Real friends//Loose Ends

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I will grant you 3 wishes.

The first one is something you would like to have

The second one is something you would like for the others

And the third one is you regretting wishing any wishes in the first place

So I’m hosting a big Galentine’s Day brunch for my friends & so far I have 100% participation…. shit, I hope the restaurant can handle this many ladies! 

Also it hurts me so much that distance sucks and I can’t invite some of my faovrite ladies @barbelleisabeast @spoonfullofjam @jenlovinglife @2quads1snatch @imsav-age @micro-human @cultivatingcrystal 

@redlipsticklifting @ree-lives @boulders-and-cupcakes

ahh and @dan-i-ns @themarzipanvolta @ceeburr @thatsminethankyou @tankerbelll @joyfulpearl see this is why i never tag people bc i forget all the beautiful amazing ladies who are insanely wonderful.

I wish ALL of you could come to my brunch. There is no fellowship quite like eating waffles and drinking mimosas with a friend. 

My weird existential crisises

Ok. So today I was studying for my exam and I just stared at the words I had written with such sadness.. then I just layer down on the ground and started to question the world…

All this occurred because I wrote “when there is a difference in negative charges..” and I thought that all the words are made up of letters.. like people, a group happy and talking to one another..

but the “a” is lonely and will always think its life is meaningless when in reality, its existence is what creates meaning in the sentence itself. And its existence is so important that it creates the sentence..

Yeah it’s a weird thing/theory.. but if anyone feels lonely and thinks that their live is meaningless. Just tell them that their existence creates the worlds sentence. And without them it doesnt make sence..

You remind me of the ocean. Sometimes the waves come crashing towards me, drawing me in. But other times, they come crashing back again and throw me on the shore. Alone, helpless.
—  wxnderlust-mind