deep swing

If she could pinpoint her feelings down to the point where she could explain them to someone, she would. But the thing is, feelings aren’t exactly stable objects, ones that you can hold down and classify as one thing over another. Her feelings were mood swings, lunging upwards and downwards the way roller coasters work. She searched within herself, trying to make sense of what she felt, only to find out that she was blindly pulling bits and pieces of her heart out, like a toy, at the same time refused to acknowledge what her mind already knew.
You Found Me - Jeff Atkins

Title: You Found Me

Person: Jeff Atkins

Warnings: mention of his accident, angst, like 2 cuss words

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When you started dating someone your freshman high school, you never thought you’d call him the love of your life. However, Jeff was different than the guys you’ve gone out with. He was a jock, specifically involved with baseball, but he wasn’t cocky or an ass. He was genuinely concerned about others before himself, a quality that you fell for.

It all ended that summer night. You knew Jeff, he was smart enough to know how much he can handle. You had seen him just before he left, a cup of soda in hand. He kissed you goodbye, went to get beer but never came back. The cops said his death was because he was drunk, but you knew otherwise.

Everyone was walking on eggshells around you at school, being careful not to say the wrong thing, except for Clay and Hannah. It was your first day back after taking a few days off. You open your locker, taking a deep breath. Swinging the door open, you’re greeted with a photo of you and Jeff, the one you both loved. Running your fingers over the photo, you remember the night you took it. You’re too focused on the photo to see Hannah and Clay walking towards you. They stop, looking at you. Hannah had mouthed something to Clay, telling him to stay put. She places a hand on your arm, causing you to turn towards her, now sobbing into her shoulder. She pulls you into a reassuring embrace, now waving Clay over.

“He really loved you, you know.” Clay told you.

You nod, a tear running down your face.

“I know, but he wasn’t drunk. I know Jeff. He was responsible and smart. Not an idiot.” You sighed, wiping under your eyes.

“(Y/N),” Hannah began to say, “I know what happened.”

“Tell me.”

“(Y/N), you shouldn’t-”

“Tell me, please.” You begged, your voice breaking.

“Before Jeff left for the beer run, he had asked Sheri to move her car. I needed a ride home so I went with her. My phone had died, so I was going to use hers to tell my parents I’d be spending the night at her place. She was driving as she was digging through her purse trying to find it. She looked down for a minute and when she looked back up, she slammed on the brakes and hit right into the stop sign. It had fallen over, so we both got out of the car to see if there was any damage. I told her we need to call the police to report that a stop sign had fallen over. She got flustered with me and drove away. I walked to the nearest gas station and used a phone to report where it happened and they told me that police had already been dispatched. I thought Sheri had call them…”

“It was me,” Clay interjected. “I called them. I had, um, I found Jeff.”

“Son of a bitch.” You chuckled in disbelief, shaking your head before walking away.

“(Y/N), wait a second,” Clay said, catching up to you. “They found this on Jeff the night of the accident. He told me about it, he wanted to give it to you that night. The paramedics dropped it when they, uh, when they moved him.”  Clay’s hand dug into his backpack, pulling out a box with your name on it. You opened it, revealing a promise ring. Jeff had told you that he’d get you one, but you never thought he was serious. You breath hitched in your throat, tears rushing to your eyes faster than before.

“Thank you, Clay. I needed this.” All Clay did was smile slightly back to you, letting you go and do what you needed to: confront Sheri.

The bell rang, dismissing you from your economics class that you had with the girl who killed your boyfriend. You couldn’t look at her, it physically made you sick. You were forced to work with her but instead you worked by yourself. Why work with the person who killed the person you loved the most?

You walked out of the classroom, heading towards the parking lot when a familiar voice stops you.

“(Y/N), wait.” You continue walking, even picking up the pace a little bit. Sheri was desperate you guess, she ran up in front of you, causing you to stop dead in your tracks.

“What could you possibly want, Sheri?”

“Are you mad at me for some reason?”

You rolled your eyes and kept walking. Don’t make a scene, she’s not worth it. Sheri repeated her moves once again, however you walked around her.


“You want to know why I’m mad at you? Is that what you really want?”

“Why don’t want we talk about this on the ride home, I’ll drive you.” She told you as she started walking.

“So you can knock down a stop sign and cause someone else’s boyfriend to get into a car accident? No thanks.” You yelled to her, your arms folded across your chest.

She turns around with a shocked look painted on her face. Everyone began crowding around you guys, almost as if a fight were about to go down. So much for not making a scene.

“You hit into a stop sign, knocking it over and you didn’t even bother to call the police. You needed to get away or go home because when you’re with your dad, you have a curfew right? Because of your reputation, you didn’t want to be held responsible or be known as ‘the girl who hit a stop sign.’ My boyfriend went on a beer run that night, sober. He was drinking soda before he left. So on his way back when he went through that intersection, he collided with someone because you didn’t have the decency to report the stop sign.”

Everyone around you started whispering, their eyes never leaving you or Sheri.


“You wanna know what was found in his pocket that night?” You asked, pulling the promise ring out of your coat pocket. “He got me a promise ring. He told Clay that he was going to give it to me later that night. He planned on leaving early with me. We were supposed to go to one of the cliffs overlooking the water. Right then, he was going to give it to me. But because of your ignorance, I’ll never get to have another memory with the one person in this school who made me feel like the only person on the planet.” You paused, wiping a stray tear from your eye. “Screw you, Sheri.”

Harry Potter on his deathbed

Imagine Harry in St. Mungo’s, old and dying, lying on his deathbed. He feels sad and elated at the same time. He’ll leave his Ginny on her own. He won’t see Ron and Hermione, bickering even in their old age. He won’t see his first great grandchild. But then, he feels warm and fuzzy too. Happy. He’ll see his mum and dad, and Sirius, and Remus…

He chuckled softly, but in his aged state, is immediately racked with hacking coughs. He feels a pressure on his right hand and gently turns his head to face Ginny. His wife. His sun, so radiant, so warm, so beautiful, even as an old lady. He brings her hand to his lips, kissing it softly before dropping it back to his side. He starts to fade in and out of subconsciousness, and he smiles, a single tear rolling down his left cheek. He gives one last shuddering breath before saying

“I’ll see you soon”

He suddenly stands before Godric’s Hollow. He looks down at his hands, young and smoother. He looks up, takes a deep breath, and swings the fence gate open, contentedly walking the stone pathway to the house. He hears a door open and he sees them. His mum, his dad. Sirius and Remus. All in their 21 year old glory, smiling at him from the doorway of Godric’s Hollow. Harry then grins, so wide, so happy. Sirius clears his throat.

“Come on in then. We’re having treacle tart.” he says, beckoning Harry to the inside of the house.

Harry tilts his head back, laughing. He faces them and says, that finally, finally

“I’m home, everyone.”

Love Triumphs

Jared Padalecki x Reader

1750 Words

Summary: AU (I love Gen, and love her with Jared.) Jared and Gen have split up, but are still friendly. You, the Reader have recently started acting on Supernatural, and have fallen in love with Jared. Both of you get hate due to the fact that you are much younger than he is.

Author’s Note:  This was an anonymous request that someone requested from @imjusthereforsupernatural . I was going to write an imagine for it, but it’s taken a little longer turn. A couple more chapters to come!

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It had only taken three weeks. That was all it had taken for your heart to be taken by the tall, older yet decidedly goofy man that you happened to be working with. When your agent had called with the great news that you would be working on Supernatural, you had immediately become nervous, knowing you were not only taking on a new job, but also a new lifestyle. If the Supernatural fans liked you, and your character, you would have a family forever.

Things had started out great. The crew and cast had welcomed you with open arms. Your character had a recurring role, at least four or five episodes, hopefully more. An Angel that was friends with Castiel, helping out on a hard hunt. The main actors had been distant but kind, giving you the chance to get used to a friendly and welcoming set, so much different than the ones you had been on before. You had heard of Jared and Jensen before, how they were professional but goofy, and they certainly lived up to it. Often times you found yourself standing off to the side, laughing at their antics as they tried to make Misha or Mark mess up their lines.

It was about a week in when Jared caught up to you as you were walking back to your small, little trailer, surprising you. “Hey, Y/N!” He said breathlessly as he matched his long legged strides to your much smaller ones.

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Fire Whiskey - Fred Weasley

Requested by anonymous.
Warnings: Drinking

“Well, at least we got the fire out,” you said, sitting down on the stoop outside of the burrow next to Fred. He smiled softly at you as you rubbed his back. “How’s-”

“Not much could be saved. Hermione’s working on fixing what she can.”

“I’m sorry.” He shrugged and looked at you.

“It’s not your fault. I did find this, though,” he said, pulling up a bottle of fire whiskey from behind the step. You smiled as he opened the bottle and took a swig. He handed it to you and you took a drink as well.

“What am I going to do at school this year without you?” you asked. Fred frowned at you as you leaned your head against his shoulder. This was your seventh year at Hogwarts, but Fred left last year. Your boyfriend was your best friend, and was often your support during school. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll send you a Howler at least once a week.” You giggled and shook your head.


“Definitely,” he said, kissing your forehead before taking another drink. You took the bottle back from his hand and took a drink, too. “Promise you’ll wreak havoc for George and I?”

“Promise.” He smiled and leaned in to kiss you. 

“Do you remember that time we blew up all the toilets in the girls’ lavatory on the third floor?”

“Too often, actually. I wasn’t a part of that. You and George did that on your own,” you said.

“I feel like you were there, though,” he said, taking another drink.

“I was. I was in the bathroom,” you said, pushing his shoulder a little as he laughed. 

“You were in there!?” he said, laughing hard. 

“It’s not funny. I still have a fear of bathrooms.” Fred laughed and you snatched the bottle out of his hand. 

“I’m sorry, I promise to never blow up any bathroom you may use.”

“Aww, and who said romance is dead.” He laughed and put his arm around you. You curled up into his arms and sighed, looking out onto the field that had hours before been scarier than it was now. 

“So, I was thinking, after school is over, maybe you’d like to, I don’t know, um-”

“Freddie?” He looked down at you and laughed nervously. You handed him the bottle and he took a big swig, seeming to calm his nerves.

“I was wondering if you’d like to maybe move in with me. Well, us.” You smiled at him and squeezed his knee. 

“Well, would you blow up bathrooms in our shared apartment?”

“No,” he said with a grin. “I promise there will be no bathroom explosions.”

“Hmm, that’s definitely tempting. Where would we live?” He smiled and pulled you closer into him. 

“The space above the joke shop.”

“Really?” you asked.

“Unless you wouldn’t want to live there.”

“No, I just didn’t know you could live up there.”

“Well, it’s kind of just an attic right now,” he said. “But it’s enormous, and with a lot of work, it’ll be gorgeous.”

“It sounds awesome,” you said. He let out a sigh and you looked up at him. “Were you worried I was going to say no?”

“I was a little worried, I’m not gonna lie.”

“Why?” you asked, taking a swig and then handing him the bottle. 

“Because not many people would want to live above a loud, sometimes annoying bright, joke shop.”

“But I like a loud, sometimes annoying bright boy,” you said, smiling up at him. He smiled and leaned in as you grabbed the collar of his shirt. “George, I meant.”

“I hate you,” he said, closing the gap to kiss you. “But I’m glad you’re moving in with us. Even if it is just to look at George’s handsome face.”

“Fred! Y/N!” Mrs. Weasley called from inside the house. You both looked back, nearly bumping noses, forgetting how close you were. He stood up, and stumbled a little bit, and then held out his hand for you. You stood up, too, and realized how drunk you were.

“That’s strong stuff.”

“Mhmm,” he said, frowning as he nodded. He opened the door and you walked in first. Fred followed and stopped you just before you walked into the kitchen. He grabbed your waist and pressed his body up against yours to whisper in our ear.

“Don’t let Mum know we’re drunk.”

“Okay,” you said, taking a deep breath before swinging the door open. 

“Oh, there you two are! Don’t frighten me like that. We only just got Harry and Ginny back! If you young lovers would realize that there are other things besides-”

“Mum!” Fred and Ginny whined at the same time. It was then that you realized that Harry and Ginny were in the kitchen as well. They didn’t look too happy about being called away either. 

“Alright, alright, I just wanted to make sure you were all safe. Go back to whatever you were doing. And be safe!” she said again, stressing the word a bit differently than before. You and Fred walked out first, closely followed by Ginny and Harry.

“What were you two doing?” she asked.

“Nothing. Right, Y/N?” he asked, nudging you. You stumbled forward and he grabbed onto you arm before pulling you closer to him, so you could keep each other steady.

“Right, nothing.”

“Ugh, you reek of booze,” Ginny said, scrunching up her nose and walking up the stairs. Harry smirked at you both as he followed the red head closely. Once they were out of sight, you and Fred started giggling, you falling into his chest. 

“Come on,” he said, taking your hand. “She’ll hear us.” He lead you back outside, sitting back down on the step. You laughed and sat down, too, immediately resting your head on his shoulder. He took another drink and you looked up at him.

“Oh, do you want some?” he asked.

“No. I feel floaty right now.”



“What does floaty mean?” he asked with a laugh.

“I don’t know,” you said, wiggling your arms to describe how you were feeling. Fred laughed and so did you, eventually. 

“I love you,” he said, kissing your forehead. You grinned and wrapped your arms around his waist, snuggling him. 

“I love you, too. Are you as drunk as I feel?” you asked.

“I don’t know. Feel me,” he said, before snorting. You laughed too and squeezed him tighter.

“That’s not how it works. Also, your jokes are much better when you’re sober.”

“I’m sure,” he said, running his fingers through your hair. He pulled you closer if that was even possible, and leaned back against the step. The two of you looked out onto the field of tall grass surrounding the Burrow until it was dark and the mosquitoes started to bite at your ankles. Fred then took you up to his room, which he claimed was practice for next year, and the two of you snuggled all night, and nearly all the next day until your hangovers were gone. 

Can I?

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Featuring: Yoongi/Suga and Jungkook (BTS)
Genre: Smut - Threesome
By: Admin L

As requested by you and kind of by you! Enjoy :)

And suddenly, the words ‘can I kiss him?’ slipped off your tongue.

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Carnival Fun- Isaac Lahey Imagine

A/N: I was just feeling some Isaac fluff, so I came up with this. Thanks for the follows and all the positive messages I’ve been receiving. Hope you enjoy!!

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“Come on Lydia, the guys are waiting for us” you yell to your best friend. Tonight was the first night of the school’s carnival, and since there was nothing trying to destroy the city, the pack decided to take a night off and go. While waiting for Lydia you feel your cell phone buzz only to reveal a text from your boyfriend Isaac.

Isaac- “You guys leaving soon? Scott, Stiles, and I just got here.”

Y/N- “Just waiting for Lydia (no surprise). Hopefully shouldn’t be too much longer. Super excited for tonight!”

After about five more minutes of waiting, Lydia finally walks down the stairs wearing the first outfit she had originally tried on. Shaking your head at her, you let out a small laugh and she flashes an innocent smile.

“What, I just wanted to make sure I’d be warm and comfortable. At least Isaac has his werewolf abilities to keep you warm, whereas Stiles is just skin and bones” she states.

“Good point, but let’s get going. I told Isaac earlier that he has to win me a stuffed animal, otherwise he is going home alone tonight.”

While driving to the school you and Lydia exchange goofy stories of your relationships. She shares how Stiles is always moving in his sleep and sometimes wants to be the little spoon. Whereas you tell her how having a werewolf as a boyfriend isn’t always the easiest because they can always sense the littlest lie, and so it always leads to brief arguments over what movie you two should watch.

As you two pull into the parking lot, you notice Stiles leaning against his jeep trying to look cool. However, Isaac quickly took notice of Stiles actions, and so he used his wolf strength and wiggled the car just enough so that Stiles fell to the ground. Once he got up, he sends over a death glare to Isaac and mumbles a threat that only Isaac can hear.

“So what do you guys want to do first” Scott questions as he walks over to the four of you, an arm around Kira’s shoulders.

“Well tonight I’m going to be proving that you don’t need werewolf powers to win any of these stupid carnival games and that any loser can do it” Stiles answers confidently.

“Man, you’re so sure you’ll win something, aren’t you” Isaac mocks. Stiles nods his head yes, causing Isaac to come up with an idea. “Well let’s make a bet then. I bet you $10 you won’t win a single prize tonight.”

“Oh you are so on Lahey. Get ready to pay up.”

The first game the six of you approach is one that tests your strength. The objective is to hit the hammer down as hard as possible, to try and ring a bell. Scott, being the alpha that he is, offers to go first and show everyone how it’s done. Grabbing the hammer, he feels the weight of it and practices lightly swinging it around.

“Alright kids, watch and learn” he smirks. To none of your surprise, Scott easily rings the bell, earning an excited squeal come from Kira’s lips.

“Congrats kid, choose whichever top prize you want” the game attendant says to Scott. Scott looks to Kira for an answer, in which she fittingly chooses a giant fox stuffed animal for a prize.

“Isaac you can go next, I want to save the best for last” Stiles says in a mocking tone.

Isaac gives a small head nod to Stiles to “agree” with him and sends you a smile. Once the hammer is in his hand, he stands quietly for a second, almost as if he is thinking of something.

“It’s okay if your nervous Isaac, these games aren’t meant for everyone” Stiles teases. Your boyfriend glances over to Stiles and gives him a devilish grin. Before you knew it, Isaac slams the hammer down with only the strength of one arm, and easily rings the bell.

“Dang, we got a show off” the game attendant says with amusement. “Go on and pick your prize.”

“Go ahead baby, it’s your choice” Isaac utters to you. Placing a peck on his check, you thank him and go to look at which prize you would like. There a bunch of stuffed animals to choose from, but one in particular catches your eye. It was hard to see at first, but behind all the rest of the foxes, bears, and pandas, you see one that looks like a wolf so you choose it.

“Now I’ll always of you with me” you murmur to your boyfriend. He places a light kiss to your temple, and wraps an arm around your shoulder. Taking in his warmth, you look to Stiles who is now standing in the back of the group awkwardly. He looks defeated, and the two wolves could smell the nerves radiating from his body.

“Alright Stiles, it’s time for you to show us how it’s done, right?” Isaac’s tone was full of sarcasm, causing Stiles to let out a scoff.

Stiles grabs the hammer from Isaac’s hand, and you can tell he was a bit surprised by the weight of the itr. At first Stiles was trying to hold it with only one hand, but it became obvious that he needed two. Gripping the hammer as tightly as possible, Stiles takes a moment to shake out his arms and wrists. The group falls silent, as you await to see if Stiles can ring the bell. With one last deep breath Stiles swings the hammer down, only for the ball (that is supposed to ring the bell) to make it half way up and fall straight back down.

“Shit” Stiles lightly mumbles, earning a chuckle come from Scott and Isaac (damn werewolf hearing). “I think the ball is broken from after Scott and Isaac.”

“Kid, I don’t think it’s the ball” the attendant exclaims. “Maybe you should try working out with your two friends over here and maybe they can teach you a thing or two.”

As your group walks away from the game, Stiles keeps muttering under his breath, and in return you hear Isaac breath sigh of content. The scrawny brunet boy then reachesinto his pocket to take out his wallet, only for Isaac to turn down the $10 saying, “your embarrassment is payment enough.”

After wandering around the carnival for a half an hour with your pack, all the couples decide to part ways. Stiles and Lydia are off to find a game he can win win (and to redeem his pride), Scott and Kira go to find some food to munch on, and you and Isaac walk over to the Ferris wheel.

“You sure you aren’t afraid of heights” Isaac teases you.

“Oh please, I’m pretty sure I should be asking you that” you joke back.

“Um excuse me, I’m the man here, I don’t get scared of anything.”

“Yeah right, you’re like a giant teddy bear. But it’s okay because I still love you”

“Teddy bear?! I’m a werewolf, there’s a difference. I’m inanely strong, super-fast, and incredibly good looking.” Isaac responds, acting as though you hurt his feelings.

“Well isn’t someone a little full of their self” you mock.

“Either way, my job as your boyfriend is to protect you…”

“And to win me stuffed animals” you cut him off while flashing the prize in his face.

“Exactly” he responds placing a kiss to your forehead. “But you do know what that means though right?”

Sending him a look of confusion, his mouth spreads into a large grin.

“Since I won you something, that means you have to go home with me tonight.”

Everything I’ve ever let go of has claw marks on it // David Foster Wallace.

One Day I’ll Find My Love

A/N: A request for a Spencer x Reader AU inspired by Some Day My Prince Will Come from Snow White. The song is Snow White (lyrics are out of order), but the plot be taking bits and pieces from a few Disney movies. :D @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn @unstoppableangel8 @rmmalta @lukeassmanalvez @iammostdefinitelyonfire26 @hogwarts-konoha @remember-me-forever-silent-angel


Though he’s far away
I’ll find my love some day

The day was closing in. The day when the prince or princess was supposed to marry, in love or not, for the sake of your kingdom. Your parents had an arranged marriage, and they had come to love each other over their decades together, but you were almost 18, and it was time for your parents to step down as the rulers of the land. 

After much yelling and crying, you told your parents that without fail, you would either find a man you loved and marry him, or upon your 18th birthday, you would rule the kingdom alone until the day came when your knight in shining armor came to be. 

With their acceptance that they couldn’t make their only darling daughter do anything she didn’t want to, they extended an opportunity. Let them throw a ball and invite every eligible bachelor in the kingdom. If you found a man you loved, you would marry him, and if not, they would throw the same ball every year on your birthday until you found a man worthy of you. To that you agreed. 

Some day my prince will come
Some day I’ll find my love
And how thrilling that moment will be
When the prince of my dreams comes to me

That was nearly two years ago. 

Although the kingdom had never had a sole queen before, they become used to your fair and just rule rather quickly. When asked why you didn’t have a king, you replied, “Because my King must earn my love. I haven’t found a man worthy just yet.”

But again, it was closing in on your birthday. This year was the year you left childhood behind entirely at almost 20 years old. The ball was approaching. The previous two years were fun; you’d danced with eligible bachelor after eligible bachelor, but no one had struck your fancy, seeing only a queen, instead of a woman, but again, you would allow yourself to have fun and remain open to meeting the man you’d call your king.


The first year the ball had been thrown, Spencer had desperately wanted to go, but his mother was ill, and he hadn’t had the heart to leave her. He’d heard that the King and Queen were throwing a ball for their only daughter in the hopes that she’d find a man to marry. 

For years, Spencer had heard of the princess’s beauty, as well as her kindness, generosity, wit and spirit. He’d wanted to meet this ethereal beauty more than anything, but for two years, the opportunity had eluded him. 

Spencer didn’t have much, but he did have his mind. His mind is what had secured him a job in town managing the baker’s finances. It paid well and kept himself and his mother in a well-enough state. They weren’t well off by any means, but they managed, and finally, Spencer had enough money saved up to hire someone to take care of his mother for the night. 

His suit wasn’t much; it was secondhand, but it would have to do, for he had nothing else. “Mother, are you going to be okay if I go to meet the queen?”

“Of course, my dear. Go dazzle her with that brilliant mind and beautiful face!”

His mother was always hopeful. He didn’t have any hopes to actually meet her in person, but if he could just gaze upon Queen Y/N, he would count himself lucky, so he left the house and began to walk, until a whisper from the woods across from his small house on the hill caught his attention.

At first, it sounded like a cry, so he put aside his desire to meet the queen to check if whoever it was, human or animal, was okay. “Hello?” He called out. “Are you okay?”

“Oh! There you are!” Spencer spun around to see a woman in a bright pink ball gown, a wand in her hand, and glasses upon her shining face. “You are going to the ball, yes?”

“Yes…” Spencer said hesitatingly. Who could this possibly be? 

The woman approached him and guided her hands down his sleeves. They were slightly ratty. “This is no way to meet the queen!” Frozen in place, Spencer watched as the woman gracefully floated around him. 

“I don’t mean to be rude,” he said. “But who are you?”

Bringing her hand to her chest, she feigned hurt. “Why, I am your Fairy Godmother. My name is Penelope.” 

“My Fairy Godmother?” He had to be imagining things. “What?”

Still circling him, she began to explain herself. She’d been near him since he was a child, helping him along, giving him strength to take care of his mother when he felt close to failing. “My job is to keep you happy and safe, and if you’ll let me, I’d like to give you an outfit and transportation worthy of the beautiful Queen Y/N.”

“Okay…” His brows were still frozen in confusion. 

With a swish of her wand, his clothes dissolved into something else, a very deep navy blue tuxedo, shiny black shoes, and black bowtie. His Fairy Godmother provided a mirror out of nowhere; he actually looked pretty good. Probably the best he’d looked in his entire life.

Another swish of her wand brought a beautiful, golden, horse drawn carriage beside him. “Now, these things I have bestowed upon you will vanish at the last stroke of midnight, so be sure to be home by then.”

“Thank you,” He said with a smile. “I can’t thank you enough.” He actually felt worthy to be in the Queen’s presence now - at least physically.

“Your enjoyment will be thanks enough.”


As you looked in the mirror, you marveled at how the castle seamstresses had outdone themselves this year. Your dress was a beautiful deep red. It had a heart-shaped neckline with long, red, sheer sleeves, tastefully bedazzled in shimmering jewels. The jewels gathered in quantity around your bust and waistline and then dissipated once again as the ball gown flowed to the floor. Reaching into a drawer on your nightstand, you handed the three seamstresses a bonus. They tried to deny it. “Please. By the Queen’s orders. You have truly outdone yourselves. You deserve a little extra.” Now, you were ready.

This year’s ball took a little longer to get off the ground. Man after man arrived. This year, you decided to wait until the last man arrived until you started dancing. It was nearly 10 o’clock when the last man entered - someone who had not attended the previous years’ balls. His name was Spencer Reid and he was from a small town on the countryside.

And I’ll know him the moment we meet
For my heart will start skipping a beat

Something about the way his locks fell around his shoulders, his slight smile, and the eyes that were filled with stars made your heart quicken. Maybe this was it. Was this the man you’d been waiting for? It sure felt like it. After he was announced, you made your way down the stairs and approached him, giving him a curtsy. “Hello, I am Queen Y/N.”

“I know,” he stammered. He bowed clumsily. Obviously, he was not used to palace life, but his confusion and amazement at everything around him was rather endearing. “It’s such an honor to meet you.” He started to stammer when he realized the attention had turned to the two of you. “I only thought I’d be able to see you, but now that I’m here, I feel like I’ll regret it if I don’t ask for a dance?”

As you stared at the sparkle in his eyes, you extended your hand. “I’d be honored, Spencer Reid.” The music began to pick up at your instruction. Spencer didn’t have any training in dance - that you were sure of - but he was holding himself rather well. “May I ask why you haven’t been to the previous years balls? I know you haven’t because I would’ve remembered a face like yours.”

Spencer blushed. “My mother is very ill. This was the first year I had any money to make sure she was well taken care of in my absence.”

As you danced piece after piece together, you gravitated toward each other, your bodies closer and more in sync than when you started. The way you spoke to each other was effortless, but soon you had to excuse yourself to dance with a few other bachelors, as it was expected. “Will you stay for a few moments? Meet me in the garden?”

Again, he blushed, leaving you to do your royal duties while he wandered around the gardens outside. Lush green plants were only outshone by the stars in the sky and the flowers below, all white and blooming to perfection, as if they’d been placed there specifically for this occasion. Maybe they had been. It seemed like the time had flown because by the time he found a swing, your deep red dress came into view. “Hello again, Spencer. I’m sorry I took so long.”

He motioned toward the swing and when you sat down you gown sparkled in the moonlight. Slight pushes sent your gown flowing and the ease of your conversation had you leaning back until suddenly, you had stopped against him. When you looked up, Spencer leaned down.

He’ll whisper, I love you
And steal a kiss or two

Under the shimmering stars, he kissed you. His lips were soft and skin heated. You reached up and pulled him down for another kiss. 


The clock struck midnight. Where had the time gone? Spencer pulled away quickly. “I’m very sorry. I have to go,” he stammered. “This has been the best night of my life.”


The speed with which he ran took you off guard, but you weren’t about to let him get away. Something in your heart said this was your love and you were not about to let him go, so you kicked off your heels, left them in the garden, and grabbed the excess material of your dress so you could run after him.





For a man who seemed so unsure on his feet earlier, he was remarkably fast. Over and over agin, you called after him, willing him to stop. Why was he running from you?




“Spencer! Please wait!” You had both run through the gardens, the side of the palace, past where the ball was still taking place, and down the stairs. It had been wise to kick off your shoes, for it allowed you to run with ease, letting the material of your dress float behind you. His carriage was just a few feet away.




It was the stroke of midnight - and he was still here. Spencer began to panic that he had run out of time when you grabbed his arm and spun him around. “Spencer, why are you running?”

“I’m sorry,” he said. “But none of this is real.” As he spoke, his suit turned once again to what he’d originally worn from his house and the carriage and its horses dissolved into nothingness. “This isn’t real. I’m no royal. I’m not meant for you.”

A huff of laughter escaped you as the tears gathered in his eyes. “Spencer, I knew you weren’t a royal when we met. That doesn’t mean anything to me.”

“It doesn’t?” A tear fell from his eye and you wiped it away with the pad of your thumb. 

None of that had ever mattered to you. “Not at all. You’re sweet. You treat me like a woman instead of a Queen. I’ve never felt about anyone the way I feel about you. I don’t want you to go. Will you stay?”

“But only the king is allowed to stay with the Queen. And my mother needs me. I have to go home.” There was nothing he wanted more than to stay here, but his mother did need him. 

Immediately, you called a carriage of your own. “If you will do me the honor of being my King, I will send these good men back to your home to escort your mother here. She can live here. We have plenty of people to take care of her and keep her comfortable for as long as she lives.”

“You want me to be the king? I have no idea how to be King.”

“I’ll teach you,” you smiled. “Will you do me the honor of being my King?”

Under the stars, he pulled you toward him again, subconsciously swaying as the breeze ruffled your dress, “Yes,” he swallowed hard. “I will.”


Some day when my dreams come true
Some day I’ll find my love
Someone to call my own

A fortnight after Queen Y/N had chosen her King-to-Be, she and Spencer were wed, under the loving eyes of her mother and father, his mother and her new caretakers, and the entirety of the kingdom. 

At the beginning of her rule, she’d known not what she’d been doing either, but she had learned, and with her by his side, so would he.