deep thunder

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If it isn't too much trouble could I get Solider 76's s/o sneaking into his room scared from a thunderstorm? So he comforts them with cuddles?

Jack let out a deep sigh as he examined the various forms sitting before him, even now he still had copious amounts of paperwork to sift through, just like old times. His visor sat on the desk beside him, its red glass reflecting the glint of the occasional bolt of lightning, the deep rumble of thunder the only noise safe for the scribbling of his pen. His ears perked up at the subtle sound of his door sliding open, his free hand slowly lowering to the pistol holstered at his hip while he laid the pen against the desk.

“Oh, you’re awake.” Jack’s s/o’s voice called out to him, bringing his hand from his hip back to the desk, he let out a dry grunt as he grabbed the pen. “I didn’t want to bother you, it’s just I can’t sleep.” Jack continued to write on the forms, letting out another grunt as his s/o approached. “I was wondering if it would be alright if I stayed in here for a bit.” Their voice sounded timid, though Jack attributed it to how tired they were, he could function on only a few hours of sleep.

“I’ve got a lot of work to do.” Jack replied, the distance he used when he wore his visor never truly faded, the words sounded harsher than he had intended, even after all this time together he was still awful at expressing emotion.

“That’s okay, I’ll just head back to-” His s/o’s words were cut off by the roar of thunder, trailed by a whimper. Jack flinched as their arms wrapped across his chest, gently shaking as they were pulled tighter around him. He smiled, letting out a deep sigh as he placed his pen back on the desk, pushing himself up from his seat.

“Work can wait.” Jack chuckled, draping his arm over his s/o as he pulled them towards his bed, propping himself against the headboard to allow them to rest their head on his chest. “Don’t worry, I’ve got you.” Jack whispered, pulling the covers over the two of them. Another crackle pierced the sky, causing his s/o to push themselves further into his chest. He smiled again, pulling them closer, his steel blue eyes focused on their form. He might not be able to get much sleep tonight, but as long as his s/o did, that was enough.

I wanna be honest
I want to be bad
I want to destroy you
I want to move fast
I want the attention
I want all the cash
I want all the ass
Is it too much to ask?

I want to be faithful
I want to be raw
I want to be ignorant
And I want to know all
I want to die someday
I want to live long
I want what I ask for
And I get what I want

I’m thinking we should ride
To a place that we don’t know
To a place where no one has seen us before
I’m thinking, you and I
Better just go with the flow
Last thing that we should do is go slow (…)

I’ll fucking digest you
One kiss at a time
You wish I was yours
And I hope that you’re mine



     Deafening silence filled the room, nothing but expanses of dark forest populating the screen in front of you. You were acutely aware of the hunter beside you - watching, waiting, ready for you to jump into his arms when the quite broke and teeth gnashed, music swelling and guns firing. But you wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. Not this time.

     You steeled yourself for the inevitable jump scare, for the loud crack of noise and blood that would spray. You kept your eyes trained on the screen. You wouldn’t react. Would not react.

    A deep growl thundered through the silence. Branches cracked and a blood-curdling scream vibrated your whole body.

     You didn’t even realize you’d moved until you felt Dean’s chest rumble against your cheek with his unsuppressed laughter.

     “I thought you weren’t gonna jump this time?”

     You pried open your scrunched up eyes and looked up at the man smiling down at you, his arms holding you firmly against his body and his hand rubbing soothingly over your back. You held your head high and locked on his piercing green gaze. “I didn’t, that was entirely intentional.”

     Dean smiled and paused the movie, then pulled on your leg, urging you to straddle his lap. “Oh really? And what exactly was the intention behind acting like one of the people we save right before we save them?”

     You pushed yourself closer to him, your chest pressing against his muscled body. “Maybe I just wanted an excuse to jump into your arms,” you whispered mischievously, your lips teasingly close to his ear.

     Dean bunched up his hand in the back of your shirt and pulled your unbound hair over your shoulder, his nose brushing the exposed skin of your neck as his mouth hovered. “You never need an excuse for that,” he mumbled. Then his lips skimmed your shoulder, the barest touch on your rapidly heating skin sending a jolt of pleasure through your fear-tensed body.

     Your head lolled off to the side and your back arched as Dean’s kisses became more intense, opened mouthed and moving up your neck and along your jaw line. It didn’t take long before his lips found your own and even less time for you to allow him to take control, to let him tangle his fingers in your hair and slip his free hand under the hem of your shirt.

     Maybe being scared wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

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One day, one rhyme- Day 1078

A tall figure moves in shadows
Along a darkened street.
It’s clad in abyss coloured clothes
And drags its giant feet.
Clouds obscure the moon, in its wake
Each street lamp flickers out,
Perhaps it seeks your heart to take
To hellish fiends, no doubt.
It’s eyes glow red like coal embers
In the depths of its face,
It’s a sight that one remembers,
That one cannot erase.
Concealed under its robes, it hides
A package, something small.
Using the exterior guides,
I bet it does appall.
He’s ascending the front stairway
T'won’t end well, I suspect
A murderous visit to pay,
Perhaps souls to collect.
On the front step, sounds in rejoice-
The doorbell sings its wail.
The door opens, and a deep voice
Thunders: “Here is your mail.
The postman dropped it on the grass,
Sorry it’s a tad wet.”
And now, the take home message class:
Not all fears pose a threat.

The air rumbled, a deep, low thunder
and I am not sure what it is that shakes me–
The waves swaying me like a new born babe on a wicker cot,
Or am I displaced by the depths of the sky?
I search for paths off this road, there must be one
That will lose me to the sea
Because the heavens very rarely lets its hair down
Only once, when a full moon reigns the sky,
when a lone pilot takes his jet as closest as it can to the stars,
because it is lonely, with no one to share such wonder
with wishes and prayers and curses alike
May it be gods or aliens, their hands are too full
And the day cannot wait to wake
Still I would wait in my dreams, in silence
Come, don’t come
The sky can always find me in the sea
In the same way the shore glistens with salt at dusk
Mocking the stars in quiet reverie

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Seemed like fun. =)

How old are you? 30.

Current Job/Dream Job? Currently customer service rep in a call center. Dream job is a successful novelist/webcomic artist (I can be both, damn it!)

What are you talented at? Drawing, writing, procrastinating, overthinking things.

What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)? Finish/publish a novel. I have one all plotted/half-written from NaNoWriMo.

What are your aesthetics? Rain, coffee, soft sweaters and blankets, overstuffed armchairs, long hair, long skirts, scarves, deep forest, thunder.

Do you collect anything? Terrible B-movies (on DVD and Blu-Ray), Funko Pops of my favorite characters.

What is a topic you are always up for talking about? Writing, art, whatever my current fandom is (at the moment, that’s Supernatural!)

What’s a pet peeve of yours? People talking down to and mistreating service workers. Don’t be a jerk to your waiter/customer service rep/cashier/etc. They’re human beings, and they’ve dealt with your exact problem 100 times already today.

Good advice to give? Make a battle plan with bite-sized steps and your goal at the end. Go do step one right now!

Recommend three songs:
Eyes Wide Open - Gotye
There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart) - Eurythmics
Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked - Cage the Elephant

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Genre: Angst

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader


“Shit…” You mutter to yourself, glancing out the window as droplets of water forcefully pelt the cold glass. You could hear the deep rumble of thunder in the distance. “Better hurry up here if I want to make it home before this gets any worse…”

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Seven have entered the waters...

◣ “And who might you be, lil’ morsel?” The source of the deep, thunderous voice seemed almost unknown for a moment, until a pair of blue, beady eyes slipped from below the ocean surface, steadily fastened to the stranger before him, and a pair of wide, toothy jaws caught every piece of light from the half moon above. 









BTS Reaction Of You Being Scared

Request: How would the boys react if you got scared by something, like thunder, or a horror movie?

I’ve been in a car trying to sleep before when there was a thunder storm right above us and it was so freaking scary omg!!!! Plus, i can’t watch ads for horror movies so this spoke to me. (why so deep? idk.)

Namjoon: To thunder he would first ask if you were serious and then when he realized that you were legitimately scared he would put his headphone in your ears with music playing to drown it out. With a horror movie he’d just cover your eyes because he wanted you to be able to sleep later on.

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Jin: He’d get frustrated because he wouldn’t know what to do at first to calm you down from the sound of the loud thunder. He’d end up figuring something out and holding you close until it was all over. When it came to a horror movie he’d stay up for you until you fell asleep because you had the scary movie playing over and over in your head.

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Suga: He would kind of laugh at you but not in a mean way more in a you’re really cute way. He’d try to get your mind off of it and if that didn’t work then he’d do the same as Namjoon and put headphones in your ears to make the loud cracks of the thunder more bearable. For a horror movie he’d keep telling you how it wasn’t going to happen to you and when that didn’t work he’d just cuddle you until you fell asleep.

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Hoseok: For thunder he would probably understand and not be as frightened but would wrap the two of you in a warm blanket and tell you stupid jokes to take your mind off of it. Then, with a horror movie you’d have to comfort him cuz damn he’ll be screaming.

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Jimin: When it came to the thunder he’d first ask you why you are so afraid of just a little noise but once it grew louder he’d pull you into a quieter place and whisper softly that he gets it now and would just overall comfort you. The, horror films he’d also be scared so you’d have to comfort each other.

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Taehyung: He would take your fear into something like a project. He would build a big fort for the two of you to hide in to be away from the thunder and he’d offer to cover your ears if it really scared you that much. For horror films he’d laugh at you during the movie but afterwards he’d hold you close and tell you that nothing would get you. (adorable gif this one kills me!)

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Jungkook: Being the fearless maknae he wouldn’t understand how you could be afraid of a little thunder. Once you told him with fear behind what you say that you’re really scared he would comfort you in the ways he could like hugging you or letting you play a game on his phone. Horror films are easy to watch for him so he’d just take the opportunity to scare you even more but after he went a bit overboard he would get your mind off of it by doing something silly or would let you borrow one of his shirts or sweatshirts.

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{Child of sin}

Sulfur sat on his large Stone throne, looking down at hus lovely evil daughter standing infront of him. there was sadness in his eyes. as he spoke in a deep thundering Voice.

Florida-SouthEastern Gothic

Afternoon thunderstorms mute the world and turn roads to rivers; sometimes it’s impossible to tell if the rain is still falling from above, or howling horizontally across the fields to follow you. 

In the summer, thunder growls deep enough to rattle the bones of your home.

The air is thick, a product of the slow exhale of the swamps and rivers that lurk at the back of the neighborhood, and at dusk the gnats swarm close enough that you are afraid to breathe in. You plunge a paddle through black water, and pretend that you didn’t see the slide of scales brush the surface.

The sun draws color from anything that it can reach; tattered and bleached orange life vests, tangled in fishing line, mock you from the shores. 

Beach entries, crammed between soaring grey buildings, lead to dangerous, sloping tides; the words “locals only” are scratched into the boardwalk, and they glow red at you in the fading sun.

Something brushes against you in the water, but it was probably nothing. That’s what you tell yourself. A voice whispers as the waves slide against sand; you can never make it out, but as the current tugs at your feet, you understand.

When the sun sets, green lights blink in the black horizon and you almost wish you’d let the waves take you. 

Glowing eyes watch, from the reeds and glades, as you drive along highways that stretch forever into darkness. Figures disturb the mist at the edges of the crumbling asphalt and you drive on, hoping that they will not follow. 

The deer see but will not share their secrets.

Fog greedily pools over the Spanish fort across the bay, and when it shifts you’re sure that you can see men standing aside the gaping cannons. You wind the shutters closed, praying that tonight is not the night the bones in the soil rise to take arms again. 

The earth is waiting to swallow you, and the pulling mud is a reminder with every step that it will someday win.

jerejean and storms

okay so i meant to post this ages ago but exams hit so oops

lets entertain the idea that the knox farm is somewhere pretty warm so they get a lot of rain during the summer bc of it

-because if you’ve ever actually sat and watched a storm there can sometimes be something calming about the heavy rain and the deep roll of thunder
-and I’m not talking about storms that cause actual damage, just more mild storms that happen when the whether gets too hot and the clouds come rolling in and the rain starts pouring
-and bc i always picture the knox farm being somewhere pretty warm storms happen quite often for them
-Jeremy grew up there so he’s used to it
-and by the time Jean actually goes to the knox farm with Jeremy for the holidays they’re an Item™ and have been for a while
-and Jeremy’s learnt to pick up on certain things that could be triggers for Jean etc
-and they’re still learning how to be together, but one thing Jeremy knows for sure Jean hates: the feeling of being stuck inside.
-the feeling of being trapped in a building always has him spiralling back to his time at the ravens where he wouldn’t even see the sky for weeks
-and so jeremy’s worried that with the numbers of storms they have at the knox farm during the summer will mean Jean is stuck inside the old farm house a lot
-and so being the good bf that he is he talks to Jean about it
-Jean stills agrees to come with him
-and so they get to the knox farm and immediately martha and justin adopt Jean and maya’s even back for a visit and the younger twins start to get on with Jean bc they’re all Art(and Music) Hoes™ and millie convinces Jean to help with her french and maggie loves Jean straight away etc etc
-and for about the first week there isn’t any storms but it rained all day tuesday and wednesday but they still went out to tend the animals and drive around bc Jean likes to drive okay
-but next monday is a different story
-and they’re out in the fields, Jeremy doing chores and looking after the animals with Jean following him, intrigued with farm life bc it’s nothing like what he’s seen before
-and Jeremy can see it on the horizon
-the dark clouds, the sheet of grey rain pouring, he can smell the rain already, feel the electricity in the air almost
-and he knows it’s going to be bad
-especially after not having one after a whole week
-and so he’s pretty worried bc Jean looks so calm and at ease here, stood leaning on the gate, asking jeremy a bunch of questions about chickens
-and it’s taking a long time for Jean to get to this stage of being ~okay~ and jeremy knows this is probably gonna be a set back
-and so he tells Jean that there’ll be a storm coming in soon and that they should probably go inside
-and so they pick up there stuff and do a last check on the animals with millie tagging along to help before they go inside
-they’re sat in the living room when they heard the rain hit hard
-with the tv on low in the background that jacob and joel are pretending to watch
-and maggie’s on a blanket on the floor playing with her toys and essentially being the cutest lil bab ever
-and Jeremy’s sat at the dining table with Millie going through her homework bc Jeremy is That Older Brother that helps out as much as he can
-and so he doesn’t notice Jean slips outside onto the decking that def surrounds the knox house and there’s a lot of posts about them stargazing etc so hear me out okay
-and Jean doesn’t even go anywhere
-just sits there in the pouring rain, just enough in the shelter of the stoop but not close enough to the house to remain 100% dry
-and he’s just breathing as he listens to the thunder clap and rumble around him and he can sort of see lightening in the distance
-but it’s oddly peaceful
-sat there, letting the rain get him, seeing the sky as a blanket of dark grey angry clouds
-and the storm is pretty loud
-and the sound’s drowning out his own thoughts
-and he can breathe
-in the earthy air thick with rain, he can smell the world around him, fresher and less heat-sticky than it had been earlier
-and martha’s been told some stuff but not a lot and so when she spots him out the kitchen window she’s a bit worried
-and her motherly way is to usually go and check up on whoever it is
but she isn’t sure how well she’ll be received
-and so she goes and gets jeremy instead
-he just grabs his waterproof coat and goes outside
-and he doesn’t say anything, he just sits down next to Jean with enough distance between them that Jean will feel comfortable
-and it’s a long time before either of them speaks
-and it’s Jean that goes to break the silence first
-he’s got an explanation ready, how he didn’t know why but he just needed to come and sit out here
-but it’s when he turns to Jeremy
-and sees jeremy’s hoods up with raindrops still running down his face, his hair plastered to his forehead
-that he starts laughing
-bc storms have that ~energy~ to them and jean’s been sat out there long enough for him to feel it
-and Jeremy looks ridiculous and cute there in the rain and his coat and soaked through jeans
-he realises that he probably looks a lot like that as well, and he’s not even wearing a coat
-and Jeremy smiles and Jean laughs a bit more
-and he reaches out a hand and Jeremy takes it
-and they just sit there for a while until Jean feels like he can go back inside
-and they get up and go in
-and martha fusses over them and “you should’ve at least put a coat on” bc she’s def adopted Jean into the fam
-and jeremy’s laughing now bc “you’re in trouble now, you’ll never hear the end of it”
-and Jean starts to realise that it’d actually be nice
-to be able to come here and see these people and have them /care/
-and he’s no where near accepting them actually caring or him being allowed to go back etc, but the thought’s there
-and it’s a good thought
-the first one he’s actually had about his future past Exy
-and he starts to realise that maybe this is okay
-and there’s more storms over the next few weeks before they go back to college
-and they sit upstairs for one with jeremy’s window open, the sounds and the crisp air filling the room
-another they get caught in while they’re at the store and they run to the car and just sit in jeremy’s truck and wait it out
-and they end up sat in one of the empty barns for one of them, just looking out over the fields as the rain pours
-and they don’t really talk during storms
-just sit together
-and it’s good
-it’s peaceful
-and Jean can breathe


-they get the odd storm at campus not often but sometimes
-never anything major just a bit of rain and a bit of thunder
-and Jean usually ends up sat in the window with it open, breathing in and out because he feels like he can
-and Jeremy would probably want to complain about the rain that gets in through the window and soaks the carpet
-but it’ll dry
-Jean is more important than the carpet
-and one time they’ve got a bunch of the trojans over in their room
-and jeans sat in the window watching the clouds
-and one of the liams (liam 1 i think was the photography kid??) takes a picture of him
-and it’s so fucking aesthetic like the way he’s leaning in the window and the lighting and the clouds and sunset happening behind him
-and Jeremy def gets a copy of the pic
-and carries it everywhere with him

bonus part 2

- @exyspacegays​ did a post on them going on road trips here
-and Jean loves to drive okay so they just pick a destination and go
-and they’ve def got through some weather
-but one of jean’s fave memories about the trip is driving through the rain, miles out from anywhere, with Jeremy relaxed beside him
-and they can hear the thunder faintly in the distance
-and the storm doesn’t fully hit until they get to their motel
-and they don’t want to get out the car at first because it’s pouring
-and Jean’s turned the engine off and they can hear the rain thudding on the roof of the car
-neither of them say anything
-just sitting their in silence, listening to the rain
-and Jeremy looks over and grins at Jean
-Jean smiles back
-and then they’re running to get inside again
-they get into their room and just sprawl out of the bed
-and they can hear the rain against the window and the thunder claps as well
and Jean doesn’t think he’s ever been happier than laid out with Jer like this listening to the storm