Kodaline - The One

“You make my heart feel like it’s summer
When the rain is pouring down.
You make my whole world feel so right when it’s wrong.
That’s how I know you are the one.”

That’s how I know you are the one.

✪   Iwa sitting through hours upon hours of alien movies/documentaries just to see Oikawa get excited

✪   No one being surprised after they come out as a couple because ‘wait you weren’t already dating?' 

✪   Iwaizumi growing more and more frustrated at Oikawa slowly getting taller than him

✪   Iwaizumi being the one to carry out old promises from childhood

✪   Oikawa loving spin hugs and requesting them from Iwaizumi whenever he can, regardless of time or setting

✪   Iwaizumi buying shirts that are too big for him so that Oikawa can wear them if he wants to

✪   Skype conversations that go on for hours whenever they are apart

✪   Oikawa crying his way through almost every important milestone in their relationship

✪   Oikawa constantly stealing Iwa’s phone to change his name to cute things in his contacts

✪   Iwaizumi being uncomfortable around children until meeting Oikawa’s nephew– Iwaizumi later preparing to fight the kid when he says setters are cooler than aces

✪   Late night study sessions turning into cuddle time when Oikawa gets bored

pop punk bands in high school
  • Green Day, Blink-182, All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, My Chemical Romance, and Panic! At the Disco:the pop punk seniors that everyone loves (and tbh, kinda tries to emulate)
  • Twenty One Pilots, Pierce The Veil, Tonight Alive, Set It Off, As It Is, Halsey, and PVRIS:the pop punk juniors that are really up and coming and getting more and more popular everyday
  • Neck Deep, The Story So Far, State Champs, and We Are The In Crowd:the angsty and rebellious pop punk sophomores that aren't super well known by the mainstream, but are still gaining status quickly
  • All of the more underground bands that not that many people know about (pretty much any band not listed above):the pop punk freshmen that are new to the scene, but still very intriguing to everyone
  • 5sos:those fucking annoying ass teeny bopper middle schoolers that always try to hang out with you and your squad because you're friends with their sister; they try wayyyyyyy too hard to fit in with you and your friends; they're uneducated and ignorant as fuck about social justice issues and things that actually matter and they always say the most terrible things; they have no idea how the world works at all; then when they get called out they cry uncontrollably and just like that sobbing girl from Mean Girls, they don't even go here…
  • ***this can also apply to the age/grade level of the bands' fans

One of my favorite scary stories is H.P. Lovecraft’s “A Shadow Over Innsmouth,” which is about a prissy youngster who goes antiquing in a town populated by (spolier!) fish people.  It’s chock full of dreadful buildup, and so I’ve been meaning to do some character sketches for it for some time.  Here are a few, including the narrator, the priest from the Esoteric Order of Dagon, alcoholoic nonagenarian Zadock Allen, the young grocery store manager, bus driver Joe Sargent, and a bunch of Innsmouth residents and Deep Ones (as the full-blown fish folk are called).  I also did a big Dagon, from the short story of the same name, whom I’ve heard described as a Deep One old enough to have grown to a massive size.  For scale, he should be about double the size as he’s depicted here, but I wanted him to fit, y'know.  

Originals for these available on my website.