deeper seas

description of Connor Kenway: Precious cinnamon roll too good, too pure for this world. Cares for other people more than he cares for himself. Would climb sheer rock faces to pick flowers to help a friend court a lady. Loves and cares for his friends like family. Actual personification of a ray of sunshine, the smell of baking cookies, and the first breath of spring after a long winter. Simultaneously a puppy and a warm loaf of freshly-baked bread.

also a description of Connor Kenway: Ferocious man-bear who would CASUALLY RUN ACROSS A BATTLEFIELD like he was making a trip to the grocery store. Mows down an entire squadron of Redcoats in 5 minutes. Thunderstorm and cyclone given human form. War drums and eagle shrieks would not sound out of place any time he makes an appearance. Could probably fight a hurricane and win.

To my Valentine, I love you.
—  I shouldn’t start a love letter with an apology, but I think you’ll come to find it sincere. I’m sorry that I couldn’t be the first person to kiss you, the first time someone kissed my lips I understood that to love is to be in pain– but my sister had to explain that love shouldn’t hurt, it should be painless. The light breeze while you’re outside exploring the city during spring kind of feeling. I’m sorry that I couldn’t be the first person to hold you, the first person to hold my hands said that I shouldn’t regret anything or anyone because in this moment? This very second… you wanted it with every part of your being. It doesn’t matter in the end, the only thing that matters is the journey. The road that led you to me will ultimately lead you back to yourself. I’m sorry that I won’t be the first person to make you feel love. The ocean is a heart and I’ve been building a sandcastle that’s tall enough to seek you out. I’m sorry that I won’t be the one you’ll show off to your mother. I’m sorry that you’ll think about me when sleep is close to impossible. Valentine’s Day no longer holds value to me. I’ve been doing some thinking lately about who I am as a writer and what it means to say I love you. To love someone enough to let them go. To love someone enough to tell them to grow without you. To love someone enough that you’re willing to explain the reasons as to why it won’t work just yet. To love yourself enough to come to terms with it. One day someone’s going to treat you better than I ever will. One day someone’s going to ask you to marry him. One day someone’s going to have your smile. One day someone’s going to leave you love letters near the kitchen sink. One day someone’s going to pretend to spoon feed you during dinner and pull you in for a kiss. One day someone’s going to write poems for you and mean it when he says I want you to be mine forever. One day someone’s going to be right beside you. He’ll be right there. By your side, as the sun hits your curtains and you’re struggling to get out of bed– he’ll swing those curtains open and jump scare you. He’s going to sing for you while you’re in the shower. He’ll hold you while you’re having nightmares. He’ll reason with you intellectually if you’re ever in a dispute about art and poetry. He’ll walk you down that aisle and never think twice. He won’t do drugs and he’ll be healthy. He won’t smoke cigarettes and he won’t be perfect, but my god, he’ll make you forget about me. You’re stubborn and hard headed, you’re just like me. You’re smart and colorful down to the bristles of your soul. As an artist and a writer, we are compelled to chase after a love story fitting to declare war upon ourselves. You’re going to paint his life like how I’ve done for you. He’s going to squeeze your palms and ask for a dance. He’s going to hold your hips and ask for a walk. The moon will be out and you’ll enjoy your night. Love screams from a multidimensional place– I’ve seen seen love crash and burn. I’ve seen love destroy and rebuild. I’ve seen love light enough to blind us from ever seeing the truth. I’ve seen a love that’s frightening. I’ve seen terror within the night– you’re only sober if it feels right. I’ve seen who I am and I’m still lost. Some words cost us an eternity of apologies. Some feelings never leave us, even if the people do. You’re more than what I can ask for, you’re more than you know. We’ve been down this road before. Some day we’ll forget about who we are today, some day we’ll change forever. Some day you’ll understand the why, some day you’ll find the who, some day he’ll bring you to the where, some day he’ll show you what’s in his heart, and you’ll realize about the how. I’m still searching for myself– I’m falling deeper into a sea that isn’t designed for swimming. I’m stuck in a place that only has room for one person. Do you ever feel like there’s something wrong with the way that we are? Something’s always missing in the daily routine, there’s something broken inside of my head. Love letters sprinkled with heartfelt laughter– I wish I could give you that. I only want the best for you even if that person isn’t me.

Was this film not savaged by Malaysian censors? Have the Russians not forbidden any child from bearing witness? Did a theater in Alabama not go full Footloose?

A man goes into a live-action Beauty And The Beast with a certain set of expectations, one of those being a completely flaming gay tryst featuring Josh Gad and a chorus line of semen-soaked villagers. Instead, and do brace yourself for some fearsome spoilers, I had Josh Gad dancing in courtly fashion with another man for literally three seconds of screen time just as the end credits begin to roll. That was the gay? That was homosexual? My word, I’ve had gayer times at the county fair with a corn dog. Every single time a straight dude showers at the gym, he’s about 3,000 gay leagues deeper in the gay sea than this. You’re gayer by proxy just driving by a highway rest stop.

I too am outraged by the gayness in Disney’s Beauty And The Beast, because there is none. There’s a man who, if you read into the less-than-subtle subtext of the film, is quite possibly homosexual, but who commits about as many homosexual acts as the clock does.

Why ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Isn’t Nearly Gay Enough


Summary: A series of firsts; Betty and Jughead explore the steamy side of being a couple.

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(Warning: MUCH SIN AHEAD! This is a pure smutty fic, way explicit and utterly graphic. It follows Betty and Jughead down the road of testing the waters with each other until the inevitable happens ;) You asked, so I deliver :P I also tried to incorporate it into the plot of Rivedale in order for the story to have a much more realistic sense in a way! Anyway, thank you so much darlings for your compliments and your amazing feedback!! I hope you all enjoy!)

 La Petite Mort - 1. Innocence Lost

I’m a high school lover, and you’re my favorite flavor

Love is all, all my soul

You’re my playground love

A light breeze caresses the leaves of the oak tree next to Betty’s opened window and twirls inside her dimly lit room to the beat of some mellow tunes that echo lightly from her golden rose laptop. The ruffle curtains sway under the feathery force of the physical change that disrupted the otherwise calm evening, the shadow of the sheer material dancing over the profile of the two teens that are tangled up with each other on the princess-like double bed at the center of the room.  They are in their own world of first time loving and blissful adolescent ignorance, enjoying the momentary peace and quiet of their hectic small town, drama-filled lifestyle, getting lost in the feeling of drowning deeper and deeper in a sea of amour and lust.

Wet sounds of tongues lazily exploring the new-found territory of each other’s lips and steady beating of two Eros wounded hearts are suppressed by the singer’s voice that urges them to carry on in the background and Jughead is ashamed to admit that his mind fails to register what movie that song musically decorated, even though he swears it’s in the tip of his tongue. But then again the tip of his tongue is now being sucked by Betty Cooper’s voluptuous lips and he can hardly pinpoint anything anymore, not even his own name.

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BTS Reaction to Another Member Asking You to be Their GF

Incognito; bts reacts to another member asking you out like to be their gf kind of thing?? Please and thank you!

Note: Thanks for having manners love! I hope it’s to your liking ~ *credit to gif owners*

Jin ➳ How was he supposed to act like? Hoseok looked so happy when he asked you to be his with his arms wide opened, and when you teared up as the sun literally lit up before you, you ran into his arms as he embraced you into a very loving hug. Seokjin could only look away, trying not to witness your happiness as he was the only one who was slowly drowning deeper and deeper into the sea, not being able to breathe at the thought of seeing the one he loved oh so much belong to someone else. He could only stare at what he wished could be his happily ever after, because it was now something that was beyond his reach.

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Suga ➳ All emotion drained him, watching the way Jungkook held your hand in uttermost affection as he watched the two of you become so smitten of each other. His throat was dry, threatening to throw a sarcastic remark from his lips but he held it in, sealing every feeling he could feel as he tried to desperately push them into the darkest pits of his mind. His eyes wouldn’t leave your build, and once Jungkook had noticed this, he became slightly irritated. “Yes, hyung?” He asked in annoyance, gaining your attention as you glanced to Yoongi in innocence, “do you need anything from my girlfriend?”

The older could only gulp as he blinked, “yes, actually,” he muttered under his breath, his eyes softening as he became quiet. I need her to be mine.

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J-Hope ➳ He had taken you to the rooftop alone to show you the city lights, and possibly, ask you out on a date. The breeze was pleasant, and once he turned to you to find you looking to him in curiousness, he had opened his mouth to speak before he was cut off. The boys came roaring in squeals as they pushed Namjoon to the rooftop and before you, the leader flushing in embarrassment before he would be asking you to be his girlfriend. Hoseok could only smile in pain to himself the moment you nodded before Namjoon would give you a toothy grin as he intertwined your fingers. The moment the boys cheered and cat called, Hoseok sighed as tears would cloud his vision. It just wasn’t meant to be, he was a second too late.

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RapMonster ➳ “I love you.” Everyone’s heads snapped up to Yoongi who had bluntly told you his feelings while you were speaking to Namjoon, and the silver haired man could only watch you as your cheeks suddenly flushed scarlet while being too speechless to speak. But compared to Namjoon, at least you were only shocked; he felt like his heart could burst at any moment as it was suddenly clogged in his throat. Tears were beginning to brim his eyes the moment you smiled and returned his feelings, and once that gummy smile appeared onto Yoongi’s features, pulling you flush against his chest—Namjoon could only pretend to yawn to wipe the tears away before they could be seen. As others said, he should have confessed before it was too late.

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Jimin ➳ Time stopped once he saw Taehyung asking you to be his. Jimin wished on anything that you would decline, he wanted you to be happy but not with the younger man, he wanted you to be happy with him. But when you accepted and Taehyung’s face lit up the whole room and possibly the universe before pecking you on the lips, Jimin could only become angry as fate had already intertwined your destinies together. No, this couldn’t be happening, Jimin felt like it was all a mistake, and as everyone congratulated you two he couldn’t stop himself from saying, “Are you sure Taehyung would make you happy?” The whole room became quiet and Jimin could only chuckle to himself, because he knew for a fact that he would do anything to make you happier.

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V ➳ Jimin had come to him asking for help, telling the younger that he was going to ask someone to be his but never in his life did Taehyung think it was going to be you. He loves you more than anything, and his eyes were bulging the moment you walked through the main door only to be surprised as Jimin gave you a bouquet of roses. He was annoyed, knowing he shouldn’t be since you technically didn’t belong to him but oh, did he wish you did. He couldn’t stand seeing you two being so lovey-dovey, and he couldn’t stand the way the guys would coo at the new couple. Eventually, Namjoon asked him if he was okay, and Taehyung felt like he was as easy to read as glass while he shook his head no; eventually grabbing his coat and taking an abrupt leave.

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Jungkook ➳ It was your birthday and he was beyond ecstatic, planning to do things with you to make thing perfect but when he was waiting for you, only to see you walking to him with Seokjin hand in hand — his world shattered. He didn’t have the heart to cancel the plans, eventually inviting the rest of the boys so he wouldn’t third wheel but he was deeply hurt. He couldn’t stop seeing the way you looked at Seokjin, and he definitely didn’t like how the older looked to you the same way Jungkook himself did when you were alone. He couldn’t stand hearing everyone talking about your relationship with the older, asking many questions on how it happened and why; he eventually put his earphones in to mute out everything around him, only wishing to escape reality.

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Dating Taehyung would include:

(idk if this is okay)

  • - Random ‘’animals on the street’ snaps
  • - “Babe look at that cat”
  • - “Baby did you see that puppy?”
  • - Waking up to a snoring drooling mess
  • - Deeper than the sea morning voice Tae
  • - Sings you to sleep once in a while
  • - He brings you tea/coffee all the time
  • - Or flowers. But like in pots
  • - “I saw this and and i thought you’d like it”
  • - Always cooking the same 5 recipes because you know them and that way you can fool around w/o fucking up dinner
  • BTS members randomly appearing in your home 
  • - If he’s sad he’ll want you to leave him alone during the day but at night when he climbs into bed he’ll just drop his walls completely
  • - Rapping
  • - Like he be rapping about folding the laundry and shit
  • - Or about dogs
  • - You have a pile of clothes that is the ‘sharing’ pile 
  • - Most socks are sharing socks
  • - Video games 
  • - Cursing each other out like crazy people
  • - You have matching camouflage PJ's 
  • - “Babe where are you??????”
  • - “Where’s that voice coming from????” “OW”
  • - Asks you how you are aaaaall the time
  • - “You sure you’re okay?”
  • - You lose each other when shopping. Every time without fail
  • - “DID YOU SEE THIS?” You echo each other as you show each other the exact same thing
  • - “We’re so cool” 
  • - Doesn’t get angry very often.
  • - Is hot af when he does
  • - Family oriented af
  • - All family events are important events
  • - His cousins hang out w you two a lot
  • - It’s super nice cause Tae plays w them all day and you can make snacks and watch movies w them when they’re all tired out 
  • - Your heart explodes a little the first time they call you auntie 
  • - So does Tae's 
Jily Week- Day 3

Oh, Merlin.

Lily Evans was in trouble.

So much trouble.

Her chest was heaving as she leant over a desk, her hands gripping it so tightly it hurt. She wished the pain would make everything focus, make everything clear, but it didn’t work.

Of course it wouldn’t.

Her breath came out in gasps as she collapsed into a desk’s chair. She was alone in an empty Charms classroom, alone on a late Thursday afternoon as the sun gradually sank lower in the sky. Lily stared out of one of the large windows, trying to focus on something- anything- apart from what she’d just realised.

She was in love.

She had thought it was just a simple sex thing, at first. After all, she was a teenager, and James Potter was hot. Now that he wasn’t being a git, anyway.

Then, once she’d started to want him to take her on dates and hold her hand and kiss her, she’d decided it was a simple crush. It would go away soon enough.

It was just because she’d been spending so much time with him, that was all.

Then- well, then she knew she was in trouble when her feelings grew deeper. They were the sea; bottomless and deep and wild.

She’d only thought of the L-word twenty minutes ago, sitting in a meeting with him, watching the way he kept shoving his glasses up his nose as he talked, watching the way the sun caught his eyes and his hair and Merlin, he was gorgeous.


She had caught herself before he had noticed her watching him, thought causally He can’t know I’m in love with him.

Then she’d frozen.

Was she in love with him?

The answer was easy.

Yes. Yes, she was.

She’d gotten up and ran, ran out of that damn meeting into the nearest empty classroom and sat down and tried to figure out what to do next.

That was where she was now.

Sitting in a desk too small for her, glaring at the floor, and fighting back tears. A sudden wave of anger overtook her.

She’d managed to last years without falling under his spell. Years! And now look where she was.

In love with the boy at the one point where he didn’t love her back.

Because he didn’t. He didn’t.

He was gentle and kind and loving- but he didn’t love her.

Lily picked up an ink pot that was lying on the desk and turned it over and over in her hands, furious with herself and him and pretty much the whole damn world.

It wasn’t fair.

It wasn’t.

She stood and hurtled the ink pot at the wall, hands shaking, eyes burning, thoughts racing.

It shattered loudly, ink splattering on the wall like blood, pieces of ink pot bouncing on the stone floor and towards Lily.

She didn’t move, just covered her face with her hands and wondered what exactly she was doing.

She took a deep breath and wondered if crying would make her feel better. That was what her mum always said- that crying made you feel better.

Well, Lily didn’t want to feel better. She wanted to fix this. Fix her feelings for-

The door opened violently, and James Potter fell into the room. His face was lightly flushed along his high cheekbones, and he was breathing hard, like he’d been running. His hair, although usually messy, was even messier than normal, and Lily found herself wishing that she could run her hands through it and pull him close to her-

No, she didn’t.

She wanted to keep three feet away from him and never touch him. Ever. That way she couldn’t manage to embarrass herself.

He looked up at her, and his face just lit up, eyes shining.

Ten feet. She would stay ten feet away. Just to be safe.

“Lily,” he said, relief evident in his tone, and suddenly Lily realised how it must have looked, her running out of the Head’s meeting halfway through his speech, especially now, when so many students- especially Muggle-borns like Lily- were receiving letters with bad news about their parents or siblings or friends. “Are you okay? I’ve been looking all over for you.”

Okay, she was going to have to extend her minimum distance from him to fifteen feet when he looked like that. He looked…

He looked perfect. He looked like everything she had ever wanted in a boy, like every childhood fantasy her and Petunia had come up with.

“I’m fine,” Lily said hastily. “I just felt a bit faint, that’s all. I swear. Nothing’s… nothing’s happened.”

His shoulders slumped in relief, and he crossed the classroom in a few easy strides to stand next to her by her desk.

Okay, he was way closer than fifteen feet and it was driving Lily to distraction. She could smell him, quidditch broom polish and butterbeer and minty shower gel.

“Did you smash an ink pot?” James asked curiously, looking over at the mess behind her.

Lily thought fast. “Yeah, I knocked one over by accident. I tripped,” she lied, seeing the expression on his face. “Um, I should probably clean it up before a teacher gets here.”

“I’ll do that,” James said, waving a hand in her direction and moving past her to the shattered ink bottle. He brushed against her and she stiffened, not trusting herself. “You should get to the Hospital Wing. You’re obviously not well, you’re acting all jumpy.”

“I’m fine,” Lily insisted, feeling her stomach twist in guilt at the concerned tone in James’ voice. “I swear.”

“No, you aren’t.” He was busy picking up shards of ink pot, and Lily took the opportunity to admire him, admire the fluid way he moved, the way his glasses slid down his nose in the most adorable way she could imagine… he looked up at her, and she looked away, her face flushing. “You said you felt faint. You should go to Madame Pomfrey, and that’s final.”

“I’m fine,” Lily insisted, and then realised she should be helping James clean up her mess, not standing and admiring his muscles. “I swear.”

“Nope.” James stood up and pushed her away from the ink, and again Lily flushed, realising just how close they were. “You’re acting weird, Lily, and I’m worried.”

Lily shrugged. “Don’t be. I’m fine.”

“Lily-” he began, sighing, and Lily stumbled away from him, shaking her head.

Why did it have to be so hard?

Why did he have to make it so hard? She’d been hanging on by a thread these past few months, barely managing to stay friends with him. Barely managing to not grab him by the tie and kiss him senseless.

“No,” Lily said sharply. “No, James, please. Don’t.”

“Don’t what?” His eyes were alive with worry, and Lily hated it.

“Don’t- don’t be concerned!”

“I’m your friend,” he said slowly, stepping towards her. Broken glass crunched under his shoes.

“I can’t be friends with you,” Lily said. “I can’t. I can’t.”

His mouth was wide open, his eyes wide and hurt. “Lily-”

“I tried,” Lily said, the words spilling out of her in a flood. “I tried, Merlin, I tried. But I can’t stay friends with you when I’m in love with you, James.”

There was silence.

Lily’s heartbeat thrummed in her ears, and she blinked hard against the tears suddenly building behind her eyes.

And then- then James moved forwards in one step, so he was so close that Lily could see the flecks of gold in his eyes, and gripped her face in his hands. “Did you ever think,” he breathed. “That I stopped loving you?”

Then he kissed her, slow and soft and warm. It was everything Lily had imagined it would be, everything she had ever wanted- his hands were on her waist, her hands tangled in his messy hair.

“I love you,” he breathed as they pulled apart.

She smiled and kissed him again, her heart beating wildly in her chest. “Good.”


This whole thing has been so messy.

When I reached out almost twenty one days ago
It was the first time in a while
I was hanging onto the last words you said-
That I was special to you.
That I was the kind of girl that you never wanted out of your life.
You asked me to please reach out soon
To call you up and you would take me to supper and that if I ever needed anything,
You would be there for me
Those words were heavy, deeper than the sea
They hit me in a place where I was vulnerable and weak
And I held onto them
I continued to care for you
I cried so many tears missing you
I prayed for you every night
Some nights curling up in a ball, crying out to God and asking Him why I couldn’t have you
[I still don’t know why.]

And at first when I came back
My mind was drugged at the euphoric thought of having you back
[Maybe it wasn’t even real all along-
Maybe it was just a fantasy]

But I have to look at the facts now.
These last few weeks, my phone has been silent
Barely a careless, discarded word or two from you
Conversations you start without replying
It leaves me hanging on and
That’s not fair
Because based on the evidence of your actions
I can come to these conclusions:
You don’t care like you used to and
I don’t mean a thing to you.
[maybe i never did]
It h u r t s.
I thought coming back to you would heal the growing ache in me
But it only made it worse
You are cold now
A winter wind
A stranger
An empty, dark room
And I don’t want to shiver in your iciness anymore

So if you ever wonder why I am gone
I am writing this poem to let you know
I never stopped caring for you-
I just realized
You didn’t care for me
And I had to let go of you.

do you wanna go to the seaside?

you don’t have to obviously, but i listened to ‘Busy - Olly Murs’ whilst writing this, and i think it’s perfect for the feel of this one :) 

“And we don’t wanna hear the real world passing by,” I glanced over at Shawn as one hand was gripped to the wheel; whilst he used the other one to point out the front of the window, pulling a stupid face as he sung along.

I placed my arm along the edge of the door, with the window down, and leaned my head on it; looking at my reflection in the side mirror. The sky was seamless, blue going for miles and miles. My hair was waltzing in the wind as Shawn sped down the roads, wanting to start our day at the beach.

“Oh god,” I sighed, as Shawn shut the boot. “What?” he asked, taking one of the bags from my hands and throwing it over his shoulder. “You actually bought that hat?” I said, pointing at the huge bucket hat covering his fluffy hair. A proud smile spread across his face as he adjusted it slightly, “Yep.”
I rolled my eyes before stepping onto the path, feeling Shawn nudge his shoulder against mine once he joined me. “At least you’ll never lose me,” he said, taking my hand in his. “You can spot me from miles away in this thing.”

The sun was shining, which was something I hadn’t felt for a long time. I felt completely relaxed, so much so that a towel on sand felt more comfortable than some of the hotel beds I had slept in. Shawn was like a little kid when it came to beach days; he threw everything on the ground before running down to the shore and leaping straight into the cold sea. He gave me the thumbs up as soon as he was in waist deep; but I chuckled to myself when his face showed how cold he really felt. I laid back under the umbrella, and read my book; not wanting to do anything else. Being on tour was incredibly exhausting for Shawn of course, but it was actually quite tiring for me as well.

“Shit,” I sighed as I felt cold drops of water land across my body. I slammed my book down and looked up, frowning with my hand over my eyes as I glared up at Shawn who had a childish grin plastered across his face. “Come on baby, come in the sea with me” he smiled, sitting down on his knees. “No Shawn,” I said, grabbing my book to quickly fold the top of the page. “Please,” he pouted. I tried my best to scowl at him, but I couldn’t help but smile at the dork in front of me. He had worked incredibly hard on tour, and he deserved this little break. “Fine,” I sighed, pushing myself up from the ground. “You’re the best,” he hummed before pecking my nose. “But the hat goes,” I said, placing my hands on my hips. He threw it to the ground so it landed on the towel, and grabbed my hand before running towards the sea.

“See, it’s not too bad” he said as he slowly walked ahead of me, getting deeper into the sea. I nodded quickly faking a smile, until he turned his back to me, and that’s when I swore under my breath whilst rubbing my arms. “Come here,” he said softly, reaching out his hand for me to take. I took it and made my way closer to him. As soon as I was standing directly in front of him, he grabbed me by the waist with both hands; and lifted me so I was being held by his arms. He swung me round in bridal style, laughing at the squeals that left my mouth. “Stop Shawn,” I giggled, terrified that he’d drop me in the sea. Seconds later he stopped, but kept me in his arms. I pushed back the loose wet curls, letting out the last chuckle. I was taken aback by his lips crashing into mine, feeling wet and smooth. He then gently placed me back on my feet, and admittedly the water no longer felt cold.

I found myself admiring Shawn’s back whilst he paid for our ice creams. I had seen it so many times, but there was something about it under the sun; revealing the muscles even more; carving his shoulders even more. I’d become so lost in a daze, I didn’t realise he had moved until I felt the cold shock of ice cream being placed on the tip of my nose. “You can stare as much as you want,” he said, with a cocky smirk on his face. I stuck my tongue out at him before attempting to lick the ice cream from my nose. He giggled from behind his ice cream cone, before grabbing my chin with his spare hand and gently wrapping his lips around my nose, sucking the ice cream off. “Sweet,” he smiled before going back to his own ice cream.
Hand in hand, we slowly walked along the stretched path; with the sea to our right. We would’ve walked at a normal speed, but Shawn said it was because he wanted to soak the moment up. Although this may be have been true, I knew it was also because he wasn’t very good at multitasking; meaning it was difficult for him to walk whilst eating away at an ice cream.

I felt like I was on cloud nine as we stood at the very end of the Pier, arms resting on the rails as we looked out at the blue ocean, that had no end in sight. “I wish we could stay here forever,” Shawn said as he had one arm wrapped round my waist, tugging me closer towards him. “You’d miss touring after five days or so, you’d be begging to go back” I smiled. He lowered his head with a smile, “I know.”
I moved slightly so I could rub the back of his head with my hand, tugging on the ends. “I love it when you play with my hair,” he grinned into the palm of his hand as he leaned into it; staring forward. I continued to do so for a few minutes more, until I knocked my body into his; my head resting into the crook of his neck, and both arms snaking round his broad figure.

“Are you getting cold?” he asked. I nodded before he pushed me back slightly, and began digging into his bag. He gave me his precious hat to hold whilst he looked for his jacket. “Don’t even think about throwing it over,” Shawn said, shooting me a daring look. I raised an eyebrow as he handed me his jacket, snatching the hat back. “Thank you,” I said softly as I pulled his jacket over me; loving the sudden rush of warmth.

“I could see you being a fireman actually,” I said before placing a chip in my mouth. Shawn and I were talking about what we wanted to be when we were little as we delved into our fish and chips. We were sat on a wall overlooking the sea, knowing it would be too cold to sit right on the shore now. “Oh yeah?” he grinned, dipping a chip into some tomato sauce. I nodded, “I can see so many desperate women purposely setting fire to something, just so that you could come and sweep them off their feet” I laughed. Shawn threw his head back in laughter too, “You’re probably right.”
“I can see you being a nurse,” he said, looking out at the sea. I froze and looked at him with a confused expression. “Are you kidding?” He looked at me and shook his head, “You’d look really, and I mean really hot in that uniform.” “Ha,” I said, shoving a chip into his mouth. “Maybe one day, but for your eyes only.”

Once we had piled the bags back into the boot and slammed it shut, I turned on my heels for a split second; before Shawn placed his hands on my waist and spun me back round; pulling me closer to him. “I’ve really, really enjoyed today” he smiled, his hands lingering at my waist. “I’ve enjoyed it too.” He slowly pressed his lips against mine as his hands gently glided down my back.
Shawn threw his hand behind my seat as he looked back, reversing out of our parking space. “Are you sure we’ve got everything?” I asked one last time. “Yes,” Shawn sighed. “Even your hat?” I asked. “You packed it into your bag,” he said confidently as he sat forward and spun the wheel. “No I didn’t,” I said bluntly. Shawn glanced in my direction, “Well, it’s not in my bag for sure.” I threw my head back in laughter, covering my gaping mouth with my hands and Shawn erupted in panic. “Oh well then, I take what I said back” I said between laughter. “Not have I only enjoyed today, but it is now officially the best day ever.”


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Title : Romanticised

Author : Myself 

Pairing : Im Jaebum x You (reader)

Summary : He had planned everything for both of them, including a newly born romantic side.

“All set?”

“Yeah, I have the wine bottle.”

It was hard to see where you were both going, but the firm grip on your hand was like a guide in a secret forest, full of fantasy.

The summer had granted both of you a cool evening, with a soft breeze and no sweat. You were grateful to be able to go out without melting like snow and your boyfriend was slowly walking toward the secret place he had told you about. This date was a total surprise and you could almost see the happiness paint itself on your significant other’s face, signalling he was enjoying your little adventure.

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E. E. Cummings reads his poem [love is more thicker than forget]

[love is more thicker than forget]
by E. E. Cummings (1894-1962)

love is more thicker than forget
more thinner than recall
more seldom than a wave is wet
more frequent than to fail

it is most mad and moonly
and less it shall unbe
than all the sea which only
is deeper than the sea

love is less always than to win
less never than alive
less bigger than the least begin
less littler than forgive

it is most sane and sunly
and more it cannot die
than all the sky which only
is higher than the sky


“Darker than the ocean, deeper than the sea..You’ve got everything, you got what I need”

You were right. You are very persuasive.❤️

one. your skin is a gift
an heirloom passed from generations
like the wind that moves the sands of time.

two. your skin is a painting
a testimony of a piece of the moon
that the sun so loves.

three. your skin is an armor
made of tears, blood and sky-wrecking thunder
smiles hiding in the darkest corners
and it shines bright as the motherland
and moves deeper than the sea, because
no armor is stronger
than one worn with pride.

four. your skin is the
most beautiful poetry i’ve ever seen.

five. your skin is not
a crime scene, it is not the
forgotten lyrics of an oppressed history
but the melodious tune
of an uprising.

six. you are the pedestal,
the kingdom, the throne
on which the crown of your culture rests.

seven. first and foremost. you
are human. you are
a girl.

- notes to the brown girl | vans.


                      “ O, death is colder than the clay and love is longer than the way. O, thunder is louder than the horn and wrath is sharper than a thorn. O, the final answer be that hell is deeper than the sea. “