deep springs college

I have a story!  But instead of telling it, I will give you the end result and let you use google to puzzle out the rest.  (This was from 4 years ago, when I was applying for undergrad.)

It reads:

Deep Springs College, California
Founded 1917


January 8, 2008

Dear Ms. Burt,

In lieu of a rejection letter, I would like to extend you my gratitude for completing and submitting an application to Deep Springs despite the knowledge of our single-sex policy.  It is the unfortunate reality that while the Applications Committee is free to make its decisions without regard for ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual preference, or financial status, it must still exclude on the basis of gender.  This often means declining admission to qualified applicants, no matter the appropriateness of the match between the applicant and the college.

I appreciate the effort that you put into applying because it makes evident the fact that co-education is an issue that extends beyond the rim of our isolated valley.  The pedagogical benefits of single-sex education must be weighed not only against its own deficits, but also against the ethical implications that accompany the decision to remain single-sex.  This is especially so for an education opportunity as unique as that provided by Deep Springs, and it raises the question of how committed we can be to our founder’s ideal of preparation for lives of service to humanity if we categorically exclude one half of the humanity that we aim to serve.  If the issue of co-education is to be addressed, it is important that it be raised from without the community as well as from within.

This letter is in no way intended to be an absolution, nor am I so naive as to view it as a consolation.  I wish only to make known my appreciation of your caring about the future of Deep Springs as much as all of us here do and your taking to heart, if only for a moment, an issue that we take very seriously here.  I wish you the very best of luck in whatever the future brings you.

Samuel Allen, DS ‘06
Chair, Applications Committee