"The world is so big and I'm scared."

- My best friend said in such a sad way after I asked him how he felt once our high hit us from pills.

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Ode to My Job (literally an ode to my fucking job)

Eight hours and no breaks

I pick up the phone, i hang up for the phone

hand doesnt even leave the phone and it rings again

so much take out

so many early morning usual’s that literally have mental problems that I gotta talk to and listen to them literally talk about nothing to me

Last week this autistic 40 year old whipped out a photo album of all her cats and started talking about anime for a half hour :)

Yesterday a crazy woman with green eyeliner opened her mouth and got in my face, asking is her tooth fell out

I was so fed up I sighed in her face and said “I dont know”

These people are fucking rachet. 

I seat parties where I plan to seat them

so the servers can get their daily income

how long is the wait? how long is the wait? how long is the fucking wait?

so I dont get snares from the bitchy ones

unless the customers snare at me first as Im about to seat them

at a table rather than a booth

the world just ended

getting 50-60 people out of my way by making announcments pleading for these middle class white folk cunts to move

then getting sent home for being too good at my job

I am a simple human

I have needs to

I am 1 person

I am not a fucking machine

go fuck yourself if you ever forget that 

Just... stuff

People treat things so trivially. I mean, do we actually know what things mean to us? You gotta ask yourself, am I satisfied with how I’ve left things? Is that all I want to do? Am I SATISFIED

If I lose my legs, will I have walked to where I’ve always wanted to walk? If I lost my eyes, would I have seen all that I could have seen? If I could no longer speak, would I have said everything that I have always wished to say?

It’s the little things that matter the most to us when they disappear. It’s the little things, the things we take for granted, the things we don’t even realize are special - that do the most.

I want to do more than exist, I want to live - I want to be, I want to matter.

Get up. Do things. Don’t just exist.