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Bangtan Reacts | Make-Up Sex (Maknae Line)

Each reaction is quite long so I’m splitting them into hyung & maknae lines.


“You never listen to me!” You yell at your sheepish-looking boyfriend, Jimin.

He lowers his head and furrows his brows in what seems like frustration.

“See!” You continue. “You’re not even listening!”

Jimin takes your hands in his own and intertwines your fingers together. “I am listening.” He says in a soft voice. “You know I love you, right?”

You let out a deep sigh and tilt your head to the side in frustration.

Jimin grabs your chin and turns your face back to his. He leans in and places a sweet kiss on your lips, then withdraws to observe your reaction. Satisfied, he presses your back against the wall and passionately kisses you. He hastily pulls his jacket off and breaks away from the kiss to lift his shirt over his head. His toned body makes your mouth water and you can’t help but run your fingers down his chest. He groans impatiently, wanting to fuck you right now.

You wrap your arms around his neck as he leans in to continue the heated kiss. His hands massage your ass before he slides his fingers up your stomach and squeezes your tender breasts.

He gently lifts your shirt over your head and places gentle kisses down your neck and chest. You stumble to the bed in eachothers embrace and it doesn’t take long for you both to remove all clothing.

You let out a shaky moan as he pushes his cock in between your tight walls. He thrusts into your throbbing pussy until you’re both moaning messes.

His hands trail up your sides and he grabs a handful of your breasts and gives them another pleasant squeeze.

“You make me feel so good.” He breathes against your bare chest, lips trailing down your skin. “Let’s not fight anymore.”

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Jungkook slides his hands under your shirt and rubs the exposed skin on your waist and back, earning an irritated groan from you.

“Talk to me.” He continues to caress your skin. “What’s bothering you?”

You roll your eyes in utter bitterness. “You! You’re always home so late! Why won’t you ever spend time with me anymore?”

“I’m sorry. I’ve been really busy, you know that.” He places a soft kiss on your jaw before replying. “I’m here now.”

“It’s 2am!” You hiss and push his chest, causing him to stumble back a little.

Jungkook sighs, then begins to unbutton his black shirt and you cant help but get turned on. He hasn’t touched you or made love to you in a few weeks and you miss his body.

He throws the cloth on the floor, sits on the end of the bed and calls you over with his finger. Your body follows the order before you can even give it a second thought.

As you stand in front of him, he hooks his fingers in the waistband of your silky pajama shorts and pulls them down to your ankles. He admires your body before unbuckling his belt and pulling out his already-hard cock. You waste no time and quickly straddle his lap. His erection pokes your pussy through your thin panties and you push the material aside with your fingers, allowing him full access.

Jungkook lets out a sweet moan as you sink yourself onto his cock. Your walls instantly tighten at the sound. You love hearing him during sex and his moans turn you on more than anything.

You place your hands on his shoulders as you begin to slowly ride him. He attaches his lips to yours and hungrily kisses you, occasionally sucking on your tongue and lips.

“We can fuck every night if you want to, baby.” He breathes as he guides your hips with his hands. “Just ask.”

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“I hate you!” You practically scream at your un-phased boyfriend. “I hate you! I hate you!”

Taehyung waits for you to finish with a raised eyebrow and his arms folded over his chest. He traps you against the kitchen counter with his arms and fans his breath against your lips. “Is that so?”

You attempt to push him away, but he doesn’t budge. Your fingers lightly pull at the back of his hair in attempt to get him to let you go, but he just pushes his body closer against yours.

“I like it when you pull my hair.” He smiles his signature sexy smile and you scoff in return. “Do you like it when I pull yours?”

He grabs a handful of your hair and tugs it backward, making you look up at him.

“Stop being dirty.” You object, but your panties are becoming wetter by the second. He does something to your body and you can’t help it.

Taehyung lets go of your hair and slides his hand under your skirt. He feels your wet core through your panties and gives you a cocky smile. “You’re the one being dirty, baby. I guess you really do like it when I pull your hair.”

The sexual tension takes over, so you both engage in a steamy make-out session and Taehyung occassioanlly rubs circles on your clothed clit, earning sweet moans from your lips. You don’t notice him pull his erection from his pants, but you defiantly feel him push his tip against your clit.

You slide down your panties, grab his cock and slowly slide him into your wet pussy. He instantly thrusts into you and fucks you hard against the marble kitchen counter.

Taehyung spins you around and harshly fucks you from behind. He grabs a handful of your hair and pulls it until your head is tilted all the way back.

“Do you hate me now?” He watches your face contort with pleasure. “You look so sexy like that.”

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i imagine getting my own place all the time and going down to the grocery store early in the morning before everyone else and to the coffee shop and having a really small place with wide windows and lots of plants and shelves of books and a tiny kitchen where i can make tea and noodles and a bed with a pile of blankets and just a place i can make uniquely my own or maybe a place i could share with someone but i just think about this place a lot idk