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headcanon for KBTBB what each bidder does on a day off with mc

this is rlly cute!!


  • Both of them rarely ever have free schedules, so Eisuke wants to make the most out of their free time!
  • Eisuke would go all-out for sure, this Extra Boi™
  • Like, the moment MC wakes up, there’s already breakfast in bed and MC’s like ???!!!
  • “of course mc if you wanna skip breakfast and continue where we left off last night, that’s perfectly fine with me ;)”
  • MC chucks a pillow at his face
  • The first thing on his list is to go all the best boutiques and buy MC a fuckton of clothes
  • “eisuke don’t you think this is too much” “you look good in everything, so i’ll buy everything what’s wrong with that”
  • MC wants to watch a movie, so Eisuke ends up renting out the entire cinema because he’s that Extra™
  • Plus he can get Nasty without other people knowing
  • They have dinner at a really fancy place and Eisuke’s secretly gushing at how MC seems to love the food. He even takes a stealthy pic of her eating tiramisu lmao
  • When they get home, Eisuke gets Extra Nasty until dawn and poor MC can’t walk straight


  • He pleasantly wakes up to the smell of MC’s omelettes
  • So Soryu sneaks up on her and hugs her from behind
  • “Delicious.”
  • “The omelettes?”
  • “Those, too.” ;))))))
  • They end up driving to the beach and walking along the shore
  • Of course, Soryu turns his phone off so no one can disturb them lmao
  • MC starts going around to collect seashells and Soryu silently thanks every living deity for giving him such an adorable girlfriend
  • They end up swimming for a bit and MC has to marvel at how ripped her boyfriend is
  • Turns out Soryu had dinner by the beach prepared beforehand this cutie
  • He’s blushing as he pulls out the chair for her
  • They both end up having such a blissfully good time that day, so much so that the Ice Dragons can’t figure out why their boss keeps smiling like he won the lottery

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I heard you say that you know when the time is right. That stars align and the planets unite to configure a large envelope sealing us in. That together we could lie on the fiery lawn and watch our legs blaze in the agony that is prickly grass. Prickly glass you said was a metaphor. You said because we all lie on prickly grass love never works and let’s just return to humming our sad malicious tunes. Together we could fold our fingers into origami cranes and float against the marshed waters of your so called time. Everything was relative and impractical and perpendicular to the world you said was mine. Keep writing you said. Write down your dark feelings because dark is a relative idea and black is really blue and purple and the color of your face when I hit you at night. And remember you said that life is a beautiful thing and the craters lining the moon also caress your face and the answers to the questions you ask. Let us drink cold lemonade and poorly made pretzels while synchronizing how to pull off our shoes and shirts at the same time. Let everything be a puzzle you told me. A puzzle you make and solve based on your own accord. Everything is relative you said. Let us walk by the cemetery because remembering is important and I am there and she is there and you will be there. And together we can sing our joyous songs against a tv backdrop and be together forever. But forever is relative you said so we only stay for forever until forever is over and forever can be over whenever you say and things are always over and ending. Let us spray garden hoses on each other and maybe laugh a little louder to disrupt the neighbors because they too are relative and leaving soon. And our relationship was relatively over but that meant it was relatively still going on and so sitting at picnic benches became our favorite past time. Deep fried pickles and cheese burgers were tastier than strawberry shortcake so I stayed away from the relative idea of your face. But I always ended up right next to your face. Let us swing high above sand pits and baseball fields to a sky where you say we all intertwine. Where if I look in the sky I can see the stars align but more importantly you said I could see you. So I look in the sky every night and every night you’re there and things seem relatively good. But the problem with relatively good is that things are also relatively bad and relative will always be all that you are. And so I lie on the prickly grass and wait for you to walk past and I relatively don’t care if you do or you don’t. But again it’s all relative and I was never very good at that.
My coach’s guide to a runner’s diet

Nutrition–There is no one ‘superfood’ in my opinion.  Here are the fundamentals of a running diet:

–Eat a wide variety of stuff.  I consciously try to switch things up; if I have a roast beef sandwich at lunch, I try to have chicken for dinner, turkey sandwich for lunch the next day, fish the next night…if I have tuna for lunch, then shrimp for dinner.  Even more so for the veggies–if I have not had a carrot for a day or two, I’ll seek out carrots as a side for a meal. If I have not had broccoli for a few days and it’s a side dish at a restaurant, maybe I sub the broccoli for something I’d had more recently.  If I’m going through a grocery store and I realize I have not had blueberries or mangos or bok choi or something for a while, I’ll buy it and figure out something to do with it.  If a sandwich place or the burrito place has bell peppers and you have not had one in a while, have them throw some on.  You get the idea, LOOK for things you might not have eaten in a while.  Variety is important, there are lots of trace minerals out there that are all 'super foods’ so just give your body a chance to absorb the different things.

–Getting carbs through fruits and vegetables is key.  Nothing wrong with bread or pasta, it’s just that carbs from plants is really great fuel.  Especially this time of year, there is so much good fruit around, I always like going by the farmers markets and getting blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and things and throwing that on granola or cereal or oatmeal for breakfast.  Also I have a banana almost every day when I get up, before I go to my first workout of the day (a banana is a kind of superfood–easy to digest, good clean carbs, good source of potassium).

–You also need clean protein sources–good beef (not hamburger!), chicken/turkey/duck, fish and shellfish, eggs.  You are tearing down and building muscle so you need protein to do that.

–Lean beef is also a good source of absorbable iron–which you need.  Also, weirdly enough, raisins are another great source.  Raisins are an excellent snack for that and other reasons.

–I don’t think we tend to get enough greens–not just lettuce, the more exotic–arugula, spinach, kale, collard greens, mustard greens.  All these are just not always available at Chipotle or Togos or whatever (arugula and spinach are more common but the others are rare).  These are fun to cook with (more on that in a minute).

–I don’t think I need to say avoid the crap (potato chips, french fries, fast food burgers, deep fried oreos, etc).  It’s OK to grab a cookie or a piece of cake or a milk shake or some ice cream.  I’ll grab some potato chips when they are in front of me or sometimes I’ll grab a donut when people bring that to coffee after a run.  Just don’t crush the junk food regularly.  You’ll feel better!  

–The great thing about being a distance runner is…you can basically eat an unlimited amount of meat, seafood, vegetables and fruit and your body will burn that like a blast furnace.

A Look at McDonald's Japan's World Cup Menu

With the semi-finals starting today, I figured it was the perfect time to give you a first-hand look at the items on McDonald’s Japan’s special World Cup menu, which I sampled my way though in Tokyo last week…

The Brazil BBQ Beef Burger, basically a Big Mac topped with red and yellow peppers and a special Latin BBQ “grill sauce”. Nothing special, not much flavor. But I did love the soccer ball shaped bun!

The two new McNugget sauces they offered, German Curry Sauce and Italian Basil & Cheese…

Both terrible…

Then there were these…

Deep-fried Risotto Balls, one an herb & tomato rice ball, the other a squid ink rice ball…

Both filled with cheese. The squid ink at least had some nice flavor to it, although I have my doubts it was real squid ink…

Ah, the Japan Burger, supposedly a deep fried “minced beef” burger…

Soccer ball bun, good start…

And there was a “burger” under all that shredded cabbage…

But I swear, this was THE WORST thing I have ever tried at any McDonald’s anywhere in the world! Just disgusting.

No flavor or texture. The closest I have ever come to understanding what “eating cardboard” is like. Aptly named though as its terrible taste perfectly reflected the Japanese team’s piss poor performance in the Cup!

However, on the hand, there was the French Chicken Cordon Bleu Burger, not even given the respect of its own personalized box…

Rather plain looking, to be honest…

But this deep-fried chicken patty with melted cheese and sliced ham on a super soft bun was probably THE BEST specialty burger I have ever eaten at a Japanese McDonald’s! The flavors all worked. For a fast food burger, this blew me away. Really.

I did not get the chance to try the German Pork Schnitzel Burger though. Featuring a deep-fried pork cutlet with potato salad, roast onions and a mushroom sauce on a pretzel bun, this baby proved so popular, it sold out on a national level in just a few days!

So much like the World Cup itself, this McDonald’s menu proved to be a mixed bag, full of surprises and disappointments with more than a few bad calls.