deep sexts

I hate the sound of the door slamming when you leave and I hate when you call me at some ungodly hour of the night because you’re halfway across the world and forgot about the time difference and you missed me, but, fuck, I love when you laugh at my awful jokes and how you fall asleep. I love when your face flushes pink when I talk about sex and I love the birthmark on your hip and the way you wear your fingerless gloves when you’re driving because it makes you feel like Ryan Gosling in ‘Drive’ though you’re much cuter. I love when you talk about music because you’re so passionate about it and I love that you ask me my thoughts on any song you’re currently working on. I’m in love with the way you say my name and how you cuddle me awake and the dimple below your left eye when you really smile and the way you rub your eyes when you wake up on a Saturday morning in December. Frankly, I’m completely in love with you and I’m terrified.
—  //a.m.-12/12/15(22:25)//