Hino Satoshi and Terashima Takuma Talk Show in Taiwan

In which everyone was Fukuyama Jun, Terashii and Hino play kendo with their mics, Hino was a dog and an evil spirit, the two of them played ring toss, and super serious conversations happened (part THREE –one, two)

Q&A (The two of them answer questions that the participants sent in)

1. Hino’s favorite animal is dog
1.5 The translator again, asked Hino to voice a dog. But this time, a sexy one. Terashii laughed at Hino and was like GO TRY IT. He kneeled down on the floor, did a woof, and then said in a deep sexy voice, I love you in Chinese
1.75 The translator then asked Terashii to try as well. Hino burst out laughing. Terashii copied Hino’s act exactly

2. Hino believes that it’s hard to pick a character who is most like him. Rather, he thinks that meeting every character is by some kind of fate. Each of them is similar to him in some way

3. Terashii says that the senpai he looks up to most is Hino because he has a great personality. Terashii emphasizes that Hino is crazy nice
3.2 Terashii adds that most of the other people in his agency are weird yeah I really agree xDD
3.3 Hino is super happy that Terashii said that he is nice
3.5 Terashii talks to Hino about private stuff very often
3.6 Terashii also talks to Morikubo san about private stuff sometimes

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