deep sighs

Beneath Me

Summary: Ever wanted to read the classic ‘giving head under the desk when someone walks in on you’ for our this handsome fella? Look no further.
Requested by: my thirsty ass. ( gif credit. )
Pairing: Merlin x female Reader
Warnings: This whole thing is basically porn without plot, so entirely NSFW.
Do not read if you’re under the age of 18.
Word Count: 2.4k. I need help.

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honestly i love thinking that longtail was sorta nervous to meet squirrelkit and leafkit at first bc even if he and firestar were cool now and friends even, he still didn’t know how firestars beloved daughters would react to him

so i can just imagine squirrelkit & leafkit sorta crashing into the elders den and finally asking longtail some questions and asking for stories and then finally:

“so is it true our dad fought you??? like he really fought you when he first came to thunderclan????”

and longtail lets out this Deep sigh that he gets whenever he has to retell the story and he just flicks his tattered ear like “yeah, his first day here, when he was six moons old, he gave me this tear in my ear and really showed me up.” and longtail is just sorta smiling as leafkit and squirrelkit sorta chatter in amazement bc they didn’t realize their dad was SO COOL

i imagine getting my own place all the time and going down to the grocery store early in the morning before everyone else and to the coffee shop and having a really small place with wide windows and lots of plants and shelves of books and a tiny kitchen where i can make tea and noodles and a bed with a pile of blankets and just a place i can make uniquely my own or maybe a place i could share with someone but i just think about this place a lot idk