God, I’m starting to feel really bad about Mighty No. 9 now.
I mean, you’ve probably seen it already: What IS this garbage?
I’m feeling legitimate pity for multiple parties involved.

Except Comcept and Deep Silver.
I’ll play the game in its entirety after it releases, at least to see what it turned out to be. I have faith in the gameplay, but zero faith in this multimedia franchise Inafune is trying to build off of it.



Deep Silver and Volition dropped some new screenshots in addition to the announcement teaser trailer for Saints Row IV this morning.  In them we get a glimpse at a few environments, some alien enemies and a character using freezing superpowers.

The alien plot along with that subliminal messaging in the third screen shot makes me giddy at the prospect of some tongue in cheek references to the 80’s cult classic film They Live.  A special appearance of Roddy Piper in Saints Row IV would be amazing!!


Just wanted to highlight the difference between two “busts” of zombified women from two zombie-centric video games. Left is Dead Island from Deep Silver and right is The Last of Us from Naughty Dog. 

Pretty stunning how they contrast considering they are both kind of the same thing. Ignoring the fact that obviously quality difference between one is mass produced as a promo item and the other is a one off commission, but just note how Dead Island’s is literally the torso of a woman with no head, poor breast anatomy (and anatomy in general) just to appeal to male gaze. Even in death a woman’s body must above all be sexy. 

And the opposite for TLoU, the top is a top you’d see on any person, the head (what’s left of it after infection) is entirely there. The anatomy is spot on the skin is gross the whole thing is legitimately grotesque as it should be. 

It just shows two really disparate attitudes to women and their own video game if you ask me. Just wanted to save this for myself to remember vov