Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has signed several laws limiting protests and banning the wearing of helmets and gas masks. Protesters in Kiev responded by beating police officers with clubs. How would you all respond to more of your freedom being taken away?



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Today in practical, informative art: A feminist art student has designed a wearable guide to female anatomy, in the form of stylish high-waisted women’s underwear and a matching t-shirt bra. Eleanor Haswell’s project, “Why Are You So Afraid Of Your Own Anatomy?,” celebrates the female body with a scientific diagram of the reproductive system — from ovary to fallopian tube to broad ligament — lying roughly in the location where each component actually exists, along with a “full coverage” brassiere that depicts the nipple and areola in their full glory.

[#Venezuela uprising]

Student protestor stares in the direction of the Bolivarian National Police (BNP) from a barricade set up by protesters in the Altamira neighborhood of Caracas, Venezuela. The Venezuelan government ordered paratroopers Thursday to a border city where growing student protests began over two weeks ago, with President Nicolas Maduro angrily rejecting US calls for dialogue.

Here’s what’s happening in Venezuela:

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The Fact That The US Intelligence Community So Readily Admits To Fantasies Of Killing Ed Snowden Shows Why They Can’t Be Trusted

Benny Johnson, over at Buzzfeed, has been able to get a bunch of intelligence community and military officials to comment anonymously, but on the record, about how much they want to kill Snowden, often including full descriptions of how they’d do it – and the fact that they don’t see any reason to support things like basic due process. The quotes are chilling.

[Internet control]

New internet controls that will let authorities in Turkey block web pages within hours, in what the opposition has said is part of a government bid to stifle discussion of a corruption scandal, erupted with protests. Police fired water cannon and teargas to disperse hundreds of people in central Istanbul. Protesters responded by throwing stones or setting off fireworks aimed at police before scattering into side streets.


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Today, June 5th, 2014, major internet companies and well known organizations are joining forces to “Reset the Net”. Top names like Google, reddit, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Greenpeace, Amnesty International, Imgur, Mozilla and The Pirate Party are taking on the task of making people aware of how to protect yourself from spying eyes. Google has made available the source code for a Chrome extension that provides easy end-to-end encryption for Gmail. Edward Snowden publicly supports the Reset the Net effort saying: 

“We have the technology, and adopting encryption is the first effective step that everyone can take to end mass surveillance. That’s why I am excited for Reset the Net – it will mark the moment when we turn political expression into practical action, and protect ourselves on a large scale.”

main site:

Protect others. Share the Privacy Pack:


[NSA documents]

Glenn Greenwald has a new book called ‘No Place to Hide’ and within that book he has an impressive collection of NSA files. The link provided is a collection of screenshots of those files within his book. The pdf is a whopping 87MB so give it time to load. Also, if you notice on some of these documents there will be a classification marking line (TOP SECRET // SI // ORCON // NOFORN). These mean:

TOP SECRET - the classification level, meaning that public disclosure of the document would cause 'exceptionally grave damage’ to national security.

SI - Special Intelligence, formerly known as COMINT or COMmunications INTelligence, which means this document is part of a control system for Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI). 

ORCON - ORiginator CONtrolled, meaning the originator controls dissemination and/or release of the document. Therefore these are always viewed in secured areas that are cleared for top-secret data and one cannot view or copy such a document without leaving an audit trail.

NOFORN - NO FOReign Nationals, meaning distribution to non-US citizens is prohibited, regardless of their clearance or access permissions. 

Here is a link to the NSA documents in Greenwald’s book:
(mind you, give it time to load)

[Five Eyes]

The Flaw of Five Eyes

The omnipresence of the most powerful espionage alliance in world history and the citizens they watch make for an epic Homer would be proud of.

The “War on Terror” has more validity, tangibility, and believability as an excuse rather than an actual war with an actual purpose. It is with this justification that, just like with the foundation of the Internet, the NSA and its allies have weakened the foundation of trust and national security in all corners of the world. As the base they stand on crumbles, they themselves become more massive, further putting the rest of the world in peril. This myth they feed themselves—and in great and gratuitous portions—has caused them to swell into a five-eyed colossus. And it seems the only way to save ourselves is by knocking the giant down to size and then repairing the bedrock.

This is, of course, easier said than done. A herculean task such as this requires careful planning, seamless coordination, and great strength and without this trifecta, there is little the government can do to mask the tragedy that will ensue. Bemusing as it may be, we must find out the correct approach.

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[Quantum Computing]

NSA Takes Quantum Leaps

The NSA plans to pursue quantum computing as a means to crack encryption, but what is quantum computing and how can it be used?

The Internet depends on having a secure and uncrackable encryption method. Without one, any exchange of information, such as bank transfers or online purchases, becomes open for anyone else with Internet access to intercept, read, or alter. Currently, there exist encryption methods that are computationally impractical to crack, the most common of which is RSA. RSA was the first practically implementable encryption method to use public keys and it relies on the difficulty of computers to factorise very large prime numbers. There is no mathematical algorithm, or rule set, to help a computer factorise a prime number. The computer must therefore use a brute force method and merely keep guessing until it arrives at the right answer. The larger the prime number, the longer it would take a classical computer to guess the right answer. Typically, the prime numbers used in RSA encryption range from 1024 to 4096 bits, making the time required to guess the correct answer practically infinite.

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[Attack on Hacktivists]

A British unit known as the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group, or JTRIG, has waged war on the hacktivists of Anonymous and LulzSec, according to documents taken from the National Security Agency by Edward Snowden. The existence of JTRIG has never been previously disclosed publicly.


[#Kiev Riots]
Although President Viktor #Yanukovych said that the new laws against protesting and talks with the EU were up for review, riots broke out beyond the borders of the capital city Kiev in #Ukraine. Protesters have seen groups break off from the main protest to create chaos using weapons such as chainsaws, Molotovs and even guns. A catapult has also been used against riot police. 

Here is yet another incredible set of photos from recent events: