Oscar Isaac in Ex Machina and in The Late Late Show with James Corden 

“I cannot take credit for any of that,” said Oscar. “[It was done] by a choreographer who had won Mr. Disco in the U.K. in the mid-‘90s, so he knows his stuff.“It was about twice as long originally,” Oscar said. “And in the film it’s cut to about half.

Aesthetics for the Houses

Gryffindor: Sucking on sugar cubes, giggling behind your hand, long car rides with friends, opening windows to let in fresh air, running barefoot through grass, burning your tongue on food that was too hot, the view from tall buildings, the sun warming your skin, doorbells, summer camp, fierce eyeliner and bold lipstick, deep v-necks accessorized with a flirty smile, rough hands and soft hearts, brightly colored cocktails, laughing too hard at a dumb joke, crumpling up paper and throwing it into a trashcan across the room, card games, letting your hair down, opening doors, and skinny dipping.

Ravenclaw: Waking up late on a rainy day, warm coffee on a cold morning, scrunched eyebrows, color-coding everything, bags under your eyes, passing notes to your friends, long fingernails, jumping in puddles, charm bracelets, comfortable silences, orchestras, velvet ribbons, french braids, dark eyelashes, chewing ice cubes, train rides, staring out the window, curling up with a pet, being alone in the forest, the smell of the earth after it rains, staying up late to watch the stars, rearranging your room, biting your tongue, painting your toes different shades, cold glasses, chokers, watching a play, musical compositions, roman numerals, doodling on your hand, and mirrors.

Hufflepuff: Skirts that flow behind you, eyes that sparkle in the light, tea, picking flowers for your mom, laughing so hard you can’t catch your breath, denim shorts and crop tops, forts made out of sheets, pixie cuts, scrunching up your nose, rosy cheeks, freckles across your nose, bohemian tapestries on walls, dancing around the room with friends, apartments with brick walls in the city, sleeping by huge windows, drinking alcohol on rooftops, shirts rolled to the elbows, cute buns, birds sitting on telephone wires, fogged up glass, strumming a guitar, smiling so much that your cheekbones ache, climbing tall trees, contagious laughter, Polaroid pictures, and mosaics with colored glass.

Slytherin: Raising one eyebrow, martinis, marble statues, soft fur blankets on leather couches, tapping your fingernails against a hard surface, perfectly winged eyeliner, sly smirks, champagne flutes, pencil skirts, footprints in fresh snow, tree houses, wandering around the city at night, quotes that describe you perfectly, black and white photography, french perfume, black silk, lingerie, combing wet hair, proving people wrong, shopping with your best friends, mint leaves, keeping a diary, silver rings, staying up all night, black coffee, hand mirrors, little black dresses, pine trees, vanilla scented candles, mascara, stone walls, leather jackets and red lipstick, wine corks, and photo albums.

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Dan and Phil are roommates in college, Dan's horny and has been begging Phil all day to fuck him and make him cum and Phil finally caves when Dan starts jerking off in the shower while he's trying to do his homework so he puts on a cock ring and fucks dan until he passes out(aftercare too) and they don't go to their first class the next day cuz they're too tired lol overstimulation, cockslut!dan, choking and hairpulling

I also added a weeeeeny bit of daddy!kink and gave Dan a tongue piercing because why not? If you have trouble getting past the cut on mobile open in your browser!

When Phil first meets his university roommate, he knows he’s hit the jackpot. The boy who’s sitting on one of the single beds introduces himself as Dan, and suddenly Phil isn’t quite so regretful over his decision to live in one of the cramped one-room suites on campus, rather than paying extra for the more spacious dorms down the road. Dan is gorgeous, to say the least. He has these pretty brown eyes surrounded by fans of long lashes and lovely, dark locks that feather out against his face. His smile is so bright it might not even be an issue that there’s only one tiny window in the cinderblock room and that the lightbulb screwed into the cracked ceiling is basically useless.  He’s classically beautiful – but that isn’t necessarily what makes Phil decide he needs to have him within the first three seconds of knowing him. It’s more likely that every fibre in this boys’ being screams twink. From the way he’s dressed, in skin tight black jeans and a deep plunging V-neck that’s probably two sizes too small, to the way he spreads his long body across the small bed like he’s there for a centrefold shoot. Phil’s staring at his pouty, full bottom lip wondering what it’d look like wrapped around his cock when Dan – on habit, or perhaps something else – pushes the silver ball of his tongue piercing out and gently grips it between his teeth, before retracting it back into his mouth. It’s then that Phil’s want becomes more of a need.

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Hihi I'm new to your acc but I live for your writing mygodd🙈💘 I was wondering if you could do a HC with RFA+V and Saeran reacting to when they find out that MC has a sketchbook filled with cute or maybe even spicy~ (lolol) drawings/doodles of them? And when they confront MC about it, MC gets super flustered?❤ Example: Yoosung finds drawings of himself

Thanks so much! Enjoy~


  • You were working on another sketch of him when you got up to do something else
  • You had left your notebook open on the table so he saw it
  • He noticed it was him…so he sneaked a peek at a few other pages
  • He was surprised to see how many pictures of him you had drawn
  • He’s especially intrigued at the fact that you’ve drawn so many…detailed pictures of him
  • He’s had fanart drawn of him, but yours was more precious to him because you captured him in such an intimate way
  • He takes a few of the ones where you drew him shirtless for blackmail
  • Whenever you complain that he’s talking too much about his abs, he pulls up the picture, “That’s not what your hand thinks.”
  • But he was super supportive of your work
  • In one instance, he really liked a picture you drew of him with this one costume
  • He showed it to his designers, and your design got created


  • You were drawing a flower while sitting beside him
  • He peered over your shoulder and asked if he could see it
  • You were already embarrassed as you didn’t show your drawings often, but you let him see
  • He took the book from you and you thought he was just admiring the one…
  • But then you heard the flip of pages, and it was too late to stop him
  • He stopped when he came across one particular drawing
  • It was one of him shirtless…with abs
  • It was super awkward for you both…since you haven’t seen him shirtless
  • You’re already dying inside as he now knows what goes through your brain…and into your notebook
  • And he just chuckles nervously, “Haha, this is exactly how I look like under this shirt.”
  • It was cute though, because you found out he started going to the gym two weeks later


  • As a gift, you two had matching best friend notebooks
  • That backfired one day when she grabbed your book instead of hers and left for work
  • She found out later exactly what you were putting inside that notebook
  • She had to suppress a smile when she found the whole section dedicated to hers
  • At first it was a bunch of chibi drawings of you and her
  • Some of them was her serving coffee or sleeping on the couch
  • She took a picture of a few for rainy days
  • But then she got to the more detailed pictures
  • When she returned the book to you, she had a little mini fan girl session and also an apology for intruding
  • Although, she said she had one critique for you
  • She turned to one of the more detailed photos and looked down at her chest 
  • “My boobs aren’t that big, MC…”


  • He always saw you sketching Elizabeth the Third
  • Or chasing her around the house to make her sit in one place while you drew
  • So, when you leave your notebook on the kitchen counter, that’s what he thinks he’ll find in the pages
  • He’s surprised when he flips the page and finds a sketch of him
  • And another one…and another one…and there’s almost a whole collection
  • He finds one picture where his tie is loosened and his shirt is half unbuttoned
  • He starts smirking to himself, wondering if this is how you really see him…or want to see him
  • But then he hears your footsteps and slams the notebook shut, suddenly feeling flustered
  • You never found out about it until one day he comes home from work and pauses in the doorway
  • He loosens his tie, gives you a small smirk, and unbuttons a single button
  • You just know he saw that drawing
  • You’re unsure whether you’re about to die from cuteness or embarrassment


  • It all started when he was hanging on the couch upside down
  • You walked into the room to get something, and he shot finger guns at you
  • It inspired you to draw something, so you told him not to move
  • You grabbed your notebook and started sketching
  • You got so into it, you didn’t even realize he had gotten up and tried to come behind you and see your progress
  • When you did notice him looming over your shoulder, you practically threw yourself over the book trying to hide it
  • He figured something was off, so he went chasing after you until he got the notebook and saw what you drew
  • It turned out his shirt slipped down when he was still posing, and you drew what you saw in detail
  • He was surprisingly chill about it, complimenting on the drawing overall
  • But he just waits…until you put your BTS playlist on
  • He slid into the room during No More Dream just to do Jimin’s Part™
  • Only he didn’t stop doing it until you were red in the face


  • He was in one of his organizing moods
  • He accidentally knocked your notebook off the shelf, and it fell open to a page
  • He was about to put it back when recognized a little chibi character that looked oddly like him
  • He took a closer look and saw that it was him holding up finger hearts
  • He checks to see if you’re around before pressing further
  • Apparently, that isn’t the only drawing of him
  • There’s tons…and they’re detailed and well thought out too
  • He’s too consumed in your art to remember it was him until he turned to your most recent drawing
  • He was wearing a yukata, dipping down his chest and you did not skimp on the details
  • He waltzes over to you in the living room, “You know how I always say I want to know what’s running through your head?”
  • “Yeah…”
  • He sets the book down next to you, “I don’t anymore. And by the way, you’ve been watching too many anime.”
  • He threw a smirk over his shoulder and watched you burn as you realized what he saw


  • He was talking on the phone with a client
  • So his hands were trying to find something absentminded to do
  • He started turning the pages of a notebook sitting on the table
  • It wasn’t until he noticed the drawings of him did he realize it was your sketchbook
  • Thankfully, his call ended when it did, because he came across one the most detailed pictures of himself he’d seen
  • You drew him in a deep V neck shirt with a chiseled jawline and prominent collar bones
  • It was a stunning drawing, and he would’ve been flustered if not for your little note in the corner
  • “V in a V neck lololol”
  • You were the one who was flustered later when you saw that he found it

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Being Toms Date To A Movie Premiere Would Include

Originally posted by hollandd

this was inspired by a post, ill link it once i’m not on mobile.

- picking out your dress seems to be a nightmare, but really the stylist picked it out for you.

- all you had to do was tell them what colour.

- your dress was a navy blue maxi dress. it had a deep v-neck and the skirt part has a side slit that exposes your left leg.

- you were absolutely lost for words when you laid eyes on the dress.

- the hair stylist put your y/h/c hair in loose curls that fell down your exposed back.

- your make up was done so perfectly.

- you couldn’t believe this was actually you.

- the night before tom would beg to see what your dress looked like, but you wouldn’t budge.

- it was going to be a surprise wether he liked it or not.

- “please y/n darling i won’t be able to see you until we arrive”

- “no thomas i told you! it’s a surprise”

- tom would whine like a child all night.

- “y/n, baby. please”

- “you can’t do this to me! it’s rude and i see that gorgeous smile on your face, you know exactly what your doing!”

- “you’re driving me mad!”

- the next day you and tom would eat breakfast together, like always. then you would be shipped off to get ready for the premiere.

- “bye y/n darling i love you”

- tom would place kisses all over your face since he wouldn’t get to see you for an excessive amount of time.

- when you arrived at the studio, the ladies were buzzing with excitement.

- to say the day passed by quickly was an understatement.

- this was the most fun you’ve had in ages but you couldn’t bear to do this more than twice a year.

- by the time 7:00 rolled around you were ready to rock the read carpet with such a handsome date.

- your blue dress skimmed the ground as you walked to the limo in long, confident strides. the y/h/c curls bounced with each step as your nude heels made a clicking sound.

- when you got in the car you noticed tom wasn’t in there.

- “where is tom?”

- “you will be meeting him at the premiere ms.y/l/n”

- you rolled your eyes knowing exactly what tom was doing now.
- it was a game.

- by the time you actually pulled up to the event you could see tom waiting to escort you from the car.

- his face lit up once he saw the familiar limo driver get out.

- with a bounce in his step tom strolled up the door

- when you stepped out of the car you grabbed toms hand that was outstretched your way.

- toms breath would catch in his throat from your appearance.

- he couldn’t wait to see what you looked like in a wedding dress.

- once you were fully out of the limo tom greeted you with a kiss.

- “i can’t wait to get that dress off you”

- tom whispered in your ear.

- your face would look surprised while tom just flashed an innocent smile toward the cameras.

- “this way love”

- tom led you to where most of the cameras were.

- his arm would find its way to your waist, his grip tight.

- you would be smiling at the cameras while tom looked at you.

- he leaned over to whisper something in your ear.

- “your all mine tonight baby”

- your smile fell to a surprised look but tom covered it up by pressing a kiss to you cheek.

- for very few pictures it was both of you looking at the camera.

- “you look quite handsome too”

- you could feel yourself smirk as toms confidence from just moments before vanished.

- “that suit coat is doing wonders for you, tommy”

- you leaned over to tom making it look like you were whispering something in his ear but you placed a kiss to his neck.

- than you nibbled on his ear slightly earning a closed mouth, groan from tom.

- his grip on your waist would tighten as he used his other hand to guide your chin to look at him.

- tom captured your lips with his, his tongue would immediately swipe against your lip, a gasp coming from you.

- he took this opportunity to slip his tongue in your mouth.

- you leaned back as tom leaned forward, dipping you back as if you guys were dancing.

- the photographers where cheering all around you two.

- “toms just problematic”

- “yeah he-he’s a problem”

- “oh speak of the devil”

- “wait, what the hell”


- you could hear all of this commotion is the background, tom finally pulled away but you could see sebastian and anthony on either side of him.

- “tom your in big trouble”

- sebastian just giggled as anthony completely roasted tom.

- when we finally parted from the two idiots, tom led me off the red carpet and to our seats.

- “when we get home i’m literally going to rip that dress off of you”

- toms expression was dark as he pressed a long, hot kiss to your neck.

- you felt yourself make a noise when toms lips left.

- “tommy over here put on quite a show”

- “it’s probably cause he didn’t get his juice”

- “oh shut it!”

- tom was arguing with anthony but his eyes were on you.

- you squirmed slightly under his dark, but innocent gaze knowing exactly what he was doing with his eyes.

- looking you up and down.

- and after that long night of torture began.


Circus au

Part 2:
Keith wasn’t exactly sure what kind of work he was expecting, however he didn’t think he would end up manning a large winch backstage.
“Shiro I really don’t know what I’m meant to do.”
Shiro smiled, he had shed his coat and was now wearing only a simple tight black leotard and black slippers. “Don’t worry, Pidge will be here soon.”
“What the hell is a Pidge?”
“That would be me.” A small boy? Dressed in a grey tunic and darker pants seemed to appear from no where making Keith jump out of his skin.
“Oh and Shiro, Allura wants you ready to go on, your up after Lance.”
Shiro nodded giving Keith an almost sympathetic look as he hurried off.
“So your the new guy huh?” Pidge didn’t seem to be asking farther making a statement as he rushed around checking the ropes by the winch.
“Yeah my name.”
“Keith, you just got out of prison for getting your good times with another man.”
Keith paled “h-how did you know?”
Pidge shrugged “I have my ways. Anyway here’s what your going to do. Lance will come out to the middle of the tent and grab onto the white silk that’s hanging down. When he blows a kiss to the audience you start turning the handle till it won’t go anymore and flick this switch.” Pidge pointed to a small mental switch by the rope. “This will hold everything in place, but keep a tight hold just in case. When his act ends and he blows another kiss to the audience then you slowly start to unwind the winch and lower him to the ground. Understand?”
Keith nodded, it seemed simple enough. How hard could it possibly be?
Pidge left soon after shouting after someone called Hunk telling him to stop handing out snacks right before show time.
“Hey mullet you nervous?”
Keith turned around recognising the annoying voice of Lance. However the second he saw him, Keith felt his hear skip a beat.
Lance was wearing a sinfully tight blue costume that was both sleeveless and legless. It was cut with a deep v neck showing off his well toned chest with the edges decorated with silver glitter.
However it was his face that really caught Keith attention. It was a dark blue that really make his beautiful blue eyes stand out. By each temple there was a Crescent moon painted with was looked like a night time ocean scene stretching from one side of his face to the other over his eyes.
His lips were painted silver and were upturned in a smirk.
Keith shook himself out of his daze and closed his mouth never remembering actually opening it in the first place.
“N-no why I would I.” He stammered.
Lance shrugged “well your the only thing between me and hitting the floor, I mean I’m the best acrobat here so I’m fine, but you mr Winch guy could easily mess up and drop
me at anytime.”
Keith scowled, it didn’t matter how pretty he was, the guy was a jerk.
“I think I got it.”
Lance rolled his eyes “if you say so.”
The lights suddenly lowered and a hush fell amongst the busy people backstage.
Suddenly a booming voice came from the other side of the curtain.
“Ladies and Gentleman! children of all ages! I welcome you to the Voltron circus!” A woman’s voice said, she had an English accent and Keith found himself curious.
He peaked through the gap and watched as a tall dark skinned woman seemed to captivate the crowds with only her words.
She was dressed like a man in her position would be, a well tailored suit and a top hat.
Keith was sure that on a lesser woman it would of looked ridiculous, but she carried herself with such grace that it seemed natural.
“Now our first act of the night, the loverly, the captivating, the enchanting, Siren!”
The crowd erupted into loud cheers.
“Well that’s my que, wish me luck Mullet, not that I need it.” Lance winked as he walked out playing to the crowd with every step.
Keith was so busy blushing that he almost missed the signal.
Turning the winch was much harder then Keith had originally assumed.
By time the wheel wouldn’t turn anyone Keith found his arms shaking and that he was covered in sweat.
He flicked the switch and kept a hand on the handle and only then did he look back to Lance.
Keith almost wished he hadn’t.
While turning the winch, he hadn’t realised how high Lance was rising, or that he was hanging off the bottom with only one hand looking like he was about to fall to the ground far below him.

good batter aesthetics:

- big clunky teeth
- eating raw meat
- not knowing how to smile
- people trying to get him to laugh/smile only to be faced with awkward silence
- four eyes with the bottom two having black sclera
- no face at all
- stout, muscular batter
- bean pole batter
- batter drawn with a sun halo around their head
- turtle neck
- the deep v neck
- all batters r good batters