Master Reference Post: Solas

A master reference list of codex entries, conversational videos, cutscenes, and in-game art and architecture that provide the canonical sum of what we know about everybody’s favorite grandpa egg.  Hopefully this will come in handy when you’re researching your theories.  As always, if I missed something, let me know and it’ll get added.

As you can probably guess, this one’s a bit of a doozy.

Spoilers for EVERYTHING.

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if you told 15 year old me to think up every personal ideal i had for boys and articulated them into a video this would be it

How do people who follow a big number of blogs function? Is not reaching the end of your dash just something people have come to accept and I’m one of the rare losers who gets stressed about it? How do you keep track of your friends/priority blogs then? What is the secret of having an interesting dash and yet not missing stuff due to oversaturation??? Ok, blacklists play a big part here, I get that, no one wants to see shit they’re not interested in clogging up the dash, but is that it? Just stick to the blogs that tag shit and hope you survive?


Flor De Mayo B & B

Alajuela, CR

This was my first stay in Costa Rica. It’s about a 5 minute drive from the airport and once you are on the property, you feel like you’re in the middle of the jungle, despite being in a deep residential section. There is huge sprawling bamboo forests, a natural spring fed pool, and beautiful flowers blooming all over. If you ever go to Costa Rica, I highly recommend staying here. The staff was super nice and accommodating as well.