of meat, candy, a tv show. The point is to practice self control, you’ll be fine… even a bit stronger.

11. Buy an Antique. 
Take a day and search through an antique shop. Find a piece that you enjoy and add it to your home. Find a piece that adds character to your home and you’ll find it may become one of your favorite things at home.

12. Repair a piece of furniture.
Now I don’t mean go build you an elaborate cabinet with hidden compartments, or putting together an piece from Ikea. Take the time to strip down a table, buff it, refinish it. No need to make it a habit, but at least experience it once.

13. Play chess.
If you don’t know how, learn… if you already know how, play it more often. Chess is for the big boys, gentlemen don’t play checkers.

14. Have a suit tailor made.
Pick out the material, discuss the process with your tailor, enjoy he measuring process. While everyone can’t afford a bespoke suit, this is one of life’s guilty pleasures you should make a point of experiencing.

15. Give away a keep sake.
Find an item, hold on to it for a while (maybe a coin, a token, a lucky pebble, a money clip) then give it to a friend after you’ve had it for a while. 

16. Write a book.
Now everyone may not be able to do this, but everyone should at least try. Take time to document something worth documenting.

17. Have a hobby.
Every gentleman should have at least 1 hobby. be it card collecting, stamp collecting, pens, or watches. Nothing gives you as much peace of mind as sitting home relaxing looking over what you’ve taken time to gather.

18. Spend a quiet evening ALONE.
Cheese, wine and candlelight or a cold beer and pizza - learn to enjoy your own company.

19. Vacation alone.
This one needs no explanation… ALONE.

20. Have a wall full of photos.
Select a section on your wall and frame photos of close friends, family and loved ones in general. A picture paints a thousand words… a wall full of photos speaks volumes of love.

21. Stay up all night working.
I’m not talking about working the graveyard shift. Spend all night working on something you enjoy, something you’re passionate about. Then, look out the window at daybreak before you go to bed.

22. Bid at an auction.
Don’t just bid, WIN. it may be an item you may not cherish forever, the point is the thrill of the win.

23. Strike up a conversation with someone you’re not attracted to.
Take the time to strike up a conversation with a woman on the merits of simply making her smile. Not because you think she’s beautiful, but simply because making a stranger smile is a beautiful thing.

24. Celebrate your birthday.
Celebrate your birthday by giving something back to the world. It has allowed you to see another year, why not give back… write a book, a poem, make it about what you give, not what you get.

25. Buy a painting.
No litho, no generic painting, save up some money and buy an original.

26. Prepare a picnic.
Plan it, surprise her, and enjoy it.

27. Custom make a piece of jewelry.
Although you may think it may be too expensive, you’d be surprised. Design a piece and bring it to a jeweler. It’ll have a special meaning and will be one of a kind … like you.

28. Write yourself a note.
Write about the temperature, how you feel that day, your thoughts on love, life and in general. Date it and tuck it away Come back to it a few years later (if you remember where you hid it) and reread it. 

29. Dance the Waltz.
At least (try it) once. You’ll be surprised…. and the electric slide!

30. Write a thank you note.
Write a note to a close friend, a family member simply because. Let them know what role they played in your life.

31. A Kodak moment.
Capture a special event on film. Time surely flies, but memories have a way of lingering when captured.

32. Buy an Item with the intention of giving it away.
Save it for someone much younger and give it to them when they can appreciate it.

33. Volunteer for a good cause.
Invest one day in something you always wanted to support. giving back is golden.

34. Buy an elderly person lunch.
One day while you’re buying yourself lunch, just turn around and offer… no, insist on paying for the elderly person’s lunch behind you.

35. See an opera, and/or play.
Dress the part.

36. Remember it’s deeper than Fashion - Live with style..

+1. An anonymous person sent me a comment and corrected a few errors that he/her found. This led me to add one more thing to the list.
Humble yourself when wrong, and acknowledge your mistake(s). 
Thank you anonymous.

‘Someone true’

Among the many passions of her life there was one that meant more than all the others. No it wasn’t her furs or her shoes. It wasn’t her handbags or her lipsticks. It wasn’t her closet full of labels or her life full of luxuries. No it was much deeper than her passion for fashion.

Among the many things she keeps close to her heart there was one that meant more than all the others. No it wasn’t her love of art or her great appreciation for music. It wasn’t her enjoyment of fine dining or her exotic travels. No it was much simpler than her passion for life.

Because among the many loves that she possesses and all the passion that she lives with, nothing is more dear to her than being able to share it all with someone true.

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Hey, I have a kind of weird question for you. Is my "trans man status" invalidated by the fact that I kind of like girly-ish things (make up and stuff) from a more objective perspective? The obvious answer is yes, but I'm a trans man at heart - I want to go on T and get top and bottom surgeries. And remember that it's more from an objective viewpoint; I like make up and stuff because it's pretty, but I hate it for myself.

Zak: I don’t think that liking girly things invalidates being trans at all. You are not your interests or likes, and gender identity is much deeper than fashion sense. I don’t know if my opinion is “objective” or not, but that’s how I feel about it. I think it’s terrible that it makes you hate yourself that you are a trans guy who likes girly stuff. Just as it should be okay for cis men to like stereotypically feminine things, it should be okay for trans men too.