deep v black dress

Can You See Me (Kai Smut)

The room was filled with chatter from the many people floating around the room. This was your first time working with EXO. You had always admired them and supported them in your personal life. You had scored the job right after you moved to Korea. Finding a decent job as a makeup artist wasn’t easy after all. You were lucky just to be in the same room as the talented idols.

You finished up Baekhyun’s eyeliner after an hour. He wanted his to be perfect,just the way he liked it. You took a step back, analyzing your work. He looked in the mirror and gave a nod of approval. You smiled at him, giving a thumbs up and getting your brushes ready for the last member. Kai slid into the chair and smiled widely. You blushed a bit. He gave you an intense look up and down. You were hoping he wasn’t judging you too hard. You felt a bit under dressed in your black deep V-neck and your jean shorts, with your makeup brushes neatly placed in the small cosmetic apron around your waist.

“Are you nervous,” Kai asked, starting a conversation. You focused on which eyeliner to use on him. “No actually, makeup is the thing that makes me the least worried,” you replied, finally finding a good shade of black. You lean forward and get as close to him as you can. You tell him to look down as you start to apply the makeup skillfully to his eyes. He clears his throat and gets quiet. You finish with the top of his eyes and are trying to get his attention, but he is unresponsive. You wave your hand in front of his face and he snaps back. “You alright,” you ask, concerned. He looks at you and then you realize he had been told to look directly at your chest. You giggle, a bit ashamed. “I’m ‘so sorry, I didn’t mean for you to have to look at my chest,” you apologized. He grinned maliciously. “I really didn’t mind,” he mentioned. You laughed and got close to him again. “Well good because I need you to do it one more time,” you instructed. He focused again and you finished applying the eyeliner. You stepped back and checked to make sure it was the best smokey eye you ever did. He looked amazing and you had hardly even recognized that the chatter had stopped and no one was left in the dressing room. 

Kai stood up and looked at himself in the mirror. You walked to your station and began putting your things away. You bent down to pick up your bag and you heard Kai clear his throat again. You sensed him staring at you. You turned your head and met his gaze, also seeing that he had a raging boner. You pointed and smirked. He looked down and wasn’t even surprised. You shook your head in amusement at his boldness. “Did I do something,” you asked, amused. He walked over and grabbed you. He tilted your head back and kissed you avidly. You fell deep into the kiss, getting more intense with every breath. His kiss brings a warm sensation over you and within a matter of seconds you can feel the moisture between your legs.

You turn and push him back into the chair. You stradle him and move your lips hungrily across his neck. He moans sexily. You grind against him, making him go wild. You tease him a bit before tugging his pants off swiftly. You take all of him into your mouth. He stares down at you with his beautiful, intense eyes. You suck until you feel that he can’t take it anymore. You stand up and turn around. You bend over and give a little shake for him. He grunts impatiently. He spins you back towards him and grabs your chest. You let a moan escape your lips as he squeezes your boobs. You pull your shorts off as he continues to feel on your chest. You guide him off of the chair and you slide onto the counter where your makeup had been. He stood between your legs, his lower half exposed. You took in his body and pulled his shirt off, wanting him to be completely bare. 

His abs taunted you and you ran your hands over them. He shuddered against your touch. He glanced at you and pulled your shirt off. “Has to be fair,” he demanded. You unhooked your bra and exposed your chest also. He leaned over and kissed you again, running his hands through your hair. He moved your head to the side and started nibbling at your ear. “Mmm yes,” you moaned. You could feel him hard against your thigh. You rubbed yourself as he continued playing at your ear. He stopped what he was doing and stepped back, watching you. He backed into the chair clumsily and fell into it. You took this opportunity to get back up and walk over to him. You walked slowly, taking your time so he could see every bit of you. Right before you got to him, you slid off your panties, building up the anticipation. “Get over here,” he growled, slamming you down onto his lap. 

You yelled as the force hit you. You worked yourself up and down as he grabbed your neck and clamped down lightly. You were so turned on by his slight roughness. You moved faster up and down, listening to his steady grunts and moans. He released his grip and yanked you up, pinning you against the door to the dressing room. The way he was touching you made you crave him. He pulled your legs up and pushed himself inside you. He alternated between pounding you and slowly stroking you. He was mid stroke when you couldn’t help yourself anymore and let go, screaming his name. He looked deeply into your eyes, his breath was ragged. He let you back down and bent you over, pounding you now repeatedly from behind. You were overwelmed and he held your hips tightly as he felt himself about to cum. You turned around and let him shoot all over your face, enjoying every bit of it. You close your eyes and take in the satisfaction. You feel another stream hit your face and you smile, sinfully. “You’re not finished,” you questioned. “That time it wasn’t me,” Kai responded. 

You wiped your face and quickly opened your eyes. You smirk as you see Sehun stroking in front of you. You stand up and lick your fingers in front of them both. “Naughty boy, you’ve been watching this whole time,” you say directly to Sehun. He nods, not showing a bit of guilt. Kai comes up behind you and wraps his arms around you while Sehun stares. “After our show, maybe it’s time for round two,” he whispers, suggestively. You spread out on the dressing room couch still naked. He gets himself back together, as does Sehun, and they walk out together. Kai pokes his head back in, “don’t you move from that spot, I’m going to need another touch-up,” he says as he winks and leaves once again. You leaned back and relaxed, preparing yourself for another session with Kai. The door opens again and you sit up, expecting Kai, but instead finding Sehun. He approaches the couch and says, “Now it’s my turn.”