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finally someone who gets it. I see this, and I’m Canadian lol.

i mean i get where it can seem like it’s not just because an election is coming up because saying he supports same-sex marriage is a huge risk because a decent-sized portion of his supporters are black protestants who i think are mostly against gay marriage

but still, he suddenly decides to go public with this information AFTER biden says he supports gay marriage, after it’s obvious that if he says he’s for gay marriage he’ll get a LOT of the younger vote, etc etc etc

i mean i’m glad he went public about it but it was a well-timed thing to say with election season coming up and more and more americans becoming for same-sex marriage

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Nobody thinks my phobia is real because of all these internet “phobias”. Also because nobody believes that anyone can be truly terrified to unconsciousness by clowns. :(

oh no i’m not saying anyone who claims they suffer from a phobia is trying to seem really interesting :( 

there’s this girl that i’m apparently friends with on facebook for some reason that has a huge list of her “phobias” she suffers from and insists that they are legitimate fears she has instead of being like “oh hey i don’t really like that very much i’m such a —-phobic lolz" 

i definitely feel you on the clowns thing, though it doesn’t actually cause me any sort of mental discomfort or an extreme need to not be around clowns ever

i just don’t like ‘em