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Do Section 31 have anything to do with the hunt for Julian?

They do. They failed once due to a misunderstanding of his character, and have been since held back by his being technically bound to a foreign power in too noticeable a way to lose. But Bajor is being brought into the Federation - that, at least, is the plan - and they have nothing but time. They have plans for Doctor Bashir.

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Roman Gold ‘Fortune Favors The Brave’ Brooch, - 4th Century AD

A gold crossbow brooch with hollow hexagonal-section crossbar, three onion-shaped bulbs, openwork scrolled plaques flanking the deep triangular-section bow, rectangular footplate with openwork scooped edges; hinged pin and D-section catchplate to the reverse; with possibly a later inscription to the bow in seriffed capitals 'FORTIBVS / FORTVNA FAV’ (for Fortuna favet fortibus 'Fortune favors the brave’).

For the Greeks and Romans fortune was more than just a concept and she was imagined as a goddess that you needed to keep on your side in case she turned against you. In Greece she was called Tyche and was believed to be the protector of cities across the Mediterranean, most famously depicted in the statue of the Tyche of Antioch which became the model for all other Greek cities. As well as affecting the fortune of entire cities the goddess also watched over individuals and images of her were popular in the shrines each household usually had.

The Roman Fortuna was originally a fertility deity and due to contact with the Greeks she eventually took on the roles of the Greek goddess. At her sanctuary in Praeneste, a short distance from Rome, she was worshipped in a temple built on the model of the great Hellenistic royal palaces, where her primary role was the protector of newborn children. She is commonly depicted standing and holding a cornucopia, representing the abundance of good luck she could bring, and a rudder with which she could steer the course of an individuals life. She was commonly associated with the Imperial family and she was prayed to for the continued prosperity of the Emperor, and thus of the Empire as a whole.


Exquisite ‘61 Corvair 95 Rampside pickup (for sale on eBay)   Note the deep center bed section with the side ramp.  Now imagine it without the ramp, and you have the Corvair 95 Loadside pickup.  Imagine dropping a wrench in there.  Now imagine retrieving it without the access the ramp provides.  That’s why they sold exactly 2,844 Loadsides in the two years they offered them.  After just 369 were sold in 1962, Chevy tossed in the towel and said  “The hell with it.   What were we thinking?   They’re now often referred to as "the rare but useless Loadside”.  I’ve never actually seen a genuine Loadside pickup in person.  

All that said, this looks like one of the finest Rampside examples out there.  Lovely period correct color combo.

Unique Prompt Request!

FINALLY getting around to this now that I have some time on my hands!

I’ve decided to open my ask box again looking for prompts, but there are of a specific variety: smutty. Let me explain: I’m taking photo prompts, as in, you submit a picture and I’ll write a drabble about it.

Don’t know where to find images? Don’t want to get too deep in the naughty sections of Tumblr? I’ve got a few blogs you can go to that aren’t too unsafe for work:

be-sex, fuckingcuddle

A little more kinky: sexinees

Dirty and sexy as fuck (and definitely not something you should be looking at during work hours): dirtysexythirty passion–xxx, free-the-nipple, porn4ladies, lustsexandhonesty2, fuckingadoration, sexualchemistry, the-perks-of-eating-pussy, fuckhardandcum, yummyporn, 2424hoursex, sensualtouching, another-outlet, fuckk-able, orgazsm, couplesinbed, naughtynicegirl69, sans-clothing, loverightfucktight, mysubmissivemind, mysexywetworld, touchmeslowly, romanticphotography

To recap:

  1. Pick a photo from one of the blogs I mentioned above.
  2. Either use the Submit button and send me the actual photo or send me an Ask with the link (remember to add spaces because Tumblr won’t let you send it otherwise). 
  3. Let me know which ship to write for (My ships: Olicity, Smoaking Canarrow, Smoaking Flarrow, Smoaking Billionaires)
  4. If you have a specific request for the image, don’t be afraid to tell me what it is!
  5. Send away!

It’s that easy!

Oh, and I have anon open as well. Go for it, guys! I’m waiting for prompts!


if you told 15 year old me to think up every personal ideal i had for boys and articulated them into a video this would be it

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what the fuck are you serious? how has this not been taken off yet?? i cant see lgbt+ related content but i can see dumb straight people having softcore porn when i go too deep in the search section that has nothing to do with it. like u know if your results dont have too many options, it starts showing nsfw content like??? *sigh*

Yeah I think I did see them making some announcement that they were gonna try and fix it but like.. I saw somebody upload a video entitled “gay flag and me petting my cat” and it was literally just a video of them stroking a cat with a drawing of a rainbow flag next to it and it got filtered out.. so clearly they set it up to filter out anything with GAY in the title.. so I’m not really seeing how they can now respond like “omg this wasn’t our intention we’ll try to fix it right away” 

Pokémon in our Biomes pt. 2

I’ve recently decided to make a series of posts with hypothetical thinking and analyzing of what Pokémon species could potentially be found in the world’s biomes. Not at all relative to the games, I will be focusing primarily of the elements, design, and relativity to real life flora and fauna of Pokémon to depict where different species would roam on our big blue marble.

This will be my second Pokémon in our biomes post, and this time I will be focusing on the abyssal zone, which are the deep-sea sections of the oceans. Little to no sunlight, sparse oxygen, extreme pressure, there are, believe it or not, some life forms that flourish at these depths, however terrifying they may be.

Let’s dive in! (sorry)

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The onset of winter is doing its best to be forthcoming, but the sun is courageously battling through, leaving pockets of soft grass, treacherous icy descents and those deceptively deep sections of snow. Climbing up from Hittisau, this is the ridge that runs between Austria and Germany. 

We’re on the road once more but grabbing every opportunity as it arises. The footwell in the car is littered with maps and we’re a third of the way through our journey to the UK as we enter Austria. The predicted snow levels are still a far-flung dream but certain mountains have been graced with its presence. Those are the ones we wanted to stop at. 


Flor De Mayo B & B

Alajuela, CR

This was my first stay in Costa Rica. It’s about a 5 minute drive from the airport and once you are on the property, you feel like you’re in the middle of the jungle, despite being in a deep residential section. There is huge sprawling bamboo forests, a natural spring fed pool, and beautiful flowers blooming all over. If you ever go to Costa Rica, I highly recommend staying here. The staff was super nice and accommodating as well. 

How do people who follow a big number of blogs function? Is not reaching the end of your dash just something people have come to accept and I’m one of the rare losers who gets stressed about it? How do you keep track of your friends/priority blogs then? What is the secret of having an interesting dash and yet not missing stuff due to oversaturation??? Ok, blacklists play a big part here, I get that, no one wants to see shit they’re not interested in clogging up the dash, but is that it? Just stick to the blogs that tag shit and hope you survive?