Yakuza 6 and Yakuza Kiwami coming to the West

Through the #BuildingTheList initiative, Sony & SEGA are partening once again to localize the Yakuza games. This time, both Yakuza 6 & Yakuza Kiwami are coming to the West, Gio Corsi announced during the Playstation Experience 2016.

Yakuza Kiwami is set to be released in summer 2017, while Yakuza 6 is coming to the West in early 2018. Both are PS4 exclusive games.

Watch the announcement below(link corrected).

Earlier today DeepSilver leaked Kiwami announcement. The company is SEGA’s distributor of physically released games in Europe, which probably means the game will be retail released, too(yay!).

More info to follow.

Saints Row IV is More Progressive than the Arkh Project

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The Arkh Project was started under the goals of introducing more video games that had people of color and LGBTQ as central characters. While the project is still going, at this point it is unlikely that the Arkh Project will get proper funding, let alone be released. Because of this it has received heavy criticism and has been seen as a scam.

Saints Row IV however, is a sandbox game where you as the President and leader of the Third Street Saints, the Boss, against their fight against the extraterrestrial Zin Empire. The Boss could be any race, any body type, any gender, and any sexual orientation. Many of the characters are romanceable, gender irrelevant. No matter what gender, the Boss could act as sassy or masculine as they want. On top of it all, you can literally have a black trans woman who needs no man as President of the United States of America. The Boss, no matter what gender, size, race, orientation they are, they are baddest motherfucker in the fucking game.

Saints Row IV is a mainstream title which caters to your typical gamer. It didn’t need to have LGBTQ options, but did so anyway. Saints Row IV brings far more to the table than the Arkh Project promised. Not only did it allow for you to be queer or a person of color, but also made strides for fat acceptance. I’m not completely sure we would have straight, bisexual, or lesbian characters. In Saints Row IV, you can be as bi, straight, or lesbian as you want. A good portion of the lieutenants are people of color, and bisexual if you count romance options.

Not only is Saints Row IV one of the most fun games I ever played, it’s also the most progressive despite not being pretentious or preachy. Game developers could learn a thing or two from Volition.


Just wanted to highlight the difference between two “busts” of zombified women from two zombie-centric video games. Left is Dead Island from Deep Silver and right is The Last of Us from Naughty Dog. 

Pretty stunning how they contrast considering they are both kind of the same thing. Ignoring the fact that obviously quality difference between one is mass produced as a promo item and the other is a one off commission, but just note how Dead Island’s is literally the torso of a woman with no head, poor breast anatomy (and anatomy in general) just to appeal to male gaze. Even in death a woman’s body must above all be sexy. 

And the opposite for TLoU, the top is a top you’d see on any person, the head (what’s left of it after infection) is entirely there. The anatomy is spot on the skin is gross the whole thing is legitimately grotesque as it should be. 

It just shows two really disparate attitudes to women and their own video game if you ask me. Just wanted to save this for myself to remember vov