The unlockable player character of Raychel in Mighty No. 9 changes up play significantly, as her lack of a basic projectile weapon means that the game’s typical play pattern of “shoot then dash” can’t apply. Instead, her slashing abilities can be coupled with the dash when she gets up close, requiring her attacks to be faster and more ferocious. This greatly changes play overall, and further emphasizes her differences from Beck.

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E niente, artisticamente sono bellissimi i Metro, mi è venuta voglia di rigiocare i precedenti capitoli.


Destiny 2 Destinations

[In order pictured…]

The Last City, Earth

The City is the last populated city on Earth and the last bastion for mankind and civilization. The City was built after The Traveler arrived and is located directly below where The Traveler hovers. Mankind came together to build The City underneath the Traveler because it provides powers and protection to humankind.

European Dead Zone (EDZ), Earth

European Dead Zone was ground-zero for a cataclysmic event that left a massive shard of The Traveler – the source of every Guardian’s power and immortality – embedded into the vast landscape. For years, only wild vegetation and the remains of an abandoned city were evidence of our forgotten past. Now, the Red Legion are using the European Dead Zone as a staging ground for their war machine.

Titan, Moon of Saturn

The great monuments of mankind’s utopian Golden Age now lie toppled or half-submerged within the rolling ocean that blankets the entire surface of Titan. All that remains is a flotilla of construction barges and a lone human habitat that serves as the perfect hiding place for some of humanity’s scattered forces – and something far more sinister below.

Nessus, Vex Planetoid

Lush with giant twisted trees, deep caverns, waterfalls, and silver swamps, the origin of this planetoid remains unknown. What is clear is that the Vex have nearly transformed the entire planetoid into a machine world, above and below the surface. For those Guardians willing to brave the dangers and explore the myriad of mysteries, treasures beyond the imagination await.

Io, Moon of Jupiter

Io was the last place visited by The Traveler, and the site of great interest to both humanity and the timeless Vex machines. The Red Legion, too, now seek to unravel the secrets and power of this place, gouging at the surface, seeking to uncover new sources of power to aid in their quest to dominate our worlds. It is up to you to protect this place, and to preserve its great legacy.

It’s interesting because of all people, Silver – who has for the whole show been so adept at understanding and reading other people – he’s the one who cannot talk about himself. Of all of the main characters – and each one has a different way of recounting their back-stories – Silver is the only one who cannot go there, he is the only one who cannot speak of what has happened to him.

Well, I think it suggests horror from another direction. Whatever happened to Silver was so terrible that it essentially broke his ability to exist within his own story. I think there is something that is fundamentally therapeutic about existing in a story. It’s normal; it’s a part of the human condition. When you find your place in a narrative, you almost necessarily feel like you make sense. And so I think whatever it was that happened to him that made him incapable of reconciling that – that is his trauma. His backstory was that he was removed from his own story. And his curse is that he is stuck in someone else’s story that he never really wanted to be in, but now he can’t get out of.

—  Jon Steinberg, on John Silver for Fathoms Deep

kieran, kieran of the hunt ❝he looked young, no more than sixteen or seventeen, though she guessed he was older than that. dark hair with a faint blue sheen framed a sculpted face. his light tunic and trousers were faded and worn; they had been elegant once, but now the sleeves and hems were slightly too short on a lithe and graceful body. his wide-spaced eyes were two-colored: the left black and the right a deep silver. he wore the battered white gauntlets that proclaimed him a prince of Faerie, but his eyes—his eyes said that he was part of the Wild Hunt.