deeper seas

Dating Taehyung would include:

(idk if this is okay)

  • - Random ‘’animals on the street’ snaps
  • - “Babe look at that cat”
  • - “Baby did you see that puppy?”
  • - Waking up to a snoring drooling mess
  • - Deeper than the sea morning voice Tae
  • - Sings you to sleep once in a while
  • - He brings you tea/coffee all the time
  • - Or flowers. But like in pots
  • - “I saw this and and i thought you’d like it”
  • - Always cooking the same 5 recipes because you know them and that way you can fool around w/o fucking up dinner
  • BTS members randomly appearing in your home 
  • - If he’s sad he’ll want you to leave him alone during the day but at night when he climbs into bed he’ll just drop his walls completely
  • - Rapping
  • - Like he be rapping about folding the laundry and shit
  • - Or about dogs
  • - You have a pile of clothes that is the ‘sharing’ pile 
  • - Most socks are sharing socks
  • - Video games 
  • - Cursing each other out like crazy people
  • - You have matching camouflage PJ's 
  • - “Babe where are you??????”
  • - “Where’s that voice coming from????” “OW”
  • - Asks you how you are aaaaall the time
  • - “You sure you’re okay?”
  • - You lose each other when shopping. Every time without fail
  • - “DID YOU SEE THIS?” You echo each other as you show each other the exact same thing
  • - “We’re so cool” 
  • - Doesn’t get angry very often.
  • - Is hot af when he does
  • - Family oriented af
  • - All family events are important events
  • - His cousins hang out w you two a lot
  • - It’s super nice cause Tae plays w them all day and you can make snacks and watch movies w them when they’re all tired out 
  • - Your heart explodes a little the first time they call you auntie 
  • - So does Tae's 
My love for you runs deeper than the sea and is as infinite as the outer space, yet it is also just as dark.
—  // perspective
libra & aquarius

They say,
“when you meet your soulmate, you see everything in color”
but I haven’t seen in black and white,
my colors now just happen to be bright

They say,
“young love does not last”
but two people who are meant to be,
they are stronger than their past
and their talks are deeper than the sea

And then we say,
“we’re sorry for the curse,
but goddamn you have no idea,
together we hold the universe


Love is more thicker than forget, more thinner than recall. More seldom than a wave is wet, more frequent than to fall. It is less mad and moonily and less it shall unbe than all the sea which is deeper than the sea. Love is less always than to win. Less never than alive. Less bigger than the least begin. Less littler than forgive. It is most sane and sunnily and more it can not die than all the sky which only is higher than the sky. - e.e cummings


So many nights spent staring at this endless darkness.
In wonder of the scent you carry now.
Has your skin changed into a softer silk I’ve never touched.
Are your eyes deeper than the sea I Iost my mind in once before.
Does your hair flow with the winds I once walked within.
Have I felt those same winds that have brushed across your soul and have never known.
The expanse of lands and new hearts that separate us.
Yet will never know the indelible imprint you’ve left on this canvas.
In the universe that may never exist, the thought of you is eternally on my lips.

Cryptictalk ©

I remember a time when I was
brighter than the Sun
     deeper than the Sea
          wider than the Sky
              higher than the Mountains.

I remember I was countless and everlasting as the Stars.

I remember a time when we were
stronger than Atlas
     wiser than Prometheus
          gentler than Hestia
              greater than Zeus.

I remember we were better than all of Olympus put together.

I remember a time when the world was
sweeter than sugarcane
     prettier than roses
         holier than prayers
               quieter than mornings.

I remember it was soft as the touch of your lips on mine.

I remember, 
I do, 
but sometimes, I confess
it feels less like a memory of the past
and more like 
     a fantasy
     a fever dream

—  while you were here ( j.p. )

:: It’s Peaceful In The Deep ::

James Kirk falls in the sea. Ice cold salt water burns his eyes and stings his skin, he’s falling, deeper, deeper. The sea is an endless expanse of black ice. He doesn’t know how long he’s been falling, weighed down with heavy coats and tired limbs, he can barely see the faint moonlight above the water. He closes his eyes, tired, the piercing cold has been reduced to numb ache all over his body.

Something grabs him, then, hoisting him up from his underarms. They’re going up, fast, faster, almost there-

Kirk gasps and splutters, finally being able to breath. The cold air stings his skin and it feels as though his lungs will never be full enough.

He’s still being held up by whoever saved him, Kirk turns around as best he can to look at the person, to thank them for saving his life, his brain slowly caching up to the situation. He could have died. He would have died if it weren’t for this person.

“Thank you- thank you so much, I-” Kirk feels the air leave his lungs again when his eyes adjust to what little light there is. The person who’d saved him -if it was a person- had pale green skin, pointed ears and curved eyebrows. “Oh god-” Kirk tries to push himself away only to swallow a mouthful of water as he sinks back under.

The person pulls him back up, Kirk grips their arms tightly. He’s terrified, if he lets go he drowns if he stays whoever this is could very well kill him.

“What- who are you?” He asks. He’s still so, so cold, and talking, thinking, even breathing is difficult.

The person raises one perfectly angled eyebrow, “My name is Spock.”

Let’s talk Cole. Entertainment is seen as a pinnacle profession. Everyone wants in, and it’s preached as the most ideal lifestyle in the western world. An entertainment occupation is one of the only kind capable of bringing a family from the lowest to the highest class of society within a single generation. Promoted to bring financial success, social success, sexual success, what else could a citizen desire? Let’s not forget, like social media (you being in control of your own public image), the entertainment industry is in control of public opinion, and so reinforces itself by claiming its own elite status. This self promotion come across as unending coverage of media figures, their lifestyles, their wealth, and their sexual pursuits.
Repeated exposure of the rich and successful leads to idolization, and idolization of entertainment employees helps to create more. This helps the industry survive.
Monumental success in the entertainment industry is Incredibly rare. And the system balances itself out with low success rates and plenty of able bodied and willing participants looking to fill available positions.
But you don’t see this, you won’t see the struggle. All we’ll see are the success stories, and anyone trying to step away from the industry are vilified (my brother and I going to college). Any other profession taken is seen as a step backwards, any other lifestyle chosen is seen as a mistake. When you’re in, you’re in for life, and oftentimes the feeling of necessary and constant success and relevance is enough to drive young entertainers insane.
Dehumanization in the form of paparazzi and public critique is seen as “an expected part of the business,” and so those who speak against it are often laughed into submission.
Know how your industry operates, and you gain a tremendous amount of agency within it. Let’s be smart about this from now on Cole.
—  Cole Sprouse (2016)

It was but a couple days ago that I was marveling over Vasta’s courage and skillfulness in adapting Frank Ocean’s White Ferrari into a deep house dance track, but today, we must also pay our respects to a sensational remix of the track by UK producer Alex Metric. This serene coasting White Ferrari dips deep into a vast and profound sea. The deeper we go, the more humbled we are by the great expanse still shrouded in mystery ahead of us. If there is a meaning to life, and we are not all nihilists, it just might be found in Alex Metric’s sprawling remix. 

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My love is so deep,
I see you swimming in it
In the evenings.
Letting my adoring waves
Caress the inner walls
Of your brain.
My current pulling you deeper
And deeper into me.
A sea filled with healing memories.

There’s no sharp rocks
Or unsettled waves.
Just clear waters where
You can still see my face
Frozen underneath the surface
Admiring your losses and fears.
Like only true love does.
Like only true love can.
—  You’ll always swim in my soul.