Burn, Blister, and Blaze - in Deepclaw Vision

I had a hard time visualizing these three while reading the book for some reason. They all ended up being the Sandwing from the reference at the front of the book but Blister had diamondback markings. That’s it. It was a bit annoying because they’re each so different from one another, and the book does give each of them a different description. My imagination failed me!

So I wanted to do a sketch to play around with the Classic Sandwing Reference design to give each unique features and practice Sandwings a bit. I THINK I succeeded? I thought they turned out well so I decided to color.

Left the wings out because that wasn’t the focus of the thing. Compared SandWing reference with Tyranosaurus Rex skull and liked it. Went with it, particularly for Burn because she’s terrible. Blister has “long face,” not sure it’s long enough. Blaze has a ruffled ridge to give a curly hair effect to match her fabulousness. And I only thought of doing Oasis and Smolder after I was done so maybe later. 

Mikobot - Full body sketch + rough color

*shrug* I FELT LIKE IT. 

Of the three, hers is the one that’s been on my mind lately. I have only avague idea of what Jackbot looks like, and no idea what Rafbot looks like. >_> But this is Headverse Mikobot with REALLY VAGUELY DRAWN BFGs. I think BFGs suit her personality, otherwise, she’d have smaller ones, like Arcee’s. As it is, these things have srs kickback, so imagine that if she’s not careful, she’d be knocked backward, like poor Agent J firing the Noisy Cricket. :D

This whole kidbots thing is just a thought. I might write a it'sadream!fic with Miko but I’m still outlining it. 

I generally suck at bots, and the feet are terrible, but this is sorta what was in mind. :)

“A Tribute To Stars” Bookmark, Front and Back

I based this on all the stars that immediately came to mind when i thought of it: 

- starfish/Patrick :D

- stars in the sky

- shooting stars

- Staryu/Starmie Pokemon

- Mario stars

- Paupu Fruit from Kingdom Hearts

- and, perhaps most precious to me because of its origins, the Tree Stars from The Land Before Time. 

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Sterek Bookmark for Sweetpeafantasies! MAH GOODEST BUDDY. HERE IS SIDE #2. 

Stiles side is all red for obvious. Wolf looks dumb, imo, but I TRIED OKAY. They’re hard to draw realistically when you’ve been drawing them stylized forever. 


That’s wolfsbane, btw, in case it’s not apparent because they look like blobs. I put it there cuz I wanted something on this side showing Stiles power as a human. I tried to do a slightly glowy affect around his eyes without making them yellow because unlike the wolves it’s like his eyes are naturally golden. VFBXDGNHJRDXHYJZDBG WHY. 

etcetc I’m actually going over to sweetpea’s house, she’s comin’ to pick me up and I’m not packed yet. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. 


Miko, Sierra, and uhhhh…Sierra’s friend! With varying rates of success. Whatever, it’s 1 AM.

Does Sierra’s Friend have a name? 

Was sketching again tonight and decided to give Miko a different outfit and to try to draw the other two. They were actually harder because we’re just not as familiar with them, ya know? So Sierra’s got…I dunno, a cheerleading shirt on, and her friend is wearing a spaghetti strap shirt because I couldn’t get her collar right. 9_9 I think Sierra came out looking older than she is, she looks maybe at least 18. And her friend, er. I noticed she had a different face shape than Sierra, more heart shaped or something, so I TRIED but. Meh. 


Crysall - A Fakemon

Saw a Birth Date = Pokemon Type chart and decided to make a Fakemon, which I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. Apparently, I’m Psychic/Rock. o_O HENCE, THIS. I like the concept of fakemon because it is such a creative exercise and this was really fun to do. Now, the lines look funny probably because they were drawn IRL with a pen and then scanned and colored. I did NOT have the patience or time to sit and draw/ink lines in SAI.

I also drew two evolutions for Crysall; Crysamp and Ampewel. They’ll be coming along when I can color them too. 

Edit: goshdarnit I spelled crystal wrong again. Since I wrote “Crysall” I can’t spell crystal right anymore! D8