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Korrasami: Omegaverse, pregnant Asami teaser

She let out a deep sigh while she stared outside the big window, sipping her tea. She sat at a table at her favorite teashop. Pema’s Tea and Toast.
Asami’s green eyes scanned the streets outside. It was raining but people were still out there during this kind of weather. It was the beginning of November and the weather was getting more and more chilly by the day. Asami didn’t like the cold weather, she preferred the warmth of the summer. Although during the nights, she sometimes cursed the heat in her apartment. Last summer her airco decided to give out and she hadn’t been able to get it fixed, or fix it herself.
Subconsciously, she cradled her stomach. Her fingertips tenderly stroking her fabric covered belly while she let out yet another sigh.
It had been two months since her last heat cycle, but she was now stuck with the consequences. I should have been more careful…! She growled in frustration at herself. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Her growls lessened and she used her fingertips to massage her forehead. A sorry attempt to get rid of her headache.
“Can I bring you something else ma’am?” Asami flinched from the sudden question but nodded nonetheless. She hadn’t even heard the waitress come over to her table.
“Ah… yes, the same for me please. Thank you.” She smiled friendly at the waitress who smiled back and left once Asami had ordered. Her green eyes once again looked outside. Watching the people and hoping she’d see the Alpha she had slept with the first time. 
The second one she had slept with during her heat had been easy to find. She was at the club where they had first met. Even though Asami had expected it, she was still disappointed in the Alpha’s reaction. The alpha, Axis, had been clear she wanted nothing to do with the pup. That she was too young to be a sire and that was that.

Namjoon - 3 (F)

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Today was the day. 
A deep, anxious sigh flowed from your parted lips as you rehearsed exactly what you’d say and how you’d say it in your head. “I’m gonna do it-” You said to yourself, slightly trying to hype yourself up. “I can do this. If he doesn’t feel the same-” 

Before you could even finish your sentence, there were three heavy knocks at your door. Your stomach seemed to knot up as you froze in place for a second as you gather the courage to answer the door. 

As you now stood in front of the door, your heart began to race as you opened it. “H- Hey.” You stuttered as soon as Namjoon’s eyes met yours. 
God was he gorgeous, holy crap. 

His eyes lit up immediately, that warm smile of his painted across his face as he walked in; shutting the door behind him. 
“Hey, love.” He cooed, enveloping you in his arms- gently rocking you from side to side. 

Okay… it’s now or never… 
Immediately, you found yourself wriggle free from his embrace, “Look.” You began, avoiding eye contact with him as you felt his curious gaze burning into you. “I need to tell you something, and if I don’t do it now I won’t have the courage to do it any other time…”

As soon as you forced yourself to peer up at him, your eyes locked with his; his cheeks flushed a bright rosy hue, just as yours were. 
He nodded, pressing his lips together as he visibly became nervous. 

“I know I’m probably going to ruin our friendship by saying all this, but I need to-” You continued, tears already started to well up in the corners of your eyes as your heart felt heavy. “-I need to know how you feel about me…” 

“What- What are you saying y/n?” He asks, his words seem to be caught in his throat as he looks down at you. 
His heart pounded in his chest as he saw the tears swell in your eyes, he’d never seen you look as vulnerable and fragile as you did at this very moment. Frankly, you took every bit of his breath away; you were just so precious. 

A few of your tears broke free and delicately streamed down your cheeks, as you softly sniffled before speaking. 
“I love you, Namjoon…” You finally confessed, “You’ve been my best friend for so long and you’re the only one I feel safe and just- good with…” 

His heart swelled with this feeling of pure joy, not even a second later he pulled you into his arms; repeatedly kissing the top of your head. 
“Shh..” He hummed, kissing your forehead as you attempted to speak again. “I love you too y/n…” He cooed, gently cupping your chin between his fingers- bringing your meek gaze up to him. 

There was nothing but a complete mix of shock and joy in your eyes as you locked eyes with the boy of your dreams. 
“I’ve loved you for so long-” His forehead rested on yours, as his hand moved from your chin to your cheek; gently caressing it as he sighed as if a huge weight were being lifted off of him. “- For so long. 

“I fell in love with you the day we sat out at the Han River and watched the sunset together. The way you just glowed made me feel like I was looking at an angel…” 

“-My angel. Y/n, you’re so precious to me, I want to just stay by your side. You’re the girl of my dreams.” 

Wild as the Wind (Tiva, 29/31)

Tony, Ziva, Gibbs, McGee, Thompson, and Pruitt work on cleaning everything up and tying up the last of the loose ends so they can go home.

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Chapter 29: Going Home

“How did they find us?” Tony asked, once they’d finally gotten the last of the bodies cleaned up and flown away. It was late afternoon and both of the girls were back to sleep, Ashina snoring lightly, and Ziva was watching over them with a wistful smile, a deep sigh heaving her shoulders as Tony watched her.

They had come so close to losing everything, and he shuddered at the thought.

When Gibbs didn’t respond right away, Tony continued. “Come to think of it, how did you find us?” People always said the world was small, but geographically speaking, it was anything but. The fact that they’d been located – in just over two and a half years, it seemed – was surprising, though Tony had to admit his relief at not having to worry about Widow anymore.

“They led us to you,” was all the man said, which was almost infuriating in its complete lack of an answer, and even McGee was smart enough to pick up on it and supplement.

“We don’t really know,” McGee began, glancing over at Ziva. “We couldn’t find you on any surveillance, and we looked over every airport video for a month leading to when we discovered you were gone.” He kept his gaze trained on Ziva, noting with apprehension how she’d been apart from the conversation for the past several minutes now, too wrapped up in watching her daughters sleep. Her daughters, McGee thought to himself, pausing for a brief moment to shake his head in disbelief. That would take some getting used to. “But Widow was stupid enough not to cover their tracks, and as soon as we could tell that they were headed somewhere with a purpose, we were right behind them. We only hoped you’d be able to hold out long enough for us to get here.”

“It was… pretty close,” Tony mused, unwilling to think about what might have happened if the team hadn’t arrived when they had. As it was, his side wasn’t in the greatest shape after having been grazed by a bullet and he was pretty sure at least one of his ribs was broken, but he was lucky. “And we didn’t go to the same airport, Ziva and I. We flew out on the same night, but we didn’t travel anywhere together until we got to Brazil.”

Absently, he rubbed his side, wincing slightly at the pain his light touch caused. The other two agents – the new ones whose names he’d already forgotten – were outside, and Tony could hear them speaking to each other, though he couldn’t make out their words. It had been necessary for the team to take on newbies, of course, but he’d been a bit surprised to see the unfamiliar faces all the same.

“So now what?” Ziva asked, finally turning from her spot in the back of the cabin, her hand brushing across her cheek as she wiped the last remnant of a tear from her eyes. No one dared begrudge her this show of emotion.

“You come home,” was all Gibbs said, as though that was the simplest and most obvious solution.

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i imagine getting my own place all the time and going down to the grocery store early in the morning before everyone else and to the coffee shop and having a really small place with wide windows and lots of plants and shelves of books and a tiny kitchen where i can make tea and noodles and a bed with a pile of blankets and just a place i can make uniquely my own or maybe a place i could share with someone but i just think about this place a lot idk


So big a name for so small a man.