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Okay so my lovely gf and I went on our first date in awhile tonight (she dislocated her shoulder playing soccer and has had to take it easy) so we went to see Wonder Woman and we were driving home at about 10:45. We were both tired and ready to get home and lay down together, it was pouring rain outside. And suddenly she slams on the brakes and gets out of the car. I was so confused I was like "babe where tf are you going" and I see her jog down into this ditch that's more like a creek (1/2)

And she leans down into knee deep water and at this point I’m getting out of the car and chasing after her. I can’t see her very well because it’s raining so hard and it’s dark but then she’s calling for me and I move towards her and she’s covered in water and mud (Note: She’s wearing a vry expensive baseball jersey that is like her prized possession and it’s soaked and dirty and I can’t believe she would be willing to do such a thing in this jersey (2/4) ps Im guessing on numbers at this point

And she’s lifting up a plank of wood that’s fallen over into the water and she’s like “Help me move this” and I’m like “babe what the fuck you’re gonna hurt your shoulder worse” and she’s just like “just help me I’ll be alright” so I do and we set the plank aside and then I see it. There’s a German shepherd stuck in the water and my gf doesnt hesitate to reach down into the water and lift the dog out. It kinda whimpers but she just whispers trying to calm it down & carries it to the car (¾)

She gets in the backseat and lays the dog against her in a way that’s obviously going to be painful for her and she starts quietly singing Hallelujah (her favorite song) to it and petting it. And she gives me directions to the emergency animal clinic and I look in the rear mirror and I see the way she’s looking at this dog and I just go “Hey babe? I’m in love with you.” And she smiles real wide and says “I was in love with you first.” (4/4) Ps the dog has a dislocated hip but should be okay

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Bonus: Another thing to keep in mind is to keep changes practical and think about why it would have it to begin with? For example Norel has two orbs on her back. These were not placed there without reasoning. Norel has these orbs on account of that she once lived deep under water, past the point where very little light reached. Norel had to use special means for aided sight in order to catch pray. These orbs are actually modeled of real features found on fish that live on our world in places similar to where Norel grew up!  

Ok so after all this time I finally finished it! I had started when there was a ton of them popping up and I noticed some things I could add to the pile about character creation and design! I hope this helps some one out there in the pmd community! Also please do forgive me for my horrid writing ability. If you have any questions about how I go about things currently do feel free to ask. 

Other designs of mine that show how I play around with features


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