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author’s note: i’m baaaack!! this is the first new set of drabbles i’m posting since reworking my blog. it was inspired by that vlive where namjoon and hobi said that yoongi randomly gave them gifts after the album release and i thought that was the cutest shit ever, so i came up with this~~
disclaimer: all gifs are credited under each boy’s name as cr., none of the gifs used here are my own; they are cropped for uniformity and easy reading


You’re going to murder your boyfriend.

Kim Seokjin, who promised to wake you up nearly four hours ago, had flaked out on his duties; he let you sleep in, that son of a bitch.

“Goddamit, Jin,” you mumble, wiping the sleep out of your eyes. Jin wasn’t next to you and there was no soft (and beautiful, but you’re still kind of pissed at him, so you’ll underplay the compliments for now) singing coming from the bathroom, so he wasn’t showering or shaving. He was gone. He had gotten up, gone to rehearsals and left you to sleep in like the bastard he was.

You grab your phone and make your way to the kitchen. If you’re going to be mad at him, you might as well be mad with a full stomach. When you arrive, however, you find breakfast already made; your favorite prepared carefully and left under a glass roofing, a pink, heart-shaped sticky note attacked to it.

I know you wanted me to wake you up, but you work yourself too hard, you deserve to sleep in every once in a while. And you looked too cute to disturb, jagi~~ I made you breakfast, so hopefully you forgive my handsome face. I loooooooooooooooooove you.

Taking a look at the display again, you notice he’s even prepared your favorite drink and left a little treat on a napkin that was clearly cut with a dull edged pair of scissors to resemble a heart.

“Goddammit, Jin,” you sigh again, but this time with a smile. Well, there’s no way you can be mad at him now.


Min Yoongi considered himself to be a genius in quite a few respects. Most things concerning music were right up his alley—songwriting, producing, composing. He’s pretty good at basketball despite not reaching his life-long destiny of 180cm. He’s a good artist, rapper, brother, mentor. But above all—okay, maybe not above music, but a close second—he is a coffee connoisseur.

Every morning that Yoongi gets up before you, he makes you a cup of coffee, just how you like it. He remembers the exact flavor and brand of creamer you pick up at the at restocks your fridge when you’re running low. He remembers the type of sugar you prefer, and even how hot you like it.

Every time you go out for coffee with Yoongi, he insists that you go grab a table while he stands in line to order. Some days he get you your usual—makes sure the baristas make it how you’d like. Other days, he surprises you with new kinds of drinks, new flavor combinations; it’s always a good kind of surprise. He refuses to let you get anything crappy—he’s very against blended drinks or fraps of any kind from Starbucks, claims they’re “a sugary mess for imbeciles” and that you are “a couple of coffee connoisseurs who will not stoop to the level of a unicorn frap.” His words, not yours.

Some days Yoongi is running late and he doesn’t have time to make you coffee. When that happens, he leaves money on the counter with a small note in rushed handwriting and a cute picture of two mugs: “Sorry I couldn’t get your coffee, love. Buy yourself a cup (and please, do not get a vanilla bean frappucino or I will be forced to divorce you when we get married).”

You roll your eyes, because no where in the world does a single cup of coffee cost twenty bucks, but grab the money anyway. You take up the note too, and add it to your collection.

(Yoongi doesn’t know you keep the notes, but it’ll make a good edition to your montage video at this eventual wedding).


Hoseok takes way more showers than the average person.

You suppose it’s because of all the dancing he does—he showers every morning when he gets up, every night he comes back from practice, sometimes he even showers in the middle of the day because he says he likes “feeling clean.”

His favorite kind of showers, though, are the ones where you’re involved. No sexual endeavors requires (although they are certainly a bonus); he simply likes holding you while water pours on you both. He likes washing your hair (if and when you let him), likes using a loofa to soap up your body and detaching the shower head to rinse you off properly. But around the time the boys have a comeback or are attending award shows, those kinds of showers don’t happen often.

So when Hobi’s forced to shower alone, he always leaves you a note in the mirror afterwards. Carves out hearts, doodles, confessions in the fog of mirror above the sink. Sometimes he even kisses the mirror for good measure.

You have to let the water run for a bit before you jump in, but it’s always worth it to see Hobi’s message appear like heated invisible ink when the bathroom becomes slightly steamy.

Today it’s simple—I love you—written in a lopsided heart and Hoseok’s lip-print off to the side. There’s an arrow pointing to where his mouth was and a message written above it: “kiss me:)”

And even though you feel stupid, it’s not like anyone can see you, right? So you lean over the sink slightly, give the mirror a kiss in the prints of Hobi’s and smile.


Incase you missed it, Namjoon is kind of a certified genius. So, it’s not surprise, that he puts all that brain power to work when he leaves you little sticky notes around your apartment.

Most of the time they’re fun facts—some obscure tidbit of knowledge that the average person certainly would not know or even care to know, but you find them endearing. It’s like Namjoon shares a little piece of his mind with every sticky note he leaves behind.

Other times, they’re riddles meant to leave you pondering all day. He makes you swear not to Google the answer; you’ve got three guesses and opportunities to text him with your answer (maybe he also uses it as an excuse to randomly start a conversation with you, but he’ll never tell). If (and most of the time, when) you get it incorrect, he’ll reveal it to you, only after you’ve kissed him of course.

The whole concept is maybe counterintuitive, it’s not like you wouldn’t have kissed him anyway, but it’s cute. A strange, nerdy kind of cute. A Namjoon kind of cute.

Sometimes the facts aren’t historical or absurd or scientific at all. They’re a cringey kind of cute—borderline embarrassing if anyone else every found them—but you love them all the same.

“Fact #6183 of the universe: I love you more than life itself.”

And sometimes, you leave him a note in return. You always put it on the door, so it’s the first thing he sees when he comes home from a long day of hard work.

“Fact #6184 of the universe: I love you too, more than you’ll ever know.”


Jimin likes texting you.

Scratch that, Jimin’s favorite pastime in the entire fucking world is texting you. Jungkook jokes that he would dive across the entire dance practice room on his stomach when his phone pings at the odds that he’s received a message from you.

He’s bolder behind the screen that he is in person. He likes to send you suggestive texts and imagine your flustered face when you promptly send back “PARK JIMIN!!!!!” in response. He likes the way you use the same four emojis over and over again for every possible scenario. He likes that just talking to you can brighten his day.

So, Jimin doesn’t know if they necessarily count as notes, but every single day since you’ve started dating, he texts you good morning along with a picture of himself.

Even on days he sleeps over, Jimin is sure to get up before you, and text you good morning with a string of embarrassingly sweet emojis and a picture of your sleeping face. And if he forgets, he still passes along the delayed message.


YN [SENT 7:55PM]: Jimin what the hell????? It’s almost 8pm?????

JM [RECIEVED 7:55PM]: It’s a pre-good morning text for tomorrow :(( it’s never too early to start your day

He says he does because he likes your responses.

(He does it because he likes you).

On the occasion that you both sleep in, he still remembers. He’ll even text you good morning when he’s seated directly beside you as you both share breakfast.

JM [RECIEVED 6:43AM]: I love you so much jagiya~


Tae likes to leave his little notes to you on the back of receipts. Usually on those of the new clothing or shoes or jewelry or anything he’s decided to spontaneously purchase for you.

And no matter how long you’d continued to date him, coming home to a box full of expensive shoes or glittering jewelry is not something you’ve gotten used to. Lavish foreign dishes, pricey portraits and custom furniture tailored to your liking. It’s like Taehyung was on a mission to make Givenchy the most common word in your vocabulary, and Gucci in your closet.

He’s not trying to buy your love—the smile on his lips and crinkle in his eyes when he brings you shopping shows you that it runs deeper than that. Taehyung loves fashion; he loves suede shoes and gaberdine suits. And Taehyung loves you; he loves seeing you in the finest chinchilla furs and red bottom heels. He likes seeing his two loves together. He likes sharing himself with you.

So no matter how much you insisted you didn’t need all of his gifts—some you’d revel in, I mean, it’s not every day a girl gets to say her boyfriend gifted her a Vince Camuto handbag as a “Happy Monday” present—Taehyung wasn’t nearly as into returning things as he was into buying them.

Today’s debate was over a pair of silk pajamas that you insisted you didn’t need, but Taehyung was vehement about you keeping.

“You didn’t read the note, did you?” He frowns, shifting through the packaging tissue to fetch the receipt.

He hands it you—you notice the sneaky little bastard has crossed out the price again—and you flip it to find his handwriting on the back: “No takesies backsies, because now we’re twinsies!!!!!!”

When you take another good look at the pajamas, you realize the familiarity you’d sense was not falsely attributed, as Taehyung had the exact same pair in dark blue. You look up to his grinning face, his large hands now holding and extending your new pajamas. You take this as a sign he wants you to put them on.

“Tae, it’s not even my birthday or—”

“Ah, ah, ah! I declared no takesies backsies, already, so you have to put them on!”


Being away from Jungkook was never easy. His presence is an odd mix of comforting and loud and vibrant and calm; it’s easy to notice when he’s gone. There’s no screaming when he dies in a video game, there’s no soft humming around the house, there’s no constant pleading for food, there’s no man on the left side of the bed.

And Jungkook thinks being away from you is the hardest thing he’s ever had to do. You take care of him, you care about him. You’re his silly, beautiful, amazing girlfriend who he loves a lot. If it were up to him, he’d be around you as much as he wants, whenever he wants.

But, alas, touring takes Jungkook away from you, and you away from Jungkook. So, out of fear that he might shrivel away and die if he doesn’t receive contact from you at least three times a day, Jungkook leaves his notes in the form of random reminders on your phone.

And try as you might, there’s no way to be prepared for them. There’s absolutely no way to know whether or not the next one will be completely and ridiculously comedic or sweet.

Most days, they’re dramatic and extra, but truth be told, you didn’t expect any less from Jeon Jungkook


Others get the message across, but of course, because it’s Jungkook, are portrayed in a less… classic sort of confession.


REMINDER: even jin is jealous of your beauty ;)

On the rare occasion that he knew he’d be feeling particularly vulnerable, or he had stolen your phone while you were sleeping and was distracted by just how much he loves you, he leaves softer notes. Something to let you know that behind all the jokes and drama is heart of gold.

REMINDER: i love and miss you so much.

anonymous asked:

Hi there! I have a genuine q. Why do you most kuro fans believe Seb and Ciel are in an intimate relationship (that's not shown explicitly to readers)? I get all the fanservice (fangirl over it tbh), but the kid -freaks- when others touch him. It's even happened with Sebastian. Yana sensei hints the cult assaulted him so all the 'don't touch me!' moments stem from that. With Ciel's visible trauma, I'm kinda scratching my head why so many people legitimately think Ciel wants to do his butler?

Hello, Anon ~

Wow, that’s a very interesting question! However, I’m afraid I cannot speak for the whole fandom, so I can only give you my personal opinion.

Definitely, one of the things that encourage the shipping is the fanservice. Yaoi fans are naturally attracted to series with two male leads, and shippers of any kind will always start shipping characters that spend a lot of time together, have a close relationship and make a lot of physical contact, as those are the things that lead to a strong bond (romantic or otherwise) in real life. So if you add some nearly sexual situations, suggestive comments and a certain amount of possessiveness, what you got is (something resembling) a relationship. It’s only natural that the fans ship it. Yet, I can see you’re hinting something deeper than a platonic relationship and, while I’m not one of those who believe that they fuck behind closed doors, there are several in-canon reasons why such a thing wouldn’t be so unlikely.

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Oh, Aight.

Literally, my favorite way to dismiss a muthafukka. Or to compliment without hyping you to much. Or a non-committal way to say Okay. And H&M put it on a t-shirt. But they put it on the MEN’S t-shirt. So I bought it and cut it. Made it more fit for a Queen. Feedback so far? The ladies love it! And the fellas feel like I’m now their unspoken sidekick.

But if we dig deeper than fashion, isn’t that what life’s about? Turning lemons to lemonade? Making something out of nothing? Doing your own thing and paving your own way… If you can’t work with something, make it work for you. Alter it. Adjust it. Edit it. Recreate it. Show it a different kind of love. ❤️

hlea23  asked:

Why do you think Audrey made such an impact in so many people? <3

At a very young age Audrey endured many difficulties in her life.  She learned what it meant to be abandoned by a parent, to survive a war, to lose friends, and to watch people starve.  In turn, instead of being negatively impacted by these difficult situations she learned the importance of life and love.  This resonated in everything she did, from films to motherhood to her time as a UNICEF ambassador.  She was a hard worker and very disciplined, she never took her success for granted.  She was kind and honest and always put other’s needs before her own.  Her authenticity is what captivated audiences.  In Roman Holiday, although she may have been playing the role of Princess Ann, what we saw was 100% Audrey.  She had her own signature style and a presence only mirrored by that of royalty.  As she matured, she didn’t fret about aging.  She embraced it:

“She was always a little bit surprised by the efforts women made to look young,” Dotti recalls. “She was actually very happy about growing older because it meant more time for herself, more time for her family, and separation from the frenzy of youth and beauty that is Hollywood. She was very strict about everybody’s time in life.”  

What was most meaningful in her life were her children, her family, and her friends.  She devoted the last decade of her life to UNICEF to help those that were less fortunate than her.  She could connect with the children’s stories from her own experiences growing up in Arnhem during WWII.  Her empathy is what guided her throughout her life.  As fans we are able to connect with her on a deeper level than just her fashions and films.  We can apply her graciousness to our own lives and positively influence others in hopes that they will do the same.

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it’s all that matters.” - Audrey Hepburn

Fuller declined to provide too many specifics about the direction of a possible fourth season, except to say, “It would have explored the Hannibal-Will Graham relationship in a much deeper fashion than the series ever has before.”