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Speechless [BamBam Smut]

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“I will never marry the likes of you. You’d have to kill me first.” You hissed out unable to contain your bitterness towards the entire situation any further. “ And that would be considered necrogamy” With that last phrase you nearly spit on him. The cockiness he exuded made sick, to point of almost disregarding every lesson you had ever been taught about acting like a lady. Almost. If there was one thing you held consistent about yourself, it was your pride, and you sure as hell weren’t about to let an arrogant bastard such as himself, change that about you.

BamBam’s self confident simper only seemed to widen the further you stepped away from him, the further you stepped into his office, the further you stepped away from any possible escape.

With a deep thud, you were now pressed up against his old wooden desk. Your fingers turned white from pressing against the edge of the surface, hoping to relieve any ounce of anger bubbling in your blood. BamBam lightly traced the inside of your thigh, only for you to forcefully slap his arm away.BamBam bit his lip at your resistance.

Oh what a tease you were. Oh how fun it would be to toy with you. Oh how satisfying it will be to one day break you.

BamBam once again placed his hand on the inside of your thigh. Before you even had time to react. He already plunger on of his long slender fingers inside of you. Your back arched as his hastily added a second. Oh how much you wanted to push him away, to throw him off of you and scream at him for just being himself in general. You wanted to so badly, but your body held you back. As the pleasure built up inside of you, you could no longer resist his touch, no longer resist the skill of his fingers inside of you. Oh how much you wanted to at least sigh out as he slowly pumped in and out of you at an uneven pace. How much you wanted gasp as he drastically picked up the speed, how much you wanted to scream his name as the pleasure coiled up inside of you and released, soaking his long slender finger. The desire you had to let out an exasperated breath at least as his fingers refused to leave your insides, even after you had already spattered all over them once.

“You act strong willed and… powerful” BamBam began pumping you slowly once again. Starting again as if he had never caused you to shudder in pleasure the first time. He voice was deep, raspy…sultry as he spoke.

“But behind closed door… you’re weak.” Sliding his fingers out of your dripping core completely, you suppressed yet another scream. His fingers hover just outside of your entrance. You wanted to beg. You wanted to beg so badly…No matter how much pleasure coiled up inside of you, you refused to give him the satisfaction of hearing you scre-

You mouth flew open as you clenched your vocal cords together as tightly as possible, stopped breathing even to prevent any sound from releasing as he plunged his fingers in all the way only pumping in and out twice before you spurt all over his hand for the second time in just under ten minutes.

“Oh darling… don’t leave your mouth hanging open like that, you’ll catch flies.” His mouth vibrated lightly against your inner thigh. He leaned in further to lick you clean. Your eyes widened, your mouth still shamelessly agape. He had found yet another weakness of yours as his head stayed firmly placed between your thighs, leaving you spotless.

After finishing you off, he stood up, proceeding to get extraordinarily close to your face. His eyes widened briefly, as if challenging you, challenging you to defy him after that…

Arily lifting your wrist from their nearly fixated position of digging into the sides of his wooden desk, he lifted your and to the tip of his lips, extending your ringer finger, nibbling at the end. A gasp forming in your throat, but never surfaced. Oh, but the tension was present in your eyes. He had already finished you off twice now, and here he was still teasing you, inducing you to beg for more, yet also restaining you, being too proud to beg.

Abruptly releasing your hand, it now falling slack against your side, he sharply grasped onto your chin, not allowing you to look anywhere but into is eyes, his lust filled, alpha male, dominant eyes. You had no doubt bruises would be forming all over you body. Scraping his thumb against your bottom lip he snarled. You felt a whimper arising in your throat, never allowing it to surface, but frightening you at the mere thought that it had started to arise. And as soon as you diverted your eyes he released you, throwing your chin back, but not as roughly as he had originally grasped it.

And then he walked away, leaving you still pressed against his office desk, legs now tightly pressed together with swollen lips and a sense of pride dangling only on a thin wire.

Grabbing his jacket from the coat rack, starting to open the door, not even bothering to look back at you, he spoke, his arrogant tone never failing to seep through.

“Do lock up once you recovered.” And hence appeared the office key, traveling by way of an over the shoulder toss of the man standing just at the exit. You uneasily caught the keys, a hazy feeling shrouding your mind due to the most peculiar chain of events that had just taken place. BamBam turned his head slightly, still not entirely looking in your direction, but still seeing a small glimpse out of the corner of his eyes.”Next time I won’t go so easy on you” He continued to walk out the door, but then paused for but a moment adding one last comment. “Next time… I won’t let you leave until you screamed my name a million times in a thousand different ways.” And then he walked through the door, closing it behind him.

He left you absolutely and completely speechless, even when you wanted nothing more than to scream.

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